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WWE Monday Night Raw LIVE COVERAGE & RESULTS (08/15/2016)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Aug 15, 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw LIVE COVERAGE & RESULTS (08/15/2016)

We start out with a recap video package of last week's Rusev & Lana Wedding Ceremony, which was crashed by Roman Reigns. Now we take a look at the match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Seth Rollins is cutting a promo outside the venue.

In the arena, Rusev and Lana are in the ring. They're cutting a promo on Roman Reigns. Rusev says there will be no Raw, no matches, nothing will happen tonight until Roman Reigns apologizes to Rusev and Lana. They are answered by General Manager Mick Foley. Foley's trying to get them to leave but Rusev and Lana absolutely refuse to leave. Rusev says Foley sucks as General Manager. Rusev is asking for Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and Stephanie is making her way to the ring now. Stephanie sides with Mick Foley and Rusev threatens to call Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Out comes Roman Reigns. Reigns wants to fight tonight and so does Rusev. Mick Foley says that while the U.S. Championship Match will be saved for SummerSlam, Roman Reigns and Rusev will compete in a non-title match tonight so Rusev can try to defend Lana's honor.

Back from commercial break, "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus is in the ring. Sheamus is scheduled to face former NXT Champion Sami Zayn. Sheamus is being interviewed by Byron Saxton and Sheamus says he's better than Cesaro. Zayn and Sheamus are getting rough right from the start. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Sami. Sami then went for a Tornado DDT outside the ring but Sheamus caught him and threw him into the post as we head to break. Sheamus has Sami in a Front Headlock as we return from break. Big knee to the face of Sami. Sheamus is in control here. Reverse Chinlock by Sheamus by Sami is fighting back. Powerslam by Sheamus. White Noise by Sheamus but Sami kicks out at 2. Blue Thunder Bomb by Sami but Sheamus kicks out. Helluva Kick countered into the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus was looking for the Brogue Kick but Cesaro distracted him which allowed Sami Zayn to hit the Helluva Kick for the win.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens are being interviewed backstage. Jericho and Owens say they have each other's back. Kevin Owens is scheduled to face "Big Cass" Colin Cassady tonight one-on-one.

Backstage, Sheamus and Cesaro are screaming at each other backstage. Mick Foley breaks them up. Foley announces a Best-of-Seven Series between Cesaro and Sheamus which will begin at SummerSlam.

Back in the arena now, it's The Dudley Boyz vs. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appear on the TitanTron in the doctor uniforms again. They try to play mindgames with New Day. It's D-Von and Xavier starting things out. D-Von is in control early on. In comes Bubba Ray. Another miscommunication problem between The Dudleyz. D-Von hits a Clothesline on Bubba Ray and then Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on D-Von. After the match, Anderson and Gallows appear on the TitanTron again. Kofi and Xavier say that they're confident that they'll successfully defend the Tag Team Titles at SummerSlam.

Up next, Nia Jax is in action.

Seth Rollins is backstage looking for Finn Balor/The Demon King. He finds Neville and Neville tells him that he's not ready for The Demon King.

Back in the arena now, the powerful Nia Jax is on her way to the ring. Nia is facing a local jobber named Rachel Levy. Nia sat her down on the top rope and pushed her clear over, resulting in a sick bump outside the ring. Nia hits her modified version of Wade Barrett's old Wasteland move and gets the win.

Backstage, Paul Heyman is knocking on Brock Lesnar's dressing room door. Lesnar and Heyman are up next.

Here comes Paul Heyman and "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar! Heyman and Lesnar both seem to be legitimately enjoying the response their getting from the crowd. .....Here comes Heath Slater. Heath Slater just interrupted Paul Heyman. Heath Slater says he's the hottest free agent in sports-entertainment today. Heath Slater says he's getting another opportunity to get a Raw contract if he can defeat "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar tonight. Slater has just asked for Paul Heyman's permission to face Brock Lesnar. Heyman dismisses him but then Slater interrupts him again. Brock Lesnar just took the microphone from Paul Heyman... Brock says he can appreciate Heath's situation and he admires his guts. Brock Lesnar just said, "I don't give a $h!t about your kids." Brock gave him an honest chance to walk away but Heath tried to jump him. Brock Lesnar has quickly annihilated Heath Slater. Paul Heyman is now cutting a promo on Randy Orton.

Up next, "Big Cass" Colin Cassady takes on former WWE Intercontinental Champion and NXT Champion, "The Prizefighter" Kevin Owens. Owens starts with kicks but Cass knocks him down with a big Shoulder Tackle. KO rolls out of the ring. Owens come back in and knocks Cass out of the ring. Jericho gets in a cheap shot. KO is in control as we go to break. Cass hits a Side Slam but was slow getting up. KO was looking for the Cannonball but Cass caught him with a Big Boot. Big Cass with Splashes in the corner. Cass went for another Boot but Owens ducked and Cass went flying over the top rope. KO tried to Powerbomb him onto the ring apron but Cass gave him a Back Body Drop. Jericho blatantly attacks Big Cass so the referee disqualifies Kevin Owens. Superkick from Owens and a Codebreaker from Jericho on Big Cass. Jericho and Owens get the better of Big Cass and Enzo tonight.

