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WWE Raw Results (7/11) Detroit, Michigan

WWE Raw Results (7/11) Detroit, Michigan



- Darren Young won the #1 Contenders' Battle Royal

- Sheamus def. Zack Ryder 

- Breeze-ango def. Lucha Dragons 

- Kevin Owens def. Cesaro

- Titus O'Neil def. Heath Slater

- Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady def. The Club by DQ

- Sasha Banks def. Dana Brooke



Raw opened with the WWE stars in the ring for the #1 contender battle royal to the Intercontinental Title. Apollo Crews was given a solo ring introduction to join the mix of mid-carders. Suddenly, The Miz interrupted from the announce desk. Miz, standing next to Maryse, hyped his IC Title reign over Crews’s music. Miz vowed to defeat the winner of this battle royal at Battleground. Crews was the only wrestler to get an entrance, so cue the bell.


Miz and Maryse joined commentary as the mid-carders battled in the ring. This looked like a run-over from the Superstars taping. Aiden English and the formerly suspended Konnor were eliminated. Suddenly, WWE recognized Bob Backlund down at ringside supporting Darren Young, anti-climatically deINNEbuting on Raw.

Curtis Axel was out next via Devon Dudley, then Baron Corbin eliminated R-Truth. Miz noted he will ensure that he and Maryse will not be drafted to separate brands via next week’s Draft. Meanwhile, Viktor was eliminated. The Usos teased eliminating themselves, then got on the right page, and superkicked Devon out of the ring.


Back from break, there were 10-12 guys left in the ring. During the break, Bubba Ray tossed Jey Uso out of the ring. Back live, Goldust was dumped out by Alberto Del Rio. Bo Dallas was out next. Darren Young tried to eliminate Dolph Ziggler, but Ziggler held on. Meanwhile, Jimmy Uso was eliminated. Baron Corbin then absolutely launched Jack Swagger over the top rope to the floor.

Down at ringside, Coach Backlund squatted down trying to encourage D-Young to win this battle royal. Suddenly, Young dumped Bubba Ray over the top rope. But, Young walked right into End of Days from Corbin. Del Rio stood tall to a big pop, then took a Fameasser from Ziggler, who seemed to instinctively go for a pin attempt.

Moments later, Del Rio flew through the second rope, landed on the ring apron, and Ziggler kicked him to the outside, but Cole said Del Rio was not eliminated because he did not go over the top. So, Del Rio rolled back into the ring. So, Apollo dumped Del Rio out anyways.

It was a Final Four of Ziggler, Corbin, Crews, and D-Young. Everyone just stood around in the ring as refs shouted instructions from the floor. Corbin then dumped Ziggler out of the ring to the floor, continuing their feud. D-Young hung around in the background, then Crews and Corbin clotheslined themselves over the top rope. So, Young was left alone in the ring as the last man standing

The winner of the match and #1 Contender: Darren Young

Post Match: Darren Young sold shock that he won. Bob Backlund celebrated, then Young stood tall in the ring glaring down The Miz, who held up the IC Title belt from the announce table


Backstage: Stephanie and Shane are discussing why Vince McMahon is making an appearance on Raw tonight and Seth Rollins walks in with a proposal of his own talk show right here on Raw tonight, "The Rollins Report"

Video: Highlights of Brock Lesnar's return to The Octagon

Randy Orton returns to PPV at Battleground as Chris Jericho's guest on The Highlight Reel

Backstage: Zack Ryder challenges Rusev to a championship match tonight but is attacked from behind by Sheamus who tells him he has a match against Sheamus



Ryder starting out strong early on unloading with punches. Ryder sets up for a Broski Boot but Sheamus explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Ryder in control once more, Ryder to the top rope is tripped up by Sheamus who connects with a Brogue Kick for the three count

The winner of the match: Sheamus

Post Match: Rusev walks out and goes to attack Ryder but Ryder explodes with punches until Rusev stops him with an overhead throw and locks in The Accolades yelling repeatedly "I accept your challenge!"

Tonight: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs The Club



Sin Cara with a shoulderblock. Sin Cara hits a hurricanrana off the irish whip. Breeze tags in and Sin Cara unloads on him. Breeze with a kick to the head. Fandango back in with a right hand to Sin Cara

Sin Cara in the wrong corner as Breeze tags back in stomping away on Sin Cara. Fandango with a snapmare out of the corner into a chinlock. Sin Cara gets to his feet trying to fight back but Fandango and Breeze isolating sin Cara. Springboard moonsault by Sin Cara onto Fandango.

