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WWE Summerslam 2016 Results (8/21) Brooklyn, New York

WWE Summerslam 2016 Results (8/21) Brooklyn, New York


1. The Usos, American Alpha and Hype Bros. def. The Ascension, Breezeango and The Vaudevillains

2. Sami Zayn and Neville def. Dudley Boyz

3. Sheamus def. Cesaro - Best Of Seven: Match 1

4. Chaarlotte def. Sasha Banks

5. Miz def. Apollo Crews

6. AJ Styles def. John Cena

7. The Club def. New Day by DQ

8. Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler

9. Alexa Bliss, Natalya and Nikki Bella def. Naomi, Becky Lynch and Carmella

10. Finn Balor def. Seth Rollins

11. Rusev vs Roman Reigns - No Match

12. Brock Lesnar def. Randy Orton



Welcome to the Summerslam Kick-Off Show we are live from the Barclay Centre in Brookyln, New York and we are welcomed by Summerslam Panel. Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Lita

Renee throws to Tom Phillips who is in the Social Media Lounge and Phillips announces that later during the kick off show he will be joined in the Social Media Lounge by WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks

Back to the Summerslam panel where the panelists begin to break down tonight's matches

Backstage: Tom Phillips is joined by Jeri-KO. Owens says as polite Canadian boys they owe him an apology for calling him the wrong name. Jericho then apologizes to Enzo Amore and he looked up Certified G and says he took the test and he too is now a Certified G. Owens says he and Jericho are the closest team in WWE history because they have each other's back til the end and tonight they're going to hurt Enzo and Cass. Jericho says they're going to take everything tonight but they are going to get IT


Chad Gable and Tyler Breeze start out for their teams. Collar and elbow tie up and Gable with a waistlock takedown on Breeze. Breeze with a back elbow. Gable with a leg scissors takedown transitioning into an armbar. Jey Uso tagss in. Aiden English tags in unloading on Jey. Irish whip by English and Jey with an uppercut. Slam by Jey

Mojo Rawley comes in and goes to work on the arm. Right hand by English. Back bodydrop by Rawley. Ryder tags himself in and Ryder off the top rope landing on English who is held in place by Rawley. Ryder looks for the Broski Boot and all 12 men are in the ring. American Alpha take out The Vaudevillain


Gotch with a 2 count on Ryder. Gotch keeping Ryder grounded with the armbar. Viktor in taking over where Gotch left off. Ryder with a jawbreaker and Viktor prevents the tag. Clothesline in the corner by Konnor. Breezeango in control keeping Ryder from tagging out. Konnor runs into a boot. Viktor sent flying over the top rope to the floor.

Ryder looking for a tag and Konnor right there to stop him. Konnor looks for a backbreaker but Ryder counters into a neckbraker. Jimmy unloads with clotheslines on Tyler Breeze. Samoan Drop on Breeze. Enziguri to Konnor. Breeze with an irish whip. Jordan with a belly to belly to Breezeango. Suplex to Gotch. English breaks up the pinfall. Sit out powerbomb by Viktor. Breeze with the Beauty Shot to Rawley. Viktor and Breeze with a double superplex but Ryder counters hitting the elbro drop.

Konnor topples to the outside. The Ascension looking for a suplex on Gable but The Usos with a superkick and Jimmy with a splash from the top rope for the three count

The winners of the match: The Usos, American Alpha and The Hype Bros

Video: Dean Ambrose-Dolph Ziggler

The panel is joined by Baron Corbin who has some chilling words for Kalisto over the cancellation of their match tonight and Kalisto may be laying on his couch right now but soon Baron will put him there permanently

Video: Roman Reigns-Rusev rivalry

Social Media Lounge: Sasha says she's here to be the best and show the world why she's the boss and she's the best and being WWE Women's Champion just proves it. Tonight won't be any different than when she won the title and tonight Charlotte better be ready and anything Charlotte can do, Sasha can do better. She's not afraid of Charlotte. She was born to do this.

Backstage: Cesaro says he never said he was undervalued. He knows his value and the both have a chip on their shoulder and he's looking forward to the best of seven match and he and Sheamus are evenly matched and says less talk more wrestling


Devon goes to work on Neville's arm. Neville quickly turns things around and Zayn in taking over. Frequent tags between Neville and Zayn. Backbreaker by Zayn. Neville with a moonsault and Bubba Ray on the receiving end of the double team.

