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WWE Raw Results (6/27) Tampa. Florida

WWE Raw Results (6/27) Tampa. Florida


Sasha Banks-Paige def. Charlotte-Dana Brooke

Titus O'Neil def. Rusev

Seth Rollins def. John Cena

Enzo and Cass def. Local wrestlers

Becky Lynch vs Summer Rae - No Match

Kane def. Miz by count out

Apollo Crews and Cesaro def. Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio

Dean Ambrose def. AJ Styles



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Welcome to Monday Night Raw and tonight Raw is coming to us live from Tampa, Florida and we kick things off with Seth Rollins making his way out to the ring

Rollins says at Battleground everyone will finally get the match they wanted to see. All three members of The Shield in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins then talks about Roman Reigns and Reigns' mistake embarasses Rollins and makes him look bad because as The Architect of The Shield he brought Roman Reigns into the fold. And then Reigns puts up the statement Reigns posted on his twitter account regarding his violation of the Wellness Policy

Rollins breaks the tweet down starting with Reigns' apology and ending with Reigns saying he owned it. Rollins says he owns Reigns, he owned Reigns at Wrestlemania and Money In The Bank and Reigns doesn't deserve to be in the main event of Battleground and should be taken out and it should be a one on one championship match

The WWE Champion makes his way out to the ring. Ambrose asks Rollins if he's alright and what this is really about. If it's about Roman Reigns or about Ambrose being WWE Champion. Reigns made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes he was friends with Rollins that was a mistake. AJ Styles then makes his way out

Styles agrees it should remain a triple threat. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles. He's the guy who beat John Cena in a dream match so take out Roman Reigns, put him in there and all will be right with the world. Ambrose says he's pretty sure Reigns is still in the match. Styles then suggests they make it a Fatal Four Way

Rollins says it should be a one on one match. John Cena is out next saying Dean Ambrose is a fighting champion who will fight a friend, foe, fraud but will he fight the franchise and brings up his 15 championship reigns and how it was this very day he had his first match in WWE so today is his WWE birthday.

All the arguing brings out Stephanie and she says she has a solution to their problems. Stephanie says what Reigns did was embarassing however having Ambrose as champion is mortifying. Shane isn't at Raw, again, so she's going to make the decision that tonight Rollins faces John Cena one on one and AJ styles faces WWE Champion Dean Ambrose and if Cena and Styles win their matches then they will be added to the match at Battleground

Up Next: Charlotte-Dana Brooke vs Paige-Sasha Banks

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Sasha and Charlotte start things out. Sasha goes after Charlotte but Charlotte tags Dana. Dana gets her head bounced off the turnbuckle. Sasha with a slap to Dana. Paige gets the tag and a double hiptoss to Dana.

Charlotte runs in and Sasha and Paige deliver a double dropkick sending the duo to the outside to re-group as Raw goes to break

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Back from break and Charlotte and Dana in control executing a double suplex to Paige. Charlotte picks Paige up and she and frequent tags between Charlotte and Dana keeping Paige grounded. Charlotte with a chinlock but Paige fights out of it.

Neckbreaker by Charlotte and Charlotte with a cheapshot to Sasha. Charlotte drives Paige into the corner. Paige fights out and Charlotte prevents the tag. Paige kicks Charlotte away and tag is made on both teams as Sasha unloads on Dana. Sasha with a forearm and the double stomps. Paige with a kick to Charlotte on the outside. Nearfall on Sasha back in the ring and a knee to Dane by Sasha

Sasha with the backstabber transitioning into the Bank Statement for the submission

The winners of the match: Sasha Banks and Paige

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O'Neil unloads with clotheslines on Rusev. Clubbing blows across the chest and an irish whip to Rusev landing a running clothesline. Powerslam to Rusev and Rusev answers back with his own clothesline

Rusev unloads with right hands on O'Neil. Knee to the midsection by Rusev. Chinlock on O'Neil. Kick by Rusev. Rusev and O'Neil trading punches. O'Neil with a shoulder tackle and clothesline.

Rusev slides out of the ring avoiding the big boot. He asks for his championship. Rusev turns around and double clothesline floorss both men. Rusev gets sent into the timekeeper's area as O'Neil slides back into the ring beating the 10 count

The winner of the match by count out: Titus O'Neil

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Backstage: Stephanie is on the phone and Kane is waiting to talk to her. Kane thanks Stephanie for meeting with him and Stephanie reminds him no one is running Smackdown. Miz and Maryse walk in with a plethora of complaints from no red carpet to the driver not knowing who he was.

Kane compares his movie to Miz and Miz says Kane looks like the devil's favourite insurance salesman. Kane says if he were running Smackdown he'd implement the 30 day rule where the champion would have to defend every 30 days or relinquish the title and suggests that the Intercontinental Championship be defended tonight. Stephanie books it and tells Miz who he's defending against, that is a surprise

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Rollins and cena lock up. Side headlock by Rollins, irish whip by Cena and a  shoulderblock floors Rollins. Cena with a side headlock. Irish whip by Rollins and Rollins hits a shoulder tackls. Rollins with a kick and right hands to Cena. Rollins with a dropkick off the irish whip.

Right hand by Rollins. Irish whip reversed by Cena who connects with a dropkick, Cenna unloads on  Rollins. Irish whip and Cena runs into an elbow. Rollins off the top rope hits the blockbuster. Rollins keeping Cena grounded but Cena gets back to his feet. Rollins misses with a clothesline. Cena with shoulder tackles and a side slam. Five Knuckle Shuffle countered with a kick to the face sending Cena to the outside

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Rollins unloads with the 5 moves of doom as Raw comes back from break. Five Knuckle Shuffle connects. Rollins counters an AA and delivers a kick to Cena.

