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WWE RAW Results 6/6

WWE RAW Results 6/6

WWE RAW is live from The Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.

The show kicks off with Dean Ambrose on his way to the ring. Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are already standing on ladders that have been set up in the ring. Lillian Garcia begins to introduce them but Kevin Owens interrupts her and says they don't need introductions, they're already stars - apart from Sami Zayn.

Owens and Jericho get into a war of words but Ambrose stops them and asks when they can get down to fighting. All 6 men have mic time and stake their claim to say why they are going to be the next MITB holder.

They eventually all start brawling before the music of Teddy Long hits! He says he is back to take the longest wrestling show of all time back but gets his words messed up. Y2J calls him a stupid idiot. He says if he was in charge he would make a triple threat match, a no DQ match and a fatal 4 way match. Everyone looks confused.

Stephanie McMahon comes out and tells Teddy what he just said made no sense. Teddy says he wants to run Smackdown but Stephanie says no decision will be made tonight. Teddy is sent to the back by Stephanie.

She then announces that Sami Zayn will face Del Rio tonight, Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose too and also Cesaro vs Jericho which will take place right now.


Chris Jericho vs Cesaro 

Back from the break and the match is already underway. Back and forth action with Cesaro eventually grounding Jericho with a backbreaker. Uppercut from Cesaro when Jericho is back on his feet. Action sprawls outside the ring and another running uppercut from Cesaro. Back in the ring, Cesaro goes to the top rope but Jericho hits a dropkick.


Series of uppercuts from Cesaro to Jericho before he throws Jericho from corner to corner hitting more of his signature uppercuts. Jericho goes to the top rope but is met with another uppercut when he dives. Cesaro signatures the spin but only gets a few rotations before Jericho puts him into a small package. Cesaro kicks out and dives off the ropes looking for a springboard move but is hit by the Codebreaker. The Swiss Superman manages to roll out of the ring though. Jericho gets him back in but it's only a 2 count. Cesaro gets the upperhand again and throws Jericho over the ropes. He lifts him over the ropes for a massive suplex. The two exchange hits. Cesaro sets him up for the Neutraliser but Jericho reverses out and tries to lock in the Walls. Cesaro fights out and then spins Jericho before stepping into the Sharpshooter which makes Y2J tap out.

Winner: Cesaro

The announcers look back at last week and the attack on John Cena by AJ Styles and The Club. Later tonight, The New Day will face The Club.

Up next is a look at the history between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.


Back from the break, a tribute to Muhammad Ali airs with various wrestling figures paying respect to the late boxer via their twitter feed before the announcers pay tribute to him. 

A couple of pre-recorded videos will air tonight in build to the World Title match at Money in the Bank - one from the point of view of Rollins, and the other of Reigns. 

Rollins' is up first and talks about gaining back the championship he never lost. He calls Reigns a placeholder and says he will prove at MITB that he is better than Roman Reigns.

Lana is in the ring when the video finishes and welcomes Rusev to the ring. He will be in action against Jack Swagger after the break. 


Swagger, in his home town, gets a very good reaction. Titus O'Neill is on commentary.

Rusev vs Jack Swagger 

Titus O'Neill is on the commentary booth. Rusev quickly takes control with a spinning kick before working on the body of Swagger. He works on him on the corner before taking him down again with a kick to the side of the head. Swagger fights out of a headlock but Rusev dominates again shortly after. Slam from Swagger to Rusev but a kickout. The All American American is looking for the Patriot Lock but Rusev kicks his way out. Rusev rolls out of the ring and as does Swagger at the other side. The they then run at each other and take each other out with a double clothesline. The referee begins to count the men out before Rusev shoves Swagger into O'Neill at the commentary desk as Rusev rolls back into the ring, beating the count.

Winner: Rusev

Post-match, O'Neill and Swagger attack Rusev and get some offence in before he retreats.

Next on Raw: John Cena.


Cena's music hits to kick off the second hour as we look back at last weeks attack from The Club. Cena says the meeting of Styles and himself was very special. It was so because the whole arena was chanting 'Let's go Cena...AJ Styles'. Cena says the energy created last week could only be compared to that created by Cena and The Rock. Cena wants to know why AJ took the easy way out, and so invites AJ out to the ring. Cena also used the words 'Bullet Club'. 