Neville looking to fly but Devon trips him and Bubba Ray with a clubbing blow to the back of the neck. Dudley Boyz taking over. Spinning elbow by Devon. Devon working over the neck


Neckbreaker by Bubba Ray and Devon tags in. Nearfall on Neville and Devon back to work on the neck. Snapmare and legdrop by Devon. Neville with a right hand and Devon answers with an elbow. Bubba unloads with punches. Neville fighting back but runs into a high elbow.

Bubba goes for a senton but Neville moves out of the way. Zayn gets the tag unloading on Devon. Dropkick to Devon. Blue Thunder Bomb by Zayn. Bubba in now and Zayn fighting off both Dudleys. Neckbreaker by The Dudleys. Dudleys double team soon backfires

Zayn with the Helluva Kick to Bubba. Neville goes airborne and hits The Red Arrow for the three count

The winners of the match: Sami Zayn and Neville


Lock up with Cesaro and Sheamus. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick. Cesaro with an uppercut. Cesaro goes for the springboard uppercut but gets caught. Double stomp to the chest. Cesaro looks for the Cesaro Swing. Clothesline sends Sheamus over the ropes to the outside.

Uppercut by Cesaro. Sheamus turning it around landing a series of uppercuts. Cesaro with an irish whip. Sheamus launches him over the ropes to the apron. Sheamus looks for the Ten Beats Of The Bohdran but Cesaro blocks it. Headbutt to Sheamus. Cesaro's head gets bounced off the turnbuckle and a clothesline floors Cesaro

Suplex by Sheamus. Sheamus has the arm locked up. Cesaro slams Sheamus. Suplex to Sheamus. Sheamus with a kick and a knee to the face. Shoulder tackle by Sheamus and Cesaro back to the uppercut but Sheamus catches him with an elbow and slams him


Sheamus in control of the match. Sheamus hooks Cesaro up for a suplex but Cesaro blocks it and they soon topple to the outside. Cesaro beats the 10 count. Cesaro unloads with a series of uppercuts

Suplex by Cesaro from the top rope. Sheamus blocks The Neautralizer and hits White Noise. Sheamus on the second rope picks Cesaro up and delivers a rolling senton.

Brogue Kick misses its mark as Cesaro lands a kick of his own followed up by a clothesline. Cesaro Swing. Sheamus turns the tables. Cesaro looks to lock in the sharpshooter but Sheamus with a thumb to the eye and connects with a Brogue kick for the three count

The winner of the match: Sheamus

Cesaro - 0
Sheamus - 1



WWE Signature

Summerslam Intro

Welcome to the 29th annual Summerslam and we are live from the Barclay Centre in Brooklyn, New York


Jeri-KO go after Enzo. Suplex by Jericho. The crowd starts a "Stupid Idiot" chant. Enzo with a crossbody and clubbing right hand to the head.

Cass brings Owens in the hard way and lands right hands. Owens trying to fight back. Side headlock and Cass picks him up and tosses him to the mat. Slam by Cass. Cass slams Enzo on top of Owens. Owens with a knee. Enzo with an armdrag to Jericho and dropkick.

Jeri-KO avoid the double team but Enzo gets launched over the top rope taking out Jericho and Owens.Jeri-KO take control. Owens with a double stomp on Enzo. Snapmare by Jericho

Chinlock by Jericho on Enzo. Dropkick by Jericho to Enzo. Owens picks Enzo up delivering a knee to the gut. Chinlock by OWens on Enzo. Cass gets the tag and takes out both members of Jeri-KO. Slam to Jericho and Cass connects with the Empire Elbow. Cass runs into a pair of boots. Jericho to the top rope and Cass hits the big boot. Owens prevents the boom shaka laka. Owens with a Cannonball into the barricades

Jericho on the top ropes hooks Enzo up. Enzo drops him face first and hits the DDG. Owens launches Enzo into a Codebreaker for the three count

The winners of the match: Jeri-KO

Backstage: Mick Foley, Shane and Daniel Bryan run into John Stewart and Stewart questions Foley's decision to work with Stephanie. Stephanie then walks in saying she doesn't appreiate the comments and what good is power if you can't abuse it. New Day walk in and say they hold the power that can't be abused and that's the power of positivity.


Side headlock by Sasha. Sasha sends Charlotte flying and the Bank Statement locked in early on but Charlotte escapes to the outside. Nearfall by Charlotte..

