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WWE Raw Results (7/18) Providence, Rhode Island

WWE Raw Results (7/18) Providence, Rhode Island


- Cesaro & Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho 

- Darren Young def. Alberto Del Rio

- The Wyatt Family and The Club def. John Cena, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady &  The New Day

- Baron Corbin def. Sin Cara

- Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch def. Charlotte and Dana Brooke by DQ

- Rusev and Sheamus def. Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler

- Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose - Draw



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Raw Intro

Welcome to Monday Night Raw. The final Rae before the WWE Draft which takes place tomorrow night. Raw this week is coming to us from Providence, Rhode Island and we kick things off with the new Commissioner of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon, making her way out to the ring

Stephanie goes to welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw but is interrupted by Shane McMaho, Commissioner of Smackdown, making his way out to the ring. Stephanie says she's not going to miss Shane pandering to the people and Shane welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw. Stephanie says to soak it up because it will be his last night on Monday Night Raw and she will not miss working with him

Shane says if Stephanie were his brother there would be ramifications for that slap last week. Stephanie says Lady Balls are a lot better than testicles and as for the slap there's nothing Shane can do about it

Stephanie says there will be a Cruiserweight Division launched and it will be the sole property of Monday Night Raw and since Raw gets first draft pick for every 2 Shane gets, Stephanie gets 3 draft picks

Stephanie then announces the new manager of Monday Night Raw and it is none other than Hardcore Legend and WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley. Foley thanks the WWE Universe for the ovation and thanks Stephanie for the opportunity to be named General Manager of Monday Night Raw and the new era reminds him of the Attitude Era and the climate reminds him of the Monday Night Wars

The crowd starts a "Foley" chant and as a veteran of the Monday Night Wars when he heard about the competition between Smackdown and Raw it stirred a little ember inside him which turned into a 5 alarm fire. He was there when they were going to take Raw to the top and when he put the final nails in the coffin of WCW and is set to take Raw into the future and beyond

Shane congratulates Mick Foley and gives kudos to Stephanie. A decision that everyone can get behind including him. Shane then introduces the General Manager for Smackdown, Daniel Bryan

Bryan says for a long time he wasn't sure about returning to the ring because he loves wrestling too much but then Shane called him and told him plans to make Smackdown all about the talent and not about the management. And then he decied yes he can come back and he needs to come back because Smackdown Live is the underdog in this fight with Raw just like he was the underdog, the crowd with a "Thank You. Daniel" chant. Bryan says he didn't do it on his own. When he beat Triple H at wrestlemania he didn't do it on his own. When he won the WWE championship at Wrestlemania 30 he didn't do it on his own and Smackdown will beat Raw every single week because they've done it before and will do it again

Stephanie says they all know where underdogs end up and tells Daniel it was only one night that he could make everyone feel like a winner. Stephanie then congratulates Shane, a B+ player of a B+ show. Shane tells Stephanie one thing that won't change is he'll always be her brother and two she had to marry a WWE superstar to remain relevant and they are prepared to make Smackdown Live the juggernaut



Waistlock by Cesaro. Cesaro picks Jericho up and delivers a gutwrench suplex. Chops by Jericho and Cesaro hits an uppercut. Tag to Zayn who lands a right hand. Jericho unloading with chops. Side headlock on Zayn. irish whip and Jericho with a shoulder tackle to Zayn. Leapfrog by Zayn and series of armdrags into an armbar

Zayn pulls the ropes down sending Jericho to the outside. Owens with the distraction and Jericho attacks from behind. Owens in stomps away at Zayn. Neckbreaker to Zayn


Back from break and Jericho with a dropkick to Zayn. Headbutt by Jericho and a chop. Owens with a cheapshot. Zayn fires back with punches. Jericho still in control preventing the tag. Zayn gets sent to the outside. Zayn goes after Owens throwing him into the barricade. Clothesline to Jericho and Zayn makes it back into the ring crawling to his corner. Cesaro tags in who lands a series of uppercuts

The Uppercut Express about to leave the station, Owens tries to intervene but Cesaro connects with a dropkick and multiple uppercuts to Owens and Jericho. Cesaro Swing countered into a nearfall by Jericho. Cesaro with the corkscrew uppercut.