He comes to the ring, along with Gallows and Anderson. AJ stands at the top of the ramp. AJ says he took the easy way out because he had a plan - which was exactly the one he did last week and it worked to perfection. Cena insulted AJ last week. He insults him everytime the bell rings. Even on Cena's best day, he can't beat AJ - which AJ does whilst waving his hand over his face. AJ would run rings around Cena.

Cena is disapointed with what AJ had to say as he has had 15 years to come up with insults but says the same thing that everyone else does. Cena says that AJ entered the Royal Rumble and done nothing before failing twice at Reigns. He failed twice at Reigns, and now thinks he can take on Cena?

AJ says Cena buries people like him. Gallows and Anderson are his insurance to make sure his head stays above ground. The Club approach and surround the ring before stepping up on to the ring.

Just as they enter the ring, The New Day rush down and The Club back off.


The Vaudevillains are in the ring when we get back from the break and Enzo & Cass make their way out, who say they are the next Tag Team Champions. 

Enzo and Cass vs The Vaudevillains

Gotch and Amore kick things off and The Vaudevillains are dominant from the off. Amore finally gets a tag to Cass after being worked on by his opponents. Cass clears house and is denied a victory by his pin being broken up. English picks up Amore and tries to recreate the moment at Payback where Amore suffered a concussion. English does throw Amore out the ring, off the bottom rope and he looks out. Cass flips and is eventually disqualified for not listening to the referee when he beats down English in the corner.

Winners: The Vaudevillains

Post-match, Cass continues to beat down on The Vaudevillains. He looks possessed, as Amore looks on stunned when he finally steps back into the ring.


Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is on her phone. Teddy comes in dancing to his theme song which he's playing on his phone. Teddy tries to create a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Title match for Smackdown but Stephanie doesn't entertain it and just acts how he got past security. Teddy tries to say that he bribed security. She asks Teddy to leave. After he leaves, Stephanie phones someone and asks them to pass on a message saying that she has a Tag Title match for MITB - she gives the idea that Teddy gave but passes it off as her own. 

Sami Zayn is in the ring for his match with Alberto Del Rio.

Sami Zayn vs Alberto Del Rio 

Early domination from ADR but Zayn takes control with a hurricarana as action moves to the outside. Del Rio throws Zayn into the barricade but he jumps on top of it and moonsaults onto Del Rio. 


Del Rio has Zayn in a headlock as Zayn tries to fight out. He hits the Mexican into the corner but Del Rio moves out the way, however he runs into a shoulder. Crossbody from Zayn onto Del Rio but a kickout. Backstabber from Del Rio - 2 count. He lines up a kick but Zayn rolls him up, nearfall. He hits the kick after the roll up from Zayn. Zayn lines up the Helluva Kick but moves. He sits Zayn on the top rope and tries to throw him off. Zayn is sitting on the top rope and Del Rio kicks him on the back of the head. Del Rio goes for his double stomp finisher but Zayn throws him off. More kicks from Del Rio after he hits Zayn off of the ringpost. Del Rio then hits his finisher for the victory.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Dean Ambrose is shown walking through the corridor backstage. Kevin Owens is standing and Ambrose asks if somethings funny. Owens refers to something Ambrose said earlier about polar bears. Owens says he is concerned that Ambrose is more 'off' than usual. But Ambrose asks if he was off when he beat him for the IC title, or put him through a table at the Rumble.

After the break, the second of the two part look at the World Heavyweight Championship Match will air - this time from the viewpoint of Roman Reigns.


Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens 

Couple of early clotheslines from Ambrose sends Owens to the outside. Owens throws Ambrose over the announce table as he goes back into the ring. KO comes back out and grabs Byron Saxton's headset off of him and is about to start talking but is interrupted by Ambrose who leaps on him. Both men back in the ring, Owens works on the back of Ambrose. Both men are down in the ring before Owens gains the upperhand again. Ambrose is lying on the mat as Owens goes to the top rope but Ambrose leaps up and performs a superplex off of the top rope. KO lines up his cannonball after he reverses a move from Ambrose but runs into a clothesline. Ambrose now at the top rope but Owens knocks the rope causing him to fall. He hits the cannonball this time and Ambrose kicks out at 2. Owens goes for the Pop-up Powerbomb but it's reversed into a hurricarana and Owens is outside of the ring. Ambrose dives through the rope but is caught and driven into the side of the ring. Owens dives off the apron and performs a frogsplash. Back in the ring, Ambrose manages to hit the Dirty Deeds out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

After the match, Ambrose gets a ladder from under the ring and goes to climb up it to grab the briefcase but Owens runs back and pushes him off. Owens was going to climb up but just points and shouts 'that is mine'. 