Breeze and Kalisto in now and Breeze slips off the springboard. Second time, Kalisto hits a springboard crossbody. Sin Cara takes out Fandango. Breeze rolls up Kalisto. Kalisto on the top rope and Breeze pulls him down rolling him up for the three count

The winners of the match: Breezee-ango

Up Next: First edition of The Rollins Report


Plug: John Cena hosting The Espys on July 13


Seth Rollins welcomes everyone to the first ever Rollins report and says he has a scoop for everyone. Rollins says he has footage of a sit down interview he had with Roman Reigns where he asked the hard hitting questions no one has the guts to ask

Rollins then throws to footage of Rollins sitting down for a one on one interview with Roman Reigns. Back to the arena, Rollins says there it is. Reigns should be taken out of the triple threat and he should get his one on one match against Dean Ambrose

Ambrose then makes his way out to the ring. Ambrose tells Rollins that was good and he's glad to see Rollins finally pull that stick out of his butt and have fun for a change. Rollins says what's a joke to him is Ambrose as champion because he stole it from Rollins

Last year, when Rollins was champion, Ambrose tried and tried to take it but he couldn't. No one could and now he's afraid to give Rollins a one on one championship match. Ambrose can have his little triple threat because at Battleground it's going to be about who's the best.  Who's the best member of The Shield. And at Battleground he's going to prove what he's known for a long time. He was better than Ambrose before The Shield, during The Shield and at Battleground he's going to beat Ambrose and take back the championship Ambrose stolee

Ambrose says he's on top of the world. He proved a long time ago he's more than a joke or utility clerk. He's the guy who's still standing here at the end of the day and he's the backbone of the company and now the whole world knows it. Ambrose says Rollins has known him a long time and they kind of person he is. Rollins knows the miles of crap he went through and if he was willing to go through all that crap to get the championship then how far is he willing to go to hold on to it.

A one on one championship isn't going to change that. It won't happen at Battleground or ever and accepts Rollins' challenge to a one on one championship match anytimw anywhere. Rollins says Detroit's as good a place as any but not tonight. He'll see Ambrose next week and exits the ring glaring at Ambrose saying "on his time"

Tonight: Vince McMahon returns

- Commercial-

Video: Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho from Smackdown

Sami Zayn is out on commentary for the next match

Backstage: Kevin Owens appeals to Stephanie to have Sami Zayn removed from commentary. The officials run down and escort him from commentary. Kevin Owens walks out and taunts Zayn as he's being escorted to the back.

Parking Lot: a limousine pulls up and Vince McMahon steps out and says no one knows his decision and tonight he will gather everyone in the ring and name the new commissioner of Smackdown Live



Owens with a side headlock but Cesaro counters and executes a suplex. Side headlock on Owens. Owens counters with a headlock of his own. Shoulderblock off the irish whip. Cesaro with a hurricanrana. Owens counters The Cesaro Swing. Moonsault from the apron by Cesaro. Cesaro rushes but Owens side steps as Cesaro falls over the barricades into the timekeepers area. Owens picks Cesaro up and throws him back into the ring.

Owens picks up Cesaro for a suplex, suplex blocked as Cesaro executes one of his own. Uppercut to Owens, Owens misses with the superkick. Cesaro on the apron and Owens sends him crashing into the barricades


Neckbreaker by Owens, running clothesline in the corner and Owens misses with the Cannonball as Cesaro moves out of the way. Cesaro unloads with uppercuts.

Owens blocks an irish whip. Cesaro with punches. Owens with an irish whip, Cesaro counters the pop up powerbomb. Cesaro with a springboard uppercut.

Owens ends up on the outside, Cesaro throws him back into the ring, Cesaro off the top rope with a crossbody. Owens again counters the giant Swing. Owens off the top rope, goes for a Tornado DDT but Cesaro hits a dropkick. Owens picks Cesaro up on his shoulder into a swinging backbreaker for the three count

The winner of the match: Kevin Owens

Post Match: Sami Zayn jumps out of the crowd and attacks Owens

Backstage: Renee is with AJ Styles and The Club and Styles says Cena doesn't care about anyone but himself. Cena isn't even here tonight he left Enzo and Cass by themselves and Styles and The Club would never do that to each other. So, after they beat Enzo and Cass they're going to hop on a plane and go.....BEAT UP JOHN CENA



Chop by Slater to O'Neil and Slater struts around. O'Neil throws Slater in the corner and delivers a chop of his own. Slater gets thrown across the ring. O'Neil runs into a pair of boots and Slater stomps away at O'Neil

Slater drops an elbow. Dallas and Axel take a victory lap around the ring. O'Neil grabs Slater's leg but Slater plants O'Neil for a two count. Slater drags O'Neil to the corner but O'Neil blocks it and throws him aross the ring.

