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WWE Raw Results (5/30) Green Bay, Wisconsin

WWE Raw Results (5/30) Green Bay, Wisconsin


- New Day vs. The Vaudevillains -No Winner

- The Usos def. Breeze-Ango

- Rusev def. Zack Ryder with The Accolades

- Enzo Amore and Big Cass def. The Dudley Boyz with the Rocket Launcher 

- Dana Brooke def. Natalya with the Michinoku Driver

- Baron Corbin def. Dolphz Ziggler by DQ

- Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose and Cesaro def. Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens



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Monday Night Raw comes to us this week from Green Bay, Wisconsin and we start things off with the roster standing at the top of the stage for a 10 bell salute to the fallen soldiers

Video: Memorial Day slide show with comments from WWE superstars

Raw Intro

Shane McMahon makes his way out to the ring. Stephanie follows making her way out to the ring. Stephanie welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw. Shane then takes his turn and says it's time to shake things up in the WWE and the new era is creating change and announces that on July 19 Smackdown will go live on Tuesday nights. Stephanie says that's July 19 but tonight we are here on Monday Night Raw and tonight will see the return of John Cena

The New Day then make their way out to the ring. Xavier Woods says when New Day heard Smackdown was going llve they gave a collective wow and it stirred all kinds of emotions in their body. Big E says he was excited at the possibiity of bringing the power of positivity to both Raw and Smackdown

Their excitement, however, quickly turned to paranoia and they threw to a video on the big screen announcing the brand extension. New Day say they are all about that New Era. The important question on everybody's mind is where is The New Day going? Stephanie says they haven't made any decisions yet. Woods then says Stephanie dodged the question

Kingston says she's playing dodgeball with the question and Woods says they can't honestly be thinking about splitting up The New Day. Woods tells Shane and Stephanie to think about the kids and Francesca and that she comes from a broken home and needs all three of her fathers

They then ask who wil run Smackdown Live. Stephanie says they haven't decided that yet but it's a work in progress. Big E says he smells a little sibling rivalry brewing and issues a dance challenge. Shane says he's in. Shane and The New Day then begin dancing while Stephanie stands in the corner laughing. New Day then call Stephanie up and she agrees. The lights then go out and The Vaudevillains then make their way out



Monkey flip out of the corner to Gotch. Kingston and Big E then take turns stomping away at Gotch. Back elbow to English. Gotch grabs the leg and English with a kick to Kingston.

Gotch in for the cover but Kingston kicks out. Gotch with a front facelock on Kingston delivering an uppercut. English in with a quick jab and Kingston kicks out again. Knee to the back and another nearfall. Gotch back in with a headbutt

Kingston fighting back and Gotch prevents the tag. Kingston gets shoved against the ropes. Right hand to English and Gotch with a clothesine sending Kingston over the ropes to the floor as Raw goes to break


Vaudevillains maintaining control coming back from break. Kingston fights back executing a suplex. Big E and Aiden English get the tag and Big E delivering a series of belly to back suplexes. Big splash by Big E on English.

On the outside, The Club take out Xavier Woods. Kingston coming to the aid as Gallows kicks Kingston in the face. The referee calls for the bell as The Vaudevillains attack Big E. Anderson and Gallows enter the ring and deliver The Magic Killer

The winners of the match: None


Backstage: The Club say what happened out there to The New Day is just to show they can inflict as much punishment without AJ Styles and they've put the tag division on notice and this is just the beginning

Backstage: Apollo Crews is finishing his workout when Big Show walks in and gives him advice on how to handle Sheamus who has become paranoid about being replaced in this New Era


Jimmy attacks Breeze. Irish whip reversed by Jimmy. Jey tags in and delivers a splash to Breeze. Fandango in unloading with punches on Jey. Enziguri to Jey. Jimmy takes out Breeze on the outside meanwhile in the ring Fandango gets rolled up for the three count

The winners of the match: The Usos

Post Match: A brawl breaks out between BreezeDango and The Golden Truth


Back from break, WWE had a camera on the front row of fans. Suddenly, Roman Reigns’s music played and said fans started booing. The World champion emerged on-stage and walked down to the ring looking around the arena. The announcers talked up Reigns, who slowly entered the ring and looked around some more. Lots of boos and cheers. Reigns’s music stopped, producing audible boos and shrieks. Reigns stood in the middle of the ring for a while milking a reaction, which produced more boos and shrieks.

Reigns spoke. He said Seth Rollins sold out two years ago and broke up The Shield. Ever since then, he’s called himself The Man. Reigns asked how you can yourself The Man if you’re constantly running from The Guy? Reigns said he’s said it before that he’s not a good guy or bad guy (boos), but as long as he has the WWE Title, it means he’s The Guy. Reigns called out Seth to come prove himself.