A Life Lessons with Bob Backlund vignette airs. Bob doesn't want Darren Young to run - he wants him to walk. Backlund stole Young's keys so that he has to walk to the next town which will take 8 hours.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke make their way to the ring, not in ring gear. Dana passes a mic to Charlotte. She says every great champion knows how to admit when they are wrong. Since she has earned the respect of the WWE Universe, Charlotte apologises. But she still had to say what she said. When Charlotte said that Ric was 'dead' to her, she meant professionally - Charlotte still wants to share Christmas with him, work out with him. She can be Champion without him, but she can't be daddys little girl without him.

Natalya and Becky Lynch interrupt. Natalya says the way that Charlotte treated her father was disgusting. Becky tries to persuade Dana that Charlotte has turned on everyone that has helped her. Charlotte says she has wisdom to share with Dana. Dana is looking thoughtfully at Charlotte, and Natalya and Becky. It looks like she is going to side with Natalya and Becky but she takes them out as Charlotte and Dana beat down the other girls. They pose over Natalya and Becky.


Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring with Fandango. 

Tyler Breeze vs R-Truth 

Goldust is also at ringside. Breeze runs at Truth but he ducks. Breeze goes to run at him again but is met with a kick. Goldust and Fandango are fighting at ringside before action spills into the ring. Tyler Breeze and Fandango back off but Teddy Long is back. 

He says this match will be restarted as a Tag Team Match. They all look on confused before security come out to escort Teddy away. 

Backstage, Stephanie confronts Teddy. But an old, incompetent fool will not run Smackdown. Steph says Vince wants someone young and smart. It won't be Shane, it will be her. She tells Teddy to leave once and for all. 

Another tribute will air to Muhammad Ali after the break.


The video tribute to Ali features interviews, pictures and video of his life in and outside of the WWE.

Next week an episode the Ambrose Asylum will be a Shield reunion as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will be his guests.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson make their way to the ring for tonight's Main Event, and are followed by AJ Styles.


The New Day walk down for the match and compare The Club to the Mickey Mouse Club. They say the only club that really matters is the club for WWE Tag Team Champions because New Day Rocks.

All 6 men start brawling before the match even starts and only Woods and Styles are left in the ring. Outside, Big E is sent into the steps. Woods dives over the ropes on to Gallows. He goes back in and goes for AJ outside of the ring but ends up getting a Styles Clash on the floor.


Woods has been sent back to the locker room after the Styles Clash on the floor.

The New Day vs The Club

The match begins with just Kingston and Big E against the 3 members of The Club. Kofi gets off to a good start but numbers quickly take control. Kofi uses his speed to get out the way of an attack, though and the Champs have control. Anderson is lying on the apron and Big E splashes on him. When the referee has his back turned, AJ and Gallows attack Big E with a Pele Kick and a big boot. The Club has control now and Big E is isolated in the corner. Big E rolls out the way of a splash from Anderson and makes the tag to Kofi who clears house. Kofi goes for a crossbody but AJ moves. He looks for The Styles Clash but it's reversed into the SOS by Kofi and the pin is broken up. Everyone is getting involved now and suddenly AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Kofi for the win.

Winners: The Club

The Club continue to beat down on Big E and Kofi as the fans chant for 'Cena' and here he is. He fights off Anderson and Gallows before AJ rolls out of the ring when he gets there. Cena has to go back to fight off Anderson and Gallows and AJ catches him from behind. AJ stomps on him and stands tall but Kofi knocks him down with a dropkick. Big Ending on Anderson and then an AA from Cena on Gallows to close the show as Cena, Kingston and Big E stand tall.


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