Rollins with an enziguri to Cena. Rollins and Cena trade puncg=hes. Rollins to the top rope cut off by Cena who's looking for a super AA but Rollins counters delivering the powerbomb in the corner. Rollins back to the top rope misses with the frog splash.

Cena's turn to go to the top rope. Rollins executes a suplex but Cena rolls through. Rollins holds on and executes the Falconero. Kick to the midsection. Pedigree countered by Cena. Slingshot to Rollins who jumps to the top rope. Dive onto Cena, Cena rolls through and executes the AA

Cena counters the pedigree again and looks to lock in the STF but The Club make their way down to ringside as they surround the ring. Distraction by Styles allows Rollins to recover and hits the pedigree for the three count

The winner of the match: Seth Rollins

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Enzo and Cass walk out and say they're riding a wave to the top and the people are the wave. Enzo and Cass make short work of their opponents. Cass connects with the big boot and Enzo hits the Bada Boom Shaka Laka.

The winners of the match: Enzo and Big Cass

Post Match: Social Outcasts make their way out to the ring. Bo Dallas says they're not soft, there's only one word to describe them and that's hard. Slater says The Social Outcasts are back. They rush the ring but Cass hits a big boot taking out Slater. Axel and Dallas climb on the apron but think twice.


Life Lessons with Coach Backlund segment

Video: WWE's partnership with Special Olympics and Play Unified campaign


Match never took places as Becky went after Natalya who was on commentary and a brawl broke out



Chris Jericho introduces his guests. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Zayn says it's time for them to put their rivalry to an end once and for all. Zayn and Owens relive their friendship and Owens says bottom line is Owens has been a better friend to Zayn than Zayn has ever been to him. Jericho says Owens is right, hes been a better friend than Zayn has. Zayn has is head so far up his butt caring about what fans think. He then says he'll be at Battleground doing his thing and gives everyone the gift of Jericho. Zayn then  lays Jericho out with a kick



When Miz was in trouble with a chokeslam looming, Maryse got on the ring apron. Maryse yelled at Kane, then fell down feigning an injury. Maryse shrieked in pain on the floor, so Miz checked on her. Miz then scooped up Maryse and carried her to the back as he was counted out. Meanwhile, Kane randomly sat up in the ring.

The winner of the match by count out: Kane



Sheamus bailed from the match, forcing Del Rio in via tag. So, Crews dropkicked Del Rio across the ring. Cesaro tagged in and put Del Rio on the Uppercut Train. But, the heels cut off Cesaro to begin working him over.

Suddenly, Del Rio smashed his own tag partner Sheamus with an enzuigiri kick, waking up the crowd. Del Rio walked away from the match. Meanwhile, Crews, who was now legal, dropkicked the ring steps into Sheamus. Crews rolled Sheamus back into the ring and hit a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

The winners of the match: Apollo Crews and Cesaro

Backstage: Jo-Jo brought in WWE champion Dean Ambrose. Is being champion everything he expected? Not yet. He thought maybe he would get a parade outside of WWE HQ, but something about permits and red tape. Ambrose said he likes having things coming at him, like the Phenomenal A.J. Styles. Suddenly, Stephanie McMahon walked in to revisit how appalled she is that Ambrose is champion. “You know, deep down, she really likes me,” Ambrose told Jo-Jo to send Raw to break.


New Day come out dressed as The Wyatts and cut a promo on Bray Wyatt and company. The Wyatts come out and again they single out Xavier Woods who once more appears to be in some sort of a trance



Back-and-forth start, then Styles teased the Clash and Ambrose teased Dirty Deeds. Stalemate, and they circled the ring heading to the final break of the show.


Styles controlled the action back from break as Rollins talked about his conflict of not wanting Styles to win, so he’s kind of rooting for Ambrose, making him feel conflicted. The crowd came to life rallying for Ambrose, which meant the Styles supporters came to life for a dueling chant.

Ambrose fired back on Styles with a neckbreaker for a two count. The battle moved to the top turnbuckle, where Ambrose delivered a super butterfly suplex. Ambrose followed with a clothesline, then tried a bulldog, but Styles blocked and hit a wheelbarrow slam for a two count.

Suddenly, Ambrose sold injuring his left leg. Styles looked to take advantage with the Calfcrusher in the middle of the ring. Ambrose crawled on his belly toward the bottom rope and he got it in time before having to tap out. Styles got back to his feet and charged Dean, who dumped him over the top rope to the floor. Ambrose shook off the leg pain and nailed a suicide dive on the outside.

Back in the ring, Dean limped to the top turnbuckle for a diving elbow, but Styles rolled through into a two count. Styles tried the Pele Kick, but Ambrose rebounded off the ropes into a rebound lariat.

Suddenly, The Club bounced down to ringside. Ambrose lost focus and took a brainbuster suplex for a two count. Then, John Cena stormed ringside to neutralize The Club. Cena stared down Styles, who yelled back at him. Styles then turned around and took Dirty Deeds. Ambrose covered Styles for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: Dean Ambrose

Post Match: The Club attacked Cena on the floor. Dean Ambrose tried to figure out the situation, then Seth Rollins snuck into the ring and smashed him with the Pedigree. Meanwhile, Styles, Anderson, and Gallows beat up Cena on the entrance ramp. Styles pounded Cena on the stage, then called for the Magic Killer. Boom, Magic Killer on the stage. Styles yelled at Cena that he never should have gotten involved.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Seth scooped up Ambrose and gave him another Pedigree. Seth took possession of the WWE Title belt, then put his boot on Ambrose’s face and stood tall over the champ. WWE cut back to The Club standing tall over Cena. Raw signed off with the heels standing tall over Cena and Ambrose from opposite sides of the arena. Soft ending with a quiet crowd as Raw closed 10 minutes past the top of the hour.






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