Backstage, Tom Phillips is interviewing Roman Reigns, who gets attacked by Rusev. Roman fights back but Rusev gets the better of the exchange. Commercial break now.

Here comes Bob Backlund, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil. It appears as though the Prime Time Players are reunited. It's the Prime Time Players vs. The Shining Stars. Darren and Epico start things off. Titus is in now and he's in control of Epico. Here comes Primo now. Darren accidentally bumped into Titus and Titus comes into the ring and gives him a Clash of the Titus. Shining Stars win.

Back from commercial now, here comes the recently re-signed Jinder Mahal. It's Jinder Mahal vs. former NXT Champion Neville. Fast action from the start. Neville gets Mahal outside the ring and hits a Twisting Moonsault from the top. Back in the ring, Jinder throws Neville throat-first into the ropes and hits a huge Big Boot. Mahal is in control now. Neville makes a comeback and hits the Red Arrow for the win.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is in Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley's office. Rollins is looking for The Demon King. Mick Foley suggests that maybe Rollins should try to call The Demon King out while standing in the ring. Rollins agrees and Foley gets on a walkie-talkie and tells the production crew to hit Seth's music. Seth Rollins is heading to the ring as we go to commercial break.

Seth Rollins says there is nothing and no-one who can stop him from becoming the first-ever WWE Universal Champion. Rollins says he'll give The Demon King one more chance to confront him. It looks like a fan just jumped into the ring. It was a weird camera angle and they tried to keep him out of it. Rollins just stared at him. It doesn't seem like this had anything to do with the show and was probably just a fan jumping into the ring. Back to the show, now The Demon King is making his presence felt. Finn Balor, dressed as The Demon King, is making his way to the ring. Finn Balor has answered Seth Rollins. They start exchanging blows but The Demon King was too much for Rollins. Balor gets the better of the exchange as Rollins heads up the entrance ramp.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are in action against R-Truth and Goldust. They're working over R-Truth. Big Dropkick by Truth on Gallows. Goldust is in now and he's on fire. Anderson and Gallows regain control and hit the Magic Killer on Goldust for the win. After the match, Kofi and Xavier come out and attack Anderson and Gallows. Kofi was holding Anderson's legs open and wanted Xavier to use the trombone to hit Anderson in the groin. Gallows saved him at the last moment.

Backstage, Dana Brooke was apologizing to Charlotte for losing to Sasha Banks last week. Charlotte is talking down to her now. Charlotte says she's going to defeat Alicia Fox tonight and then regain the championship from Sasha Banks this Sunday. Charlotte then said that she might be looking for a new tag team partner to replace Dana Brooke.

It's Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox. Fox gets in some offense but then Charlotte turns things around. Charlotte gets a rather quick victory after hitting Natural Selection on Alicia. Sasha Banks was on commentary and Charlotte invited her down to the ring. Dana Brooke blindsided her by taking out her knee, which allowed Charlotte to apply the Figure-Eight Leglock.

Up next is Roman Reigns vs. Rusev.

Lana is in the ring now. Lana introduces her husband, the current WWE United States Champion, "The Bulgarian Brute" Rusev. Reigns is out now and Roman is taking the fight to Rusev. Rusev turns things around. Big kick to the face of Rusev by Reigns. They're fighting outside the ring now. This match hasn't even officially started yet as we go to commercial break. Rusev is in control as we return from break. Samoan Drop by Reigns onto Rusev. Rusev throws Reigns shoulder-first into the post. Rusev then slams Roman's arm into the steps. Rusev throws Roman shoulder-first into the steps. Rusev has dominated most of the match so far. We take another commercial break now. Rusev is choking Reigns out with his own tactical vest here. The commentators note that it's legal, as you can use your opponent's ring attire against them in the same way as Gi grappling where you can grab your opponent's Gi. They're on the top rope now with Rusev looking for a Superplex. Roman knocks him down. Flying Clothesline by Reigns. Spin Kick by Rusev but Reigns kicks out. Reigns Clotheslines Rusev over the top rope. Reigns went for a Superman Punch by Rusev caught him with a hard kick to the gut. Superman Punch on Rusev but Rusev kicks out. Reigns went for the Spear but Rusev caught him with two hard kicks. Reigns still kicks out. Superkick to the back of Roman's head. The Accolade is locked in. Roman won't submit. He gets to the ropes. Spear by Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns has defeated Rusev in this non-title match.

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