Armdrag by Sasha. Sasha sends Charlotte face first into the turnbuckle. Sasha gets laid out across the top turnbuckle as Charlotte chokes her out. Sasha with knees to the head. Charlotte drops Sasha to the mat.

Nearfall by Charlotte. Knees to the back by Charlotte. Charlotte with the Gory Special on Sasha. Backslide and Sasha fights back with an elbow. Knee strike by Sasha and a series of clotheslines. Dropkick by Sasha.

Charlotte with a backbreaker. Charlotte with kicks to the back. Sasha counters a suplex with headscissors. Charlotte takes control once more. Sasha counters a razor's edge.

Charlotte and Sasha exchange right hands. Sasha misses with double knees in the corner. Boston Crab on Charlotte. Sasha with the double stomps. Sasha with the double knees to Charlotte. Nearfall on Charlotte. Backstabber by Sasha. Sasha counters Natural Selection and locks in the Bank Staetment.

Charlotte escapes and hits a neckbreaker. Chop block by Charlotte and Charlotte hits Natural Selection. Sasha locks The Bank Statement in a second time however Charlotte shifts her wait pinning Sasha's shoulders to the mat for the three count

The winner and new Women's Champion: Charlotte

Backstage: Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows examined their New Day test samples. A.J. Styles walked into their lab to gloat about running Brooklyn after running Tokyo last year. Styles vowed to beat up John Cena. Suddenly, Finn Balor walked into the shot, popping the live crowd for an unspoken Bullet Club reunion. Styles, Karl, and Doc threw up the Too Sweet, but Balor smiled and walked off.


They built to Crews blocking the Skullcrushing Finale and Miz blocking the standing moonsault. On commentary, JBL brought up Crews’s indies name of Uhaa Nation. Crews then nailed Miz with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the standing moonsault for a close two count.

Miz suddenly left the ring wanting to leave the match. Crews followed up on the outside with a sledgehammer, then Maryse ran a distraction from ringside. Back in the ring, Miz posted Crews, then smashed Crews with Skullcrushing Finale. Miz covered Crews for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: The Miz

Video: AJ Styles-John Cena rivalry


Cena and Styles danced around the ring soaking up loud roars from the crowd and an “A.J. Styles / Let’s Go Cena” chant. They continued to strut around the ring, then locked up. Big-time atmosphere for this match. Cena and Styles took their time getting into the match, letting the crowd set the tone early on. Drop down, leap frog, and textbook dropkick from Styles.

Styles over-gloated, Cena stood up, and Cena smashed Styles in the face when A.J. turned around. Cena told A.J. it’s time to get serious before rocking him in the corner with a right hand blow. The crowd broke into “John Cena Suuuuucks” sing-song trying to throw off Cena. It worked, as Styles blocked a suplex and slammed Cena back-first on the ring apron.

Back in the ring, Cena suddenly caught Styles off the ropes and threw him in the air with a super back body drop. Huge elevation on that move. Cena then delivered a dropkick for a two count. But, Styles came back with the Pele Kick. He followed with the Styles Clash, and he connected. But, Cena kicked out just before three. Styles was slow to follow up, allowing Cena to suddenly toss Styles on his shoulders and deliver an AA. But, Styles kicked out of Cena’s finisher.

Both men recovered from the finisher exchange, then reset at 9:00. Cena took Styles to the top turnbuckle looking for a Super AA, but Styles blocked, put Cena in Torture Rack position, did a little Lex Luger bounce, and turned it into a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Styles tried a corner attack, but Cena moved and Styles ate the ringpost.

After a reset, Cena gripped Styles, looked into the hard camera like pay attention to this, and Cena delivered a lift-up cutter. But, Styles kicked out. Cena then caught Styles in position for the STF, but Styles quickly wiggled free. Styles suddenly picked up Cena for an AA, turning it into a neckbuster across his knee. But, Cena kicked out.

Styles tried to follow up with a springboard 450 splash, but Cena moved out of the way and Styles crashed down to the mat. JBL said it’s like two home-run hitters just swinging for the fences against each other. Cena tried to follow up, but Styles caught him with a German Suplex, rolled through, and nailed a wheelbarrow facebuster for a close two count.

Styles again went for a springboard 450, but Cena caught Styles in mid-air, dropped him to the mat, and slapped on the STF. But, Styles broke free and rolled Cena into the Calfcrusher. Cena looked for an escape, eying the bottom rope. But, Styles turned him back into the middle of the ring. Styles bent Cena’s leg backwards, but Cena rolled onto Styles’s back to re-apply the STF. Styles slipped underneath to escape.

