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WWE Raw Results (5/9) Omaha, Nebraska

WWE Raw Results (5/9) Omaha, Nebraska


- Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler with the End Of Days

- R Truth def. Fandango with The Lie Detector

- Paige def. Charlotte with a roll up

- Sam Zayn def. Miz with a Helluva Kick

- Sin Cara def Rusev a roll up

- Roman Reigns won the six man elimination tag match

- Kevin Owens def. Zack Ryder

- Dudley Boyz def The New Day

- Big Cass vs Chris Jericho - No Match




Video: Confrontation between Roman Reigns/The Usos and Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and AJ Styles from last week's Raw

Raw Intro

Welcome to Monday Night Raw from Omaha, Nebraska. Tonight's main event will be a 6 man elimination tag team match with Roman Reigns and The Usos taking on KarlAnderson, Luke Gallows and AJ Styles

We kick things off with Chris Jericho making his way out to the ringfor the return of The Highlight Reel. Jericho walks out to the ring as we take a look at the brawl between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho from last week's Raw. Jericho says tonight's guest was supposed to be Dean Ambrose but isn't here because of him. Jericho says Ambrose won't be here tonight or in WWE for a long time because of him but has the next best thing right here and reveals the remains of Mitch the potted plant

Jericho says Ambrose did everything to entertain the fans but underestimated the force of nature, the tsunami known as Chris Jericho and now Ambrose is lying on a table waiting for someone to put hm back together but it's not going to happen. Tonight, Ambrose is in the hospital and throws to the JeriTron to show how the WWE Universe reacted

When Ambrose was lying in the hospital in St. Louis screaming in pain it was because of him and he can understand why the fans like Mitch. Mitch is more entertaining and has more value and he could glue it together and sell it at a flea market.

Jericho says he understands why fans relate to Ambrose. He's a loser like the WWE Universe. He can't relate because he is a superstar of superstars, he is Halley's Comet because a talent like him comes along once every 76 years

Big Cass interrupts. The crowd chants "How You Doin'" and Jericho tells the people to shut up. Cass says if Jericho ever hands himself to Cass asa  gift he better include the receipt because the second he receives it he turns around and returns it to the store.

Cass says he knows who Jericho is but the new era is about arriving and it's a warning and he has arrived and right now Jericho's standing in Cass' way and tells Jericho to get out of his way before he runs Jericho down. Jericho tells Cass to run and check how Enzo's doing. Cass says he's not running anywhere that's not how they do things in the new era. They fight and he and Jericho can fight right now

Jericho goes to say he's the best in the world at what he does but Cass cuts him off and says that may be so but Cass is seven feet tall and you can't teach that.. Jericho taunts Cass, takes his jacket off and leaves the ring. Cass says Jericho running proves there's only one word to describe him. S.A.W.F.T. Jericho runs back to the ring and Cass connects with a big boot.

Tonight: Charlotte vs Paige

Up Next: Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler


Backstage: Chris Jericho appeals to Stephanie about what just happened to him in the ring and Stephanie says tonight in the main event it'll be Chris Jericho vs Big Cass and prove he's not "SAWFT" and warns him to never again try to drive a wedge between her and Shane

Last Monday: Battle Royal for #1 Contender to the US Championship


Inset: Corbin says he's not a part of any era. He's part of the Baron Corbin era where he doesn't give a damn about anyone especially Dolph Ziggler

Waistlock by Ziggler, Corbin with an elbow and a right hand. Ziggler fights out of the corner forcing Corbin to retreat to the outside. Ziggler goes after Corbin and Corbin hits a knee to the ribs. Ziggler side steps Corbin who hits the barricade. Dropkick sends Corbin into the crowd and slides back into the ring as Raw goes to break


Back from break and Ziggler with a neckbreaker to Corbin. Ziggler misses the Famouser and a clubbing blow to the back of the neck by Corbin. Corbin with right hands to Ziggler.

