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Lilian Garcia Speaks About Her Time With WWE

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Aug 31, 2016

Lilian Garcia Speaks About Her Time With WWE

Lillian Garcia, who was a former WWE ring announcer,  took time to speak with Naluda about WWE. She spoke mainly about how she tripped over the pyro cannons, the company's (very strict) rules, and how she has stayed so long within the company.

On Funny/Scary Experiences In Her WWE Career

Yes! Within 2 weeks of each other, during my entrance to the ring, one week my shoe strap broke where I had to take off my shoes and go barefoot to the ring, and the next one in London, I tripped over the pyro cannons that were not supposed to be there. Scary then, but sure is funny now!!

What Part Of The Job Was Challenging 

RULES!!! When there were big matches, the rules, a page long, would be handed to me that day, sometimes right before the match. I had to memorize every word exactly as they were written, wow….what pressure!! The pressure came from me because I always wanted to do my best and make the match introductions extremely special!

 On How She Stayed With Her Career For So Long

Be dependable, care about your job, work hard, and above all be grateful for the opportunity! Know that working at WWE is a team effort. The less ego you have, the more you will enjoy the ride. And above all, have fun!!

 You can read the rest of her interview right here

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