Cesari goes for the Neutralizer but Jericho counters with a backdrop. Zayn and Owens trade punches. kneelift by Owens. Clothesline to Zayn. Pop up powerbomb countered as Zayn connects with a dropkick. Helluva Kick cut off by Jericho. Cesaro with a crossbody. Backslide by Jericho and Jericho looking for the Walls but Cesaro counters into the Cesaro Swing

Owens in with a right hand. Zayn with a tornado DDT to Owens. Roll up by Jericho counters into a small package by Zayn for the 3 count

The winners of the match: Cesaro and Sami Zayn

Backstage: R-Truth and Goldust tried to make their sales pitch to Daniel Bryan to be on Smackdown. Bryan walked away from the conversation, then shook hands with Jack Swagger and Titus O’Neil. Swagger looked odd in glasses. Bryan then met up with Stephanie McMahon, who mocked his lifestyle with Brie Bella. Bryan said he is back … with a vengeance. Steph said he just won’t go away and is like a Chucky doll. Bryan said he’s so glad he came back to Raw to find her with the same insults and ruining Raw. So, good to see you! Bryan stomped off to laughs as Raw cut to break.



Del Rio in control early on. Wristlock by Young and Del Rio hits a clothesline. Enziguri to Young. Young unloads with punches and clotheslines. Backdrop to Young. Atomic Drop to Del Rio and a right hand by Young. Miz with the distraction and Young with a right hand. Del Rio goes for a roll up but Young kicks him away into the ropes. Del Rio distracted by Miz as Young rolls Del Rio up for the three count

The winner of the match: Darren Young

Post Match: Del Rio yelled at Miz for screwing up his match. Meanwhile, Young and Backlund celebrated on the stage ahead of challenging Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

Backstage: Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are talking with Big Show


John Cena came out to the ring. Cena said this is an exciting Raw. He said this is a huge week with GMs, Commissioners, and the Draft tomorrow night on Smackdown. But, wait, there’s more. This Sunday on WWE Network, they have Battleground. Cena said this Sunday, The Club (some boos) are going to try to beat up John Cena. But, they’re going to realize they can’t see him. Because he got the Certified Gs.

Enzo & Big Cass’s music played to a big pop, bringing out Cena’s back-up. Big-time energy from Enzo & Cass, following up on Cena’s promo. Enzo introduced himself and Cass, then ran around Cena in the ring.

Enzo had something to say. He said The Club – don’t take this the wrong way – but you guys are some herbs with insecurities. Because he always judges a book by his cover, because he ain’t stupid enough to read that book. He said without ugly, there wouldn’t be beautiful. So, Luke Gallows, thanks for your sacrifice. And, A.J. Styles, you got a haircut like a soccer mom. Karl Anderson! He’s like Times New Roman font – as generic as they come. Enzo said they’re never going to beat him.

Cena tapped Enzo on the shoulder, like hold on just a second. You’re just spitting out punchlines. Cena said he has no idea what’s happening here. Cass said they’re like the Three Musketeers. (How you doin’?) Tenors. Nirvana. Destiny’s Child. Run DMC. Wu Tang Clan. Cena said he has no idea what’s going on. Cena said Wu Tang has like 20 members in it. C’mon, guys, we gotta get serious for Battleground. Cass said they like to have fun out here. It’s what they do. And, there’s only one way to describe The Club. S-A-W-F-T!

Suddenly, A.J. Styles’s music interrupted to bring out Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows for the rebuttal. From the stage, Styles called out John Boy. You’re going to tag with these two guys setting yourself up for failure? He called him a turd in the punch bowl, making that choice on his own. Styles vowed to give Cena a taste of Battleground tonight.