After a pause, Seth Rollins’s music played to bring out Rollins for a face-to-face with Reigns. Rollins stopped on the stage, though, and acted as if he were going to stay there. He started walking again, then stopped on the entrance ramp. Rollins got pumped up, then started walking away. Rollins charged the ring, but stopped. Rollins told Reigns to hold on just a second.

Rollins walked back to the entrance stage and grabbed a mic. Rollins stood there with the mic for a good 30 seconds, then walked across the stage. Still nothing to say. Reigns sold annoyance back in the ring. Seth eventually dropped the mic and fast-walked down to ringside. But, he stopped and cackled to himself before walking back up the ramp. Rollins turned around and teased charging the ring, but he stopped and smirked. Rollins cracked his fingers as Reigns stood in the ring with arms folded across his chest.

Rollins eventually waved off Reigns and walked back up the ramp. Rollins grabbed the mic and contemplated talking as Reigns picked up his title belt in the ring. Rollins then waved everyone off and left to the back as Reigns stood annoyed in the ring. Reigns’s music played, then he talked some trash into the hard camera.

Suddenly, Seth Rollins came running down the entrance ramp. He stopped just before the ring when Reigns caught him running. Seth laughed at Reigns, then shouted that they’re doing things his way around here. Reigns’s music played again as Rollins disappeared to the back.



Rusev controlling the match from the start hitting a splash in the corner. Ryder tries to fight back but Rusev connects with a clothesline. Chinlock on Ryder as the crowd starts a "Let's Go Ryder" chant. Ryder to his feet delivering right hands to the gut but Rusev hits knee. Ryder with knees to the jaw. Ryder sets Rusev up and connects with the Broski Boot. A second Broski Boot and nearfall for Ryder. Rusev counters the Rough Ryder and locks in The Accolades for the submission

The winner of the match: Rusev

Post Match: Rusev says Ryder is like all americans they think they're entitled and he says he is what americans should be like. Titus O'Neil interrupts and says Rusev has some nerve calling himself a great American on Memorial Day. Great Americans fight for what they believe in and O'Neil doesn't believe Rusev is a Bulgarian Brute but more of a Bulgarian Blowhard and charges the ring going after Rusev who rolls out of the ring


Vignette: The Shining Stars cut a promo about Puerto Rico

Video: The split between Ric Flair and Charlotte from last week's Raw. WWE Superstars comment on the situation.

Earlier Today; Stephanie asks Charlotte if she's proud of what she did to Ric Flair last week and says she's embarassed to have Charlotte as the WWE Women's Champion and calls her a spoiled brat and tells her to step back because she has no idea who she's talking to and says Charlotte is not a champion she's just a waste of talent



Bubba backs Cass in the corner and shoves him. Back to the lock up and Cass backed into the Dudleys corner who double team him. Doble clothesline to the Dudleys by Cass. Shoulderblock to bubba and slam. Enzo tags in and hits the bulldog on Devon. Big boot to Cass and Enzo and Cass clear the ring as Raw goes to break


Dudleys turn the tables during the match. Back from break nearfall on Enzo and a slam by Devon. Bubba with elbow drops to Enzo. Chinlock by Bubba. Bubba runs into a boot and Bubba prevents the tag to Cass. Devon tags in. Bubba rolls out of the way of another elbow drop but Devon executes a suplex.

Right hand by Devon. Bubba with quick jabs to Enzo. Enzo with a dropkick. Enzo crawls over to his corner and Cass gets the tag unloading on the Dudleys. The Dudleys with a neckbreaker to Cass. bubba goes to the top and Cass slams him to the mat. Big boot to Devon. Enzo tags in and goes to the top rope hitting the Rocket Launcher on Devon for the win

The winners of the match: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady


John Cena makes his return and cuts a promo about Memorial Day and says he is grateful to be home and it is on this day he honours those who paid the price to keep liberty intact. Liberty is freedom and freedom is their pulse. Freedom is what drives us and it is freedom that allows him to plant his two feet in the ring and proudly say he's back on Monday Night Raw. Butt that poses a new question. Does he still belong there? In his absence, a new era has arrived which means new names and new faces and they are thinking the same thing. His best days are behind him and they move up and he moves out. Cena says if the future is now then he's here to say the future must damn sure go through him

AJ Styles comes out to the ring. We get a split arena with chants of "Let's Go Cena/AJ Styles". Syles says he's been waiting for this moment for a long time. Cena says judging by the sound of it so has everyone else. Styles says Cena kind of got a bad rep and doesn't quite understand. He's seen what Cena's done in this ring and the things he's done outside of the arena are unheard. Styles and Cena shake hands

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walk out and challenge Cena and Styles. Cena prepares for a fight and Styles attacks Cena and it's a three on one attack. Anderson, Gallows and Styles stand over Cena giving the wolfpack sign before leaving. Styles returns to attack and they finally leave the ring as Styles shouts "You're welcome Raw"



Suplex by Natalya and Charlotte distracts Natalya as Dana turns the tables. Nearfall on Natalya. Clothesline by Natalya and Natalya goes for the sharpshooter. Charlotte climbs up on the apron and blasts Natalya. Dana from behind picks Natalya up and delivers the Michinoku Driver for the three count.