Back on their feet, Styles nailed an enziguiri kick, rocking Cena. But, Cena came out of the corner with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Both men sold exhaustion as they crossed the 17:00 mark.

Cena got desperate climbing to the top turnbuckle. And, he connected with a leaping guillotine leg drop to the back of Styles’s head for a close two count. Cena got up breathing heavily looking to find a way to put Styles away. Cena climbed up top looking for a Super AA, but Styles elbowed out. Styles then nailed a springboard Frankensteiner, sending Cena across the ring. Styles followed right up with a springboard Phenomenal Forearm, but Cena kicked out just before three, shocking the crowd.

At 20:00, Styles slowly picked up Cena trying to find a way to put away Cena, but Cena gripped Styles to block. Styles elbowed Cena, but ran into a nasty lariat. Cena then took Styles to the top turnbuckle looking for a super AA, but Styles elbowed out again. Cena shook it off, then nailed a Super AA. Cover, and a super-close two count, popping the crowd. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants from the crowd.

Cena recovered in the corner selling shock over not being able to put away Styles. He looked around like, “What else can I do?” Very reminiscent of his feud with Kevin Owens last year. Cena watched as Styles slowly recovered in the opposite corner. The announcers sold it as Cena feeling what his opponents have felt for a decade.

Cena slowly approached Styles and went for another AA, but Styles turned the tables into another Styles Clash. Styles nailed it, but he couldn’t cover Cena. Styles instead rolled to the ring apron as Cena sold being dazed. Styles removed his elbow pad, then nailed the Phenomenal Forearm right in the face. Styles, with blood coming out of his mouth, scored the three count for the win.

The winner of the match: AJ Styles

Lilian Garcia introduces, the former host of The Daily Show, John Stewart. Stewart calls the Cena-Styles match magic and he's glad some idiot didn't interfere and hit one of them with a chair and he learned his lesson from last year.

Stewart talks about why he's here tonight. He says Anderson and Gallows hurt Big E and so he's decided that tonight he will join The New Day in their battle tonight.


Side headlock takedown by Anderson. Shoulderblock to Kingston. Kingston with a flying elbow. Anderson unloads with right hands in the corner. Monkey flip out of the corner but Kingston lands on his feet and big stomp to Anderson

New Day in with the double team on Anderson. Side headlock by Woods and Anderson backs him into their corner. Gallows in now and Woods puts the boots to Gallows. Kingston and Woods with frequent tags.

Dropkick by New Day takes Gallows out. Kingston flies through the air onto Gallows. Gallows back in the ring and Anderson with a distraction allowing Gallows to take control. Gallows misses with a splash. Gallows tags in Anderson and Woods tags in as he unloads on Anderson.

Woods with a flying elbow on Anderson. The Club regains control. Anderson with a spinebuster and now they drag Jon Stewart into the ring. Big E makes his return to get revenge on The Club leading to a DQ win for The Club

The winners of the match by DQ: The Club


The match started hot once the bell sounded. Ambrose teased Dirty Deeds early on, but Ziggler blocked, so Dean tossed Dolph over the top rope to the floor. Dolph slowly climbed back into the ring, where Ambrose continued to wear down Ziggler. Ambrose then climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Dolph intercepted his attack with a leaping dropkick.

Ziggler could not follow up, though. Ambrose showed a little personality to engage the crowd by mocking Dolph’s typical warm-up for a superkick. But, he stopped his superkick and comically gripped Ziggler looking for Dirty Deeds, only to have Dolph push off and nail a lift-up DDT for a two count. Dolph followed with the Fameasser for a two count.

After a reset, the two men flew at each other with cross-bodies, putting them both on the mat. Back on their feet, Ambrose caught Ziggler with a running bulldog. Ambrose wanted a top-rope move, with a crazy look in his eyes, and he nailed a leaping elbow for a two count. Dean then shook his booty like Ziggler to mock him. That gave Ziggler an opening to slap on a sleeperhold, but Dean tossed both men through the ropes to the floor.

On the outside, Shane & Bryan watched intently as Dolph promptly superkicked Dean across the guardrail. Six count. Seven. Dolph then rolled Dean back into the ring and covered him for a two count. Dolph tried a superkick, but Dean blocked. Dirty Deeds, but Dolph blocked and nailed Zig-Zag for a super-close two count.