Now in the ring, Anderson asked the trio if they really think they have chemistry. He said chemistry is himself and his hot Asian wife. When did the three of them all meet? A few weeks over a bowl of candy in catering? Gallows said they have spilled blood and sold out buildings all over the world. Styles said they are a cohesive unit and they are a team. He said they are a team unlike you three scabs.

Anderson continued that they have some goals tonight. They not only get to Beat Up John Cena, but also get to Beat Up Enzo. And they also get to … Beat Up Cass. Oh, they also get to beat up all three members of New Day.

Suddenly, New Day’s music played to bring out three more members of this 12-man tag. Big E. spoke first that they need to find something else to beat. Speaking of jerks, they met up with the Wyatts last week at The Compound. Styles interrupted: “Oh look, Xavier, there’s Bray! Are you scared?”

Woods replied that they are not normal men who are scared of the Wyatts, because they are the WWE Tag Team Champions of the World. Now in the ring, Kofi Kingston wanted to ask Cena something. Do you not understand what How You Doin’ means? New Day simplified for Cena, then rhymed about Pokemon. Cena cut them off to dance. Suddenly, the Wyatts theme interrupted to bring out the final trio of this match. Raw cut to break as they made their way to the ring.



The match was joined in progress with Cena and Anderson facing off. Suddenly, Rowan slap-tagged himself into the match, and Anderson sold injuring his left shoulder receiving the hard slap. Cena cleared Rowan, then Luke Gallows tagged himself in. Cena tagged out to Big E., who gyrated in front of Gallows. Meanwhile, Cole hyped New Day closing in on the Tag Title record.

Braun Strowman tagged in to battle Big E., who took a hard clothesline. Enzo then wanted a tag. Enzo ran around the ring as Woods played his trombone. Enzo suddenly charged Strowman, who smashed him down to the mat. Big Cass then tagged in for Enzo. Big showdown between Cass and Strowman, with Cass having about an inch size advantage. Strowman then walked across the ring and punched Cena. And a big 12-man fight broke out in the ring.

The ring eventually cleared out, bringing them back to Cass and Strowman. Cass delivered a big boot to Strowman, then Kingston tagged in. Kingston flew off the top rope and kind of collided with Strowman, who fell down, then tried to recover and pick up Kingston for a powerslam. Strowman stood over Kingston heading to break.


Back from break, Bray Wyatt was battling Kofi Kingston. Meanwhile, Cole wondered if New Day will ever be the same after The Compound battle with the Wyatts last week. Hot tag to Cena, who rocked Wyatt with right hands, but the Wyatt henchmen attacked Cena from the ring apron. That allowed the heels to cut off Cena

Styles tagged in and rocked Cena with right hands, while also talking trash to one of his tag partners tonight, Bray Wyatt. Styles went back to Cena, nailing him with a fireman’s carry neckbuster for a two count. Tag to Karl Anderson. Gallows followed with some beating up of Cena, then Raw cut to break.


Cena was down on the mat selling lifelessness, but he managed to escape Wyatt and tag in Big Cass. A.J. Styles tagged in for the heels and took the Empire Elbow from Cass. Stinger Splash in the corner. Suddenly, Strowman wiped out Cass from behind. Wrestlers ran in and out of the ring, with the match breaking down into chaos.

Suddenly, Woods flew over the top rope with a flip dive onto the Wyatts on the floor. Back in the ring, Cass smashed Styles in the head with a big boot. Cena with an AA to Gallows, but Anderson dropped Cena. Enzo then wiped out Anderson. The only two men left in the ring were Styles and Enzo. Meanwhile, chaos broke out ringside with the Wyatts and New Day brawling to the stage.