Ziggler hits The Famouser on the second try. Corbin plants Ziggler.with the Deep Six and follows up with the End Of Days for the three count

The winner of the match: Baron Corbin

Tonight: Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match - Roman Reigns/The Usos vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows/AJ Styles


Backstage: Charlotte and Ric Flair walk into Shane's office and Charlotte talks about Stephanie not being nice by banning Flair from ringside at Extreme Rules. Shane says Stephanie's decision stands and Charlotte will have to learn to stand on her own two feet and Flair is banned from ringside tonight as well

Backstage: AJ Styles says last week he tried taking the high road by not using a chair but tonight he will do what he needs to do to win and tonight, The Club is back together


Fandango drops Truth. Truth with a hiptoss and Truth unloads with punches but Fandango dumps Truth over the top rope to the floor. Fandango throws Truth back in the ring and delivers a right hand. Chinlock by Fandango on Truth 

Truth with a right hand and Fandango connects with a dropkick. Fandango knocks Truth into Breeze who's standing on the apron. Truth rebounds and hits the lie detector for the three count

The winner of the match: R-Truth

Backstage: Kevin Owens is arguing over the Intercontinental Championship and Stephanie says to settle this it'll be a triple threat. Miz isn't happy saying he doesn't even have to be pinned to lose his championship, Sami Zayn walks in and asks for Shane to let Zayn earn his shot. Shane says Zayn has to earn it and he hasn't earned it yet. Zayn says that's fine let him face Miz finish what he started last week and if he wins then this triple threat becomes a fatal four way. Shane and Stephanie agree adn dismiss everyone



Paige with a takedown on Charlotte. Charlotte taking time to gloat and Paige connects with a boot. The match spills to the outside with Charlotte in control. Back in the ring, Charlotte unloads with kicks in the corner. Charlotte connects with a boot

Charlotte holding Paige in place working over the neck. Paige tries to fight back. Paige with a high running knee and a 2 count on Charlotte. Paige ducks a big boot and connects with a kick to the face. Paige runs into an elbow and Charlotte with a chop. Charlotte goes to the top rope but Paige cuts her off. Paige plants Charlotte on the top rope and delivers a headbutt following up with a superplex.

Charlotte with a roll up. Sunset flip but Charlotte holds her balance. Paige with a kick and Paige turns Charlotte over looking for the PTO but Charlotte reaches the bottom rope. Paige hits her head on the bottom turnbuckle. Charlotte tries for a pin with her legs on the rope but Natalya thwarts Charlotte's attempts. Paige from behind plants Paige and Ric Flair makes his way  out confronting Natalya

Charlotte hits a backbreaker on Paige and Shane comes out with referees and escorts Flair to the back. Paige with a roll up from behind for the three count

The winner of the match: Paige

Earlier Tonight: Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel

Tonight: Chris Jericho vs Big Cass

Tonight: Roman Reigns' Family vs The Club



Quick roll up by Zayn. Miz with a hammerlock and a wristlock as Miz reverses it.  Side headlock by Mix. Zayn with deep armdrags to Miz. Zayn with another roll up into a side headlock.

Dropkick to the Miz. Miz misses with a clothesline and Zayn sends Miz to the outside. Miz pulls Zayn to the outside. Miz whips Zayn into the barricade. Zayn springboards off the barricade hitting a moonsault and Miz gets thrown into the barricade. Miz gets dropped on the barricade as Raw goes to break


Back from break, Zayn unloads on Miz. Miz backdrops Zayn over the top rope and Zayn hits the ring steps on his way down. Zayn makes it back into the ring and Miz connects with a kick to the face.

Miz with a double axehandle from the top rope. Zayn fights the SCF. Miz with a DDT to Zayn. Zayn hits the Michinoku Drive. Zayn off the ropes, jumps through and Miz with a DDT. Zayn with and irish whip connecting with the Hellua Kick for the three count

The winner of the match: Sami Zayn

Backstage: Becky says what happened with the eye injury at Wrestlemania as an accident what Emma did last week was intentional and the next tme they meet she'll be in for a Lass Kicking. Emma walks in calling it a poor excuse and Becky's going to need eyes behind her head. Dana Brooke then attacks her


Backstage: Kevin Owens and on Zack Ryder appealing to Shane he deserves a shot at the Intercontinental Title. Shane says tonight if Ryder can beat Owens then he is in the match and Owens is out.