Dolph, angered, mounted Dean and landed multiple forearm strikes to the back of the head. Dolph followed with a sleeperhold, but Dean fought to his feet and escaped. Dolph slapped Dean, who rebounded into a massive lariat. Dean then dropped the straps of his tanktop and got a crazy look in his eyes. Dean climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Dolph crotched him. Ziggler climbed to the top looking for a superplex, but Dean headbutted him down to the mat.

Ziggler got right back up and scrambled to the top turnbuckle, then he tried some sort of move, like a facebuster, but Dean blocked on the way down. Dean immediately hit Dirty Deeds. He covered Ziggler for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: Dean Ambrose


Quick roll up by Alexa. Becky with a backslide. Alexa with a knee and irish whip into the turnbuckle. Alexa with a kick. Becky with the flapjack to Alexa and Naomi tags in. Natalya tags in for her team. Jackknife cover by Naomi. Naomi misses with the clothesline and Natalya goes for a dropkick but Naomi has other ideas executing a legdrop

Natalya with kneestrikes to Carmella in the corner. Natalya shoves Carmella. Flying headscissors by Carmella. Natalya slides out of the ring and Carmella hits a clothesline rolling her back into the ring.

Carmella on the top rope and Natalya hits a powerslam. Nikki tags in and executes a snap suplex. Chinlock on Carmella. Elbows by Carmella and Nikki hits a spinebuster. Nikki picks Carmella up and Carmella in the wrong corner as Alexa tags in

Carmella with a monkey flip. Alexa with a moonsault onto Carmella. Natalya back in and nearfall on Carmella. Abdominal Stretch by Natalya. Carmella gets the tag and Becky unloads on Natalya. Becksploder to Natalya and Alexa. Nikki gets thrown into the corner. Springboard side kick to all three opponents.

Running forearm in the corner and Becksploder to Natalya. Alexa sent to the outside. Schoolgirl by Natalya and Becky hits an enziguri. Becky goes to the top rope and lands a legdrop. Nikki with a dropkick.

Naomi with a crossbody. Alexa and Natalya take out Naomi. Nikki with a clothesline to Carmella and Nikki with the Rack Attack for the three count

The winners of the match: Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss and Natalya

Backstage: Maria Menounos is with Rusev and Lana and Rusev calls Roman Reigns a joke and he will crush him into dust. 


Balor immediately exploded out of the corner with a double foot dropkick to Rollins. Balor quickly climbed to the top turnbuckle looking for the Coup de Grace, but Rollins rolled to the floor. So, Balor adjusted and nailed a flip dive on the outside. On the floor, Rollins cut off Balor and sent him into the timekeeper’s area. Meanwhile, the crowd chanted “that belt sucks.”

Back in the ring, Balor tried to come back with a surfboard stretch, but Rollins escaped. On the floor, Rollins delivered a running powerbomb into the barricade, bending Balor in half. Back in the ring, Rollins worked on Balor as Cole talked up his Japanese wrestling background. Meanwhile, the crowd continued to note their displeasure with the new title belt.

Rollins slowed the pace working on Balor as the crowd became restless.Rollins climbed to the top turnbuckle and exploded on Balor with a frogsplash for a close two count. Rollins got too cocky taunting Balor, who suddenly nailed Rollins with a DDT. Big exchange, then both men sold on the floor, drawing applause from the ringside fans starting to engage in the match.

Balor dramatically returned to his feet at 12:30, then stalked Rollins for a reverse DDT drop – the 1916 – but it only got a two count. But, Rollins came right back with a triangle choke. Balor forced his way to the ropes, but there was no rope break. Apparently this is No DQ because there must be a winner and first champion.

On the outside, the camera got a glimpse of the title belt, drawing loud boos. Rollins picked up Balor, producing another shot of the belt, drawing more boos. Back in the ring, Rollins superkicked Balor for a two count. Rollins started taunting Balor, who took a knee to the face. Rollins followed with a fisherman buster driver into a small package for a close two count, popping Corey Graves seeing Rollins go old-school.

Rollins climbed to the top turnbuckle at 16:30, but Balor kicked him in the head. Another look at the belt to boos, then Balor charged Rollins for a double-foot kick into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Balor nailed a double foot stomp to the back of Rollins’s head for a close two count.

