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5/11/16 FULL NXT Breakdown And Analysis

5/11/16 FULL NXT Breakdown And Analysis



Finn Balor makes his return coming out in the opening segment. ‘ Thank you Finn chants’, Balor thanks the crowd. Balor then goes on to discuss how his matches with Samoa Joe could have went either way.

Suddenly, guitar noises can be hear. Out comes Elias Samson. Big boos from the crowd. Samson sings to Balor and then says Balor is nothing without the title. Big Pele Kick from Balor, which gets Samson down, Samson then escapes from the ring whilst Balor takes the guitar and throws it over the top rope onto Samson.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley speaks with Balor who says that he is going to focus all his attention on Samson tonight and then turn to Samoa Joe.



Gable and Skyler start the match. They exchange in some mat wrestling before Gable gets Skyler into an arm lock.  Tag made to Jordan from Gable who delivers a big drop kick to Skyler, Jordan watches as Skyler tags in Hollis. Tag made to Gable who delivers a double hip toss takedown with Jordan, Jordan then follows with a drop kick hitting Skyler off the apron.

Distraction from Skyler allows Hollis to gain advantage over Gable. Tag made to Hollis and then back again to Skyler who delivers a leg drop which leads to Gable kicking out at a 1 count. Gable delivers a belly to belly suplex and then makes the tag to Jordan, Jordan delivers a T-bone suplex to Skyler followed by a belly to belly suplex to Hollis.

Dash and Dawson aka the Revival come out and stare down Jordan and Gable. Jordan then delivers a spear to Hollis in the corner and makes the tag to Gable who delivers the Grand Amplitude. 1-2-3.

WINNERS – AMERICAN ALPHA. Good short match.

Post-Match : The Revival and American Alpha engage in a stare down with Jordan and Gable as Graves and Phillips note how the Revival are the number 1 contenders to the titles as they haven’t used their rematch clause.



Riley comes out first. Nakamura comes out second, huge pop. Btw if you’re someone who skips through entrances… please take your time to watch all of Nakamuras. This guy is just amazing.

Big ‘Nakamura’ chants from the full sail crowd. Riley and Nakamura both lock up but Riley shoves Nakamura into the corner and shoves his hand in Nakamuras face showing disrespect to the king of strong style.

Nakamura send Riley to the outside and then invites him to come in, Nakamura misses with a knee which allows Riley to hit a few chops followed by a drop kick. Riley then continues to slap Nakamura on the back of the head to continue showing disrespect. Riley then mocks Nakamura which gets Nakamura pissed. Nakamura hits multiple knees to Riley followed by forearms and stomps to Riley on the apron. ‘King of strong style ‘ chants.

Knee to the gut to riley which allows Nakamura to hit a knee to Riley’s mid-section whilst he’s hung on the top ropes. Nakamura then hits an Exploder suplex followed by the KINSHAAAAAAAAASHE. 1-2-3.

WINNER – SHINKSUKE NAKAMURA. Very quick ‘ squash ‘ match , Guess that’s the last time we ever see Alex Riley on TV since he’s been recently released.


Backstage segment showing Austin Aries talking to general manager William Regal. Black and murphy interrupt, Regal announces next week it will be Blake and Murphy vs Aries and a partner of his choice.



Bliss starts off with the early advantage. Ellering manages to get Bliss in a headlock but Ellering easily escapes. Roll up attempt from Ellering proves unsuccessful. Bliss takes advantage again hitting a forearm, failed cover attempt. Bliss continues to dominate by applying a lock to the arm of Ellering.

Ellering manages to connect with two right hands followed by a drop kick. Fireman carry attempt leads to Bliss breaking out. Bliss then takes Ellering down with the force of grabbing her throat. Bliss then hits a sparkle splash. 1-2-3.

WINNER – ALEXA BLISS. Meh. Nothing really special about that match.


Backstage interview with Bayley and Cathy Kelley. Nia Jax interrupts and states that she has become stronger whilst Bayley has become weaker. More back and forth talk between the pair.

Graves and Phillips note how GM regal has announced that next week on NXT, Bayley will be facing Jax.

Personally for me, I don’t see the hype around Nia Jax… her speaking doesn’t make me think she’s this monster heel shes being built as.


Samson out first, big boos for him. Balor out second, good pop, although not as big as Nakamuras earlier in the night.

Balor and Samson lock up. Back and forth mat wrestling between the two. Samson with the sunset flip trying to get into a pin but Balor reverses it and hits a drop kick on Samson. Samson rolls out the ring. We cut to a break.

Back from the break. Samson is in control as he hits multiple elbow drops to Balor. Samson then hits a suplex which Balor kicks out at 2. Balor finally gets control as he hits a forearm to the face. Balor then hits chops in each corner and he whips Samson from one corner to another. Balor then clotheslines Samson out of the ring and hits a kick to Sampson on the apron. Balor tosses Samson into the ring. Hits a slingblade following by a drop kick. Finn then hits one of his moves, the ‘1916’. 1-2-3.

WINNER – Finn Balor, good short match.

Post-Match:  Balor cuts a promo on Samoa Joe. Balor states how he wants a rematch and how he is obsessed with being the NXT champion. Balor then says he’s possessed like a demon who is stalking his prey.

Samoa Joe’s music hits. Joe walks out. Regal suddenly runs to the ring and announces that Balor will get his rematch against Joe at the next NXT Takeover. Joe states that Balor doesn’t deserve any of this. Balor then jumps over the rope and lands on Joe knocking him down. Balor grabs the title and says he is coming for it. Camera cut to Regal who looks pissed.


Overall Thoughts: Average show for me personally. Disagree? Comment below



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