Back in the ring, Styles smashed Enzo with forearms, then wanted the Clash. Suddenly, Enzo accidentally clotheslined Cena, who slid into the ring looking to help. Styles then scooped up Enzo and dropped him with the Clash in the middle of the ring. Styles covered Enzo for the win.

The winners of the match: The Club and The Wyatt Family

Post Match: Styles, Anderson, and Gallows celebrated in the ring after proving their pre-match point tonight. Meanwhile, Cass tried to help Enzo recover on the floor. On the other side of the ringside area, Cena just shook his head in frustration. Styles then stood on the turnbuckle to yell down at Cena, who sold frustration.


Earlier Today: Seth Rollins is in an empty arena and says night after night of The Shield walking up and down the stairs, Ambrose and Reigns were just pawns in his game. In his quest to become WWE Champion.

Earlier Tonight: Shane and Stephanie announced the new General Managers for their respective shows

Backstage: Shane congratulates Mick Foley but is baffled on why anyone would want to work with Stephanie. Two reasons Stephanie may have hired him is 1) Foley is over with the crowd but also 2) so she can manipulate Foley. Foley says Stephanie gave him an opportunity and says he's going to go scout out some talent but thanks Shane for looking out for him



Corbin backs Sin Cara in the corner and stomps away at him. Sin Cara fights back driving Corbin into the apron and sending him crashing to the outside. Sin Cara dives through the ropes onto Corbin. Back in the ring, Corbin delivers End Of Days for the three count.

The winner of the match: Baron Corbin

Post Match: Corbin attacks Sin Cara but Kalisto runs down to prevent further injury. Corbin pulls Kalisto out of the ring and lays him out with a right hand



Elbow by Sasha. Sasha bounces Dana's head off the turnbuckle. Tag to Becky and double hiptoss. Becky with armdrags into an armbar.

Becky works over the arm. Dana with a knee to the midsection. Dropkick by Becky. Becky with a legdrop and elbow drop. Another legdrop and Becky picks Dana up and tags Sasha in.

Sasha with a forearm to Dana. Sasha sends Charlotte crashing to the floor. Natalya out of nowhere runs down and pulls Becky off the apron sending her crashing into the barricades. Charlotte attacks Sasha from behind

The winners of the match by DQ: Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks

Post Match: Charlotte and Dana attack Sasha and Charlotte hits Natural Selection on Sasha standing over her with the championship

Backstage: Shane and Daniel Bryan are talking to Kane

Dean Ambrose cuts a promo on his match tonight against Seth Rollins as well as his championship match this Sunday at Battleground and recounts how The Shield changed the course of history, well he changed the course of history when he cashed in his Money In The Bank contract on Seth Rollins



Sheamus unloads with uppercuts on Ryder, Rynder mounts a comeback and unloads with punches. Ryder blasts Rusev. Sheamus attacks from behind sending Ryder to the outside. Ryder gets driven into the barricade.

Rolling fireman's carry by Sheamus, back in the ring kneelift by Sheamus. Suplex by Sheamus, Rusev with a side headlock working over Ryder. Rusev and Ziggler get the tags for their teams. Clotheslines by Ziggler, The Famouser to Rusev. Sheamus breaks up a pinfall.

Ryder clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope. Rusev locks The Accolades in on Ziggler for the three count

The winners of the match: Rusev and Sheamus

Video: Spotlight on Randy Orton



Hammerlock by Rollins and Ambrose with a leg trip. Snapmare by Ambrose and Rollins takes a breather on the apron. Test of strength and Rollins with a wristlock. Ambrose with a side headlock takedown on Rollins

Rollins and Ambrose get to their feet. Shoulder block by Rollins. Ambrose with a series of armdrags and Rollins slides to the outside to re-group.

Ambrose ducks a clothesline and lands one of his. Rollins with a kick to the face off the irish whip. Ambrose sends Rollins to the outside. Russian legsweep into the barricades. Rebound clothesline by Ambrose and an elbow drop from the apron


Back from break, Rollins was in control back in the ring. The announcers used a slow point in the match to hype the Cruiserweight division returning on Raw under the watch of Stephanieanie and Foley.