Balor then placed Rollins in the corner and climbed to the top turnbuckle for the Coup de Grace, but Rollins rolled out of the way. Pedigree in the middle of the ring. Rollins covered, but Balor kicked out in time. Rollins sold disbelief, then started freaking out that Balor escaped. Rollins regrouped, then climbed to the top turnbuckle looking for a Phoenix Splash, but Balor moved. Double foot dropkick into the corner.

Balor to the top. Coup De Grace? No, Rollins popped to his feet and nailed a superplex into The Pedigree, but Balor blocked and stomped Rollins in the chest. Two-foot kick into the corner. Running kick to the opposite corner. Rollins was prone. Balor to the top. Balor with the Coup de Grace in the middle of the ring. Balor covered for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match and NEW WWE Universal Champion: Finn Balor


Rusev immediately goes after Reigns and the battle immediately spills to the outside. Reigns sent shoulder first into the ring steps. Rusev unloading with right hands on Reigns. Rusev picks up the steel steps slamming them into Reigns' arm. Rusev goes to whip Reigns into the timekeeper's area but Reigns counters and it's Rusev in the timekeeper's area. Reigns unloads with right hands

Rusev gets tossed back into the ringside area. Reigns drills Rusev with a sttel chair. Reigns cracks the chair across Rusev's back and Reigns continues to unload with right hands. Series of headbutts to Rusev

Official Decision: Rusev is unable to compete at Summerslam tonight


Lesnar and Orton danced around the ring before locking up. Actually, Lesnar just tackled Orton into the corner and delivered consecutive shoulder thrusts. Orton tried an RKO out of nowhere, but Lesnar pushed him off and smiled. German Suplex #1. How about two? Make it a triple. How about two more? Five total in the first three minutes.

Orton sold on the mat for a while, selling being worn out from being taken to Suplex City. So, Brock delivered a sixth German, then did the Brock Bounce. Orton rolled to the outside selling the effects, drawing out Brock. Orton fought back, but Brock picked up Orton and dumped him onto the Smackdown announce table. Orton fell into the front row, so Brock picked up Orton and tossed him through the announce table with crazy strength.

Back in the ring, Brock stalked Orton for Suplex #7, and he connected. Brock kicked Orton out of the ring, then cleared the Raw announce table. Brock wanted to end Orton through the Raw table, but Orton suddenly stood up and dropped Brock with an RKO Outta Nowhere onto the table.

Orton slowly rolled back into the ring, then waited for Brock, who walked right into an elevated DDT from the second rope. Orton got fired up looking for an RKO in the ring, and he actually connected. Orton covered, but Brock kicked out just before three. Orton decided he needed to go old-school with a Punt, but Heyman screamed at Brock to wake up. Orton charged, but Brock caught him in mid-air and delivered the F5. Brock covered, but Orton kicked out just in time.

Reset at 9:30 with Brock removing his MMA gloves to deliver unprotected forearms from the mount position. Brock wanted to open up Orton, and he did so. Blood poured out of Orton’s head as Brock just pounded down on Orton with clubbing blows. Orton sold being knocked out from the blows. Orton rolled over and he was bleeding like crazy from the forehead. The ringside medic entered the ring to check on Orton as Brock casually relaxed in the corner consulting with Heyman.

Suddenly, Brock charged out of the corner to pound Orton with right hand blows. More blows. The ref seemed to call off the match, but there was no bell. Brock pounded Orton again. And there was the bell, per referee Chioda. Saxton wanted to know who could stop Lesnar as the crowd chanted Goldberg’s name. JoJo officially announced Brock Lesnar as the winner via TKO.

The winner of the match by TKO: Brock Lesnar

Post Match: Lesnar stood tall with his hand in the air as Orton continued to sell being knocked out with blood coming out of his head. Lesnar smirked down at Orton, then more refs spilled out. Brock wasn’t done. Brock pounded Orton with clubbing blows, opening up Orton even more. The announcers said this is too much.

Smackdown GM Shane McMahon then stormed the ring to back up his guy Randy Orton. Brock stood in his way, though. Shane told Brock to get out of the ring. Suddenly, Brock picked up Shane and gave him an F5 in the middle of the ring. Heyman did his classic over-reaction: “What did you just do?!” as Brock smiled at his work.

Brock then left the ring as Shane sold in the ring. Brock walked up the entrance ramp as the trademarks flashed on the screen. Summerslam ended four minutes past the top of the hour with final shots of a victorious Brock, wincing Shane, and blood-stained Orton.





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