The winner of the match: Dana Brooke.

Post Match: Dana and Charlotte double teamm Natalya but Becky Lynch runs out as Natalya and Dana escape through the crowd

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler takes a look back at his match from Extreme Rules against Baron Corbin and JoJo says last week he challenged Corbin to a technical wrestling match. Ziggler says last week Corbin got the best of him but Corbinn hasn't seen the best from him



Corbin hits a low blow and the referee calls for the bell.

The winner of the match by disqualification: Baron Corbin

Post Match: Ziggler grabs the mic and says Dolph Ziggler has been disqualified and the loser is still Baron Corbin


Maryse introduces a Facebook Live video with The Miz

Backstage: Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio are arguing about tonight's main event



Del Rio unloads on Cesaro and executes a suplex. Cesaro with an uppercut and it's time for The Uppercut Express. Cesaro takes out Jericho and Owens.

Back in the ring, Cesaro attempts the Cesaro Swing but Del Rio counters sending Cesaro to the outside. Owens and Jericho attack Cesaro. Del Rio throws Cesaro back into the ring. Del Rio off the top rope floors Cesaro.

Cesaro caught in a chinlock gets to his feet fighting back. Tilt o whirl backbreaker by Del Rio. Owens and Del Rio double team Cesaro. Cesaro unloads with punches on Jericho. Jericho hits a dropkick. The fans start chanting "Stupid Idiot". Running enziguri to Cesaro. Cesaro blocks a suplex by Del Rio and delivers one of his own.

Sami Zayn tags in and takes out Owens. Zayn unloads on Del Rio. Jericho gets blasted off the apron. Crossbody on Del Rio. Del Rio avoids a Helluva Kick. Owens shoves Del Rio. Ambrose sends Jericho over the ropes. Zayn takes out Jericho Del Rio and Owens


Back from break, Owens and Zayn resumed their battles. Owens slammed Zayn hard to the mat, then delivered a running senton splash to the mid-section. Owens kicked Zayn hard in the back, then tagged in Del Rio. Del Rio promptly hung Zayn upside down in the corner and kicked him hard in the gut. Zayn’s really getting it here. Jericho then tagged in and choked Zayn in the ropes. “Stupid idiot” chant from the crowd, which Jericho soaked up.

Jericho promptly airballed an attack against the ropes, giving Zayn an opening. But, Jericho grabbed Zayn before he could make a tag. Jericho lit him up, but Zayn ducked a clothesline and nailed the Blue Thunder Bomb. Zayn made a desperation tag to Ambrose.

Ambrose came in hot with offense on Jericho, continuing their feud. Ambrose corner-clotheslined Jericho into a running bulldog for a two count. Ambrose teased Dirty Deeds, but Jericho blocked. Jericho tried the Lionsault, but Ambrose got his knees up. Ambrose then clotheslined Jericho over the top rope to the floor. Ambrose wanted a suicide dive, and he connected. Ambrose then smashed Owens into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Ambrose delivered a flying clothesline to Jericho, but Del Rio broke up a pin attempt. So, Ambrose tossed him to the outside. Rebound Lariat from Ambrose, but Jericho intercepted with a Codebreaker. Owens tagged himself in, though, and only got a two count. Jericho pushed Owens for screwing things up. Owens yelled back that his stupid move didn’t work.

Cesaro took advantage by smashing Owens, then putting Jericho in the Big Swing, but Del Rio kicked Cesaro in the head. But, Zayn smashed Del Rio with the Helluva Kick. But, Owens superkicked Zayn. But, Ambrose smashed Owens with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose pinned Owens for the win, reinforcing Dean as the fictional favorite to win MITB in three weeks.

The winners of the match: Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sami Zayn

Post Match: Ambrose, Cesaro, and Zayn stood tall in the ring. All three looked up at the MITB briefcase hanging above the ring, shrugging their shoulders to say it’s on now. Raw abruptly signed off six minutes past the top of the hour without much time allotted for the dust to settle after the main event.



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