Clothesline  by O'Neil. Slater again with the boots. Slater off the ropes gets caught by O'Neil who delivers series of backbreakers. Clothesline in the corner followed by Clash Of The Titus for the three count

The winner of the match: Titus O'Neil

Backstage: Renee Young brought in Sasha Banks for an interview discussing her match against Dana Brooke tonight. Sasha talked confidently, borderline whiny, about getting ready to shut up Dana tonight. Sasha said she is going to take out Dana to get that Women’s Title off Charlotte. Sasha vowed to get real tonight.


This Thursday: D-Young and Bob Backlund are on Miz TV with Miz and Maryse on Smackdown.

Last Monday: New Day accepted The Wyatts’s invitation to meet them at their compound. But, Xavier Woods did not like the lack of concern from Big E. and Kofi Kingston.

WWE cut to a video of a girl leading New Day astray and nearly getting run over by a vehicle. Bray Wyatt popped out of the vehicle and he was joined by Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan. A fight broke out in the dirt. The video cut to Xavier Woods standing alone behind a tree as a man in red pants stalked him. It was Bray Wyatt in his red pants. Wyatt and Woods fought against a tree, then Wyatt hoisted Woods over his shoulder and walked away.

Meanwhile, a fight broke out in the mud. Back to Wyatt, who dropped Woods on the ground near the car. Back to the henchmen, who took out Big E. and Kingston and stood over them. Suddenly, Woods cut off the heels. Kingston crotched Strowman on the hood of the car, then Wyatt cut off the faces and Woods was thrown inside the vehicle. Wyatt smashed the car door window with a weapon, breaking the glass, then shouted, “Where’s your power of positivity now?”

Suddenly, New Day made another comeback. Wyatt went scrambling away, then knelt down in the grass. Wyatt chuckled to himself, then a loud noise sounded in the distance. Several more cars surrounded the fight and the fireflies emerged filling the darkness. New Day slowly backed away from the scene as Wyatt looked up and declared, “Follow the buzzards.”

Back at ringside, Cole and Co. sold not sure what to make of that. JBL said he thought he had seen it all until watching that.

A.J. Styles’s music played, trying to change the mood after that bit. Styles led The Club down to ringside, then Enzo Amore & Big Cass were introduced to the ring. Enzo did the pre-match verbal routine, wanting to know how everyone is doin’, which got a reaction.

Big Cass said everyone on this roster is gunning for John Cena’s spot. He wants his spot; Enzo wants his spot; The Club wants your spot. But, the difference is if they’re going to take Cena’s spot, they are going to earn it. Cass mocked Styles’s “Beat Up John Cena” hashtag, then Cass and Enzo rhymed about Styles and The Club not having a backbone.

Styles confidently shot back on the mic that John Cena isn’t here tonight because he doesn’t care about them. So, this is their final warning to turn around and walk back because his boys are going to drop them where they stand. Enzo said the only place they are walking is into that ring. Cass said they will prove there is only one word to describe them – SAWFT. It’s next.



Hammerlock by Enzo into a snapmare but Anderson counters. Enzo back in control. Right hands by Anderson to Enzo. Enzo with a roll up. Backslide by Enzo. Enzo with a side headlock takedown.

Anderson backs Enzo in the corner. Gallows tags in and unloads with punches. Hard irish whip into the corner by Gallows. Anderson back in with a side headlock takedown

Cass tags in and slams Anderson then slams Enzo on top of him. Chops to Anderson by Cass. Cass holding Anderson in place and Enzo with a running splash in the corner. Enzo with a roll up on Anderson and Gallows connects with a boot. Enzo gets sent shoulder first into the ring post falling to the outside


Clothesline by Anderson to Enzo. Gallows in with a backbreaker.  Shot to Anderson, Gallows prevents Enzo from making the tag. Enzo plants Gallows and crawls to the corner getting the tag. Cass takes out Gallows. Slam to Anderson. Cass with the Empire Elbow. Fallay Slam by Cass. Big Splash in the corner followed by a big boot. Enzo from the top rope hits the Boom Shaka Laka. Styles pulls the top rope down as Cass falls to the outside and the referee calls for the bell.