Back to the match, where Ambrose nailed a neckbreaker on Rollins for a two count. Ambrose wanted a running corner attack, but Rollins kicked him in the face. Rollins teased a Pedigree, but Ambrose blocked. Ambrose then rocked Rollins with a forearm and clotheslined him over the top rope to the floor. Ambrose followed with a flying forearm on the outside. All four authority figures stood up on the opposite side of the ring to get a good look.

Still on the floor, Rollins intercepted a Rebound Lariat with a hard whip into the guardrail. Rollins then Buckle-bombed Ambrose into the guardrail. Rollins quickly threw Ambrose back into the ring and nailed a top-rope Frogsplash. Rollins covered, but Ambrose kicked out just before three. The crowd popped for the nearfall as Raw cut to break.


Back from break, the crowd was buzzing as Rollins had Ambrose high in the air. But, Ambrose countered a Bucklebomb with a head scissors. Suddenly, Stephanie got up asking the ref to check on Rollins. Rollins was deemed fit to continue, and he nailed Ambrose with a leaping knee strike to the side of the head. Rollins went back to the top for a Frogsplash, but Ambrose moved and Rollins crashed into the mat.

The crowd buzzed for both men as they recovered to their feet at the top of the hour. Rollins delivered consecutive forearms, then kicked Ambrose repeatedly in the head. But, Ambrose came back with headbutts and jabs. Ambrose wanted the Rebound Lariat, but Rollins ducked. Big counter/reversal sequence, then Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds coming out of the corner after taking a Bucklebomb. Ambrose covered, but Rollins put his foot on the bottom rope in-time to stop the count.

Suddenly, Ambrose left ringside to clear the announce tables. Ambrose talked a little trash in Foley’s face, then he put Rollins on the Spanish announce table. Ambrose wanted a splash through the table, but Rollins rolled off the table back into the ring. The fight moved to the ring apron, where Rollins teased a Pedigree, but Ambrose blocked and clotheslined him back into the ring.

At 22:22, Ambrose climbed to the top turnbuckle for a flying axehandle, but Rollins kicked him in the gut, nailed the Pedigree, and covered Ambrose for a one, two, kickout just in-time. Down at ringside, Stephanie  was like, ‘C’mon, that’s my man’s finish!” And, Shane pumped his fist for Ambrose kicking out.

Rollins came to his feet first looking for another Pedigree, but Ambrose escaped. Rebound Lariat from Ambrose. Ambrose then climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Rollins met him. They battled up top and Ambrose pushed down Rollins into the ref. Suddenly, Rollins sprung on Ambrose for a superplex. He covered, both men’s shoulders were down, and the ref came-to to count a three count.

The winner of the match: No Clear Winner

Post Match: The bell sounded as the crowd sat quietly not sure how to handle this. Rollins thought he won and proclaimed himself the winner. The ref shook his head no. Everyone wanted an explanation as the crowd continued to sit quietly. Stephanieanie said Rollins won, but Shane said Ambrose won. Ambrose almost poked Stephanie in the face in the heat of the moment, then Rollins and Ambrose started jawing.

Stephanie left ringside and grabbed the title belt to declare Rollins the new WWE champion. Stephanie hugged Rollins and his music played while Shane checked with the ref. JBL said he thought Ambrose won. No one knew what was going on. They never went to a replay of the finish. Cole ended with a question of whether they saw a new champion tonight. The final images were Ambrose ranting & raving in the ring and Rollins holding up the title on the stage as Raw signed off six minutes past the top of the hour.

WWE Network: Following Raw, a special post-show segment aired on the WWE Network, in which a replay was shown of the referee's three-count on Ambrose and Rollins. The match was then officially ruled a draw and the WWE Championship was returned to Ambrose.



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