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Clarification On WWE Championship Situation From Monday Night's Raw

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Jul 18, 2016

Clarification On WWE Championship Situation From Monday Night's Raw

The main event of Monday night's edition of WWE Raw saw Dean Ambrose defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins. During the match, the referee was inadvertently knocked unconscious as Rollins attempted a top rope suplex on Ambrose. As the referee came to, both men were going for a cover on one another, which resulted in both mens' shoulders being pinned to the mat. The referee made the three-count; however, confusion ensued as to who actually won the match.

In the end, Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon swiped the WWE Championship belt and a microphone from ring announcer Lilian Garcia. She then proclaimed to the crowd that Rollins had won the title, despite the ringside camera clearly showing that the shoulders of both Rollins and Ambrose were pinned to the mat.

Following Raw, a special post-show segment aired on the WWE Network, in which a replay was shown of the referee's three-count on Ambrose and Rollins. The match was then officially ruled a draw and the WWE Championship was returned to Ambrose.

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