The winners of the match by DQ: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

Post Match: The Club had Enzo surrounded but out comes John Cena and Cena, Enzo and Cass clear  the ring



Right hand by Sasha sends Dana to the mat. Dana slides out of the ring to re-group. Waistlock by Sasha and Dana backs her in the corner. Snapmare by Sasha and an open handed slap sends Dana back to the outside.

Sasha off the irish whip delivers the double knees to Dana. Sasha picks Dana up, Dana with a kick and Dana works over the arm. Sasha with a right hand. Armdrag by Sasha sends Dana across the ring. Sasha on the apron with a shoulderblock and a right hand by Dana sends Sasha to the floor as Raw goes to break


Dana in control of the match as Raw comes back from break. Chinlock on Sasha. Sasha gets to her feet and breaks the hold.

Irish whip blocked by Dana. Right hand by Sasha. Backbreaker by Dana. Dana picks Sasha up and throws her into the corner. Shoulderblocks in the corner by Dana

Dana runs into an elbow but hits repeated shoulderblocks. Snapmare by Dana and a moonsault for a 2 count. Dana back to the chinlock. Sasha breaks the hold and hits a kick. Sasha explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Dropkick by Sasha

Kick to Dana, forearm to Dana, knees to the midsection. Irish whip reversed by Dana who connects with a kick to the midsection. Sasha bounces Dana's head off the turnbuckle. Right hand by Sasha who's on the top rope. Crossbody onto Dana.

Dana with a clothesline. Dana places a boot on Sasha as she poses. Dana picks Sasha up on her shoulders but Sasha counters into the Bank Statement for the submission

The winner of the match by submission: Sasha Banks

Post Match: Charlotte says just because Sasha  got lucky once doesn't mean she's deserving of a title match and proposes Sasha faces Dana Brooke again this Thursday and then they'll see if Sasha really is worthy of challenging Charlotte

Backstage: Vince McMahon is making his  way out to the ring



Back from break and Shane and Stephanie make their way out to the ring. Vince then comes out to the ring and says Stephanie and Shane have done a pretty fair job and competition's been good but he's personally disappointed in both of them

It's like neither one of them came from his loin. Vince then mocks Stephanie's behaviour. Vince then says Shane lost his match at Wrestlemania and he shouldn't even be here. Vince asks where's the ruthless aggression. He would have expected one of them to stab the other in the back or slit the other's throat so one of them has to convince him they should be the commissioner of Smackdown

Stephanie lists her credentials. But Vince wants the gloves off so Stephanie brings up the podcast with Shane McMahon. Stephanie calls Shane malicious, manipulative and maniacal and is a wolf in sheep's clothing

Vince says she makes some good points and now it's Shane's turn. Shane says he returned 5 months ago in this very ring, in this very arena right here in Detroit. He returned to an ovation that humbled him and rocked him to his core.

Shane says it's not just about his return that everyone went bonkers for. It's that he represented change. The change that is needed. The glass ceilings that were built he would bring them crashing down because they were choking the life out of the business

Deep down they both respect what he has done in this business and will tell them exactly what is on his mind in a respectful way.

Shane says if Vince still has the grapefruits then to pick him as commissioner of Smackdown

Vince asks for a drumroll and announces Shane McMahon as the new commissioner of Smackdown Live and the new commissioner of Raw, Stephanie McMahon.

Vince says he wants them both to compete for real in terms of TV ratings, social media, live event attendance, merchandise he doesn't care. One of them just might inherit the keys to the kingdom. He wants them to really compete and doesn't care if they break the law, as long as they don't get caught.  But, next week both have to each name a General Manager and if they don't he will appoint one and he always gets what he wants and tells them to let the games begin

Stephanie says all her life she had to work twice as hard for recognition and Shane made her feel like nothing and now she's going to turn the table and make him feel what it's like when she buries Smackdown and make him wish he were never born

Shane says she said that with a lot of venom and that tells him she's hiding something and says Stephanie is scared. She's seen this movie before and at the end it'll be him she'll be looking up at and says Game on.



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