Rusev dominating with kicks in the corner. Rusev picks Sin Cara up and delivers a suplex. Fallaway Slam by Rusev. Rusev whips Sin Cara in the corner. Rusev runs into a boot. Tornado DDT by Sin Cara. Springboard off the ropes by Sin Cara. Rusev misses with a kick. Moonsault by Sin Cara. Sin Cara dives to the outside. Rusev connects with a big boot as Sin Cara goes for a senton. Kalisto on the apron for the distraction connects with a kick and Sin Cara rolls Rusev up from behind for the three count

The winner of the match: Sin Cara



Anderson and Jey Uso started things off. Anderson roughed up Jey, then Jey answered with a big dropkick. Tag to Reigns to boos. Reigns whipped his cousins into Anderson in the corner, then clotheslined Anderson to the mat. Jimmy covered for a two count. But, Anderson kicked Uso into The Club Corner to bring in Gallows. Tag to Styles, who walked across the ring to stare down Reigns before splashing Jimmy in the opposite corner.

The teams traded control before Gallows punched Jey in the mouth from the outside. Anderson then rolled up a stunned Uso from behind with a hook of the tights for a three count. Reigns yelled from across the ring that he saw that and it’s on now.

*** Jey Uso eliminated by Anderson at 2:39 ***

Reigns stepped forward to fight for his family next. Styles wanted Reigns, but Gallows decided he wanted to big man vs. big man. Gallows took uppercuts from Reigns, then Reigns knocked down Styles on the ring apron with a Superman Punch. Uso tagged in with a splash to Gallows, then enziguiri kick. He followed with a Rikishi butt splash, but Gallows no-sold and kicked Jimmy in the face.

Gallows tagged in Anderson, who cockily approached Jimmy. However, Anderson left himself open to be rolled up for a quick pin from Uso. Anderson flipped out after being eliminated while Reigns smiled at Karl getting his comeuppance for the first elimination. Raw cut to break with the match now two-on-two.

*** Anderson eliminated by Jimmy Uso at 4:44 ***


There was an elimination during the break, as A.J. Styles pinned Jimmy Uso with his springboard forearm finisher.

*** Jimmy Uso eliminated by Styles ***

It was Reigns against Styles and Gallows. Suddenly, Reigns smashed Gallows and pinned him for the next-to-last elimination, making it one-on-one.

*** Gallows eliminated by Reigns at 9:20 ***

As soon as the elimination went down, Styles charged Reigns and lit him up with rapid-fire offense. Styles smashed Reigns with a Pele Kick, rocking the champ into the ropes as the pro-Reigns fans shrieked. Styles then knocked Reigns to the floor before delivering a plancha. Styles wanted to give Reigns a taste of his own medicine clearing the announce table. However, Reigns cut off Styles and launched him over the table into the barricade.

Reigns angrily tossed the announcers’s office chairs aside, then measured Styles for a powerbomb through the table, but Karl Anderson smashed Reigns from behind with a steel chair. The ref called for the bell, DQ’ing Styles’s team.

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns

Post Match: The Usos stormed ringside to try to even the fight. But, Karl and Doc cleared The Usos from the ring. They didn’t see Reigns, though, who charged Gallows for a big spear. But, Anderson had a chair. Reigns speared Anderson anyways. Reigns picked up the chair, but Styles surprised him with a kick to the face. Styles was the last man standing. This time, Styles was going to use the chair after warning him. Big roar for a potential Styles Clash on the chair, but Reigns blocked and dumped Styles to the ring apron.

The calm. Reigns and Styles paused for a big stare down while also looking down at the chair resting in the middle of the ring. Styles contemplated a springboard move, then Reigns picked up the chair. He dropped the chair on the mat in front of Styles. Loud dueling chant of “A-J Styles / Roman Reigns.” Styles then kicked the chair toward Reigns, telling him to pick it up. Reigns picked it up as Styles looked for a springboard move, but Reigns ducked and Styles slid out of the ring. Styles yelled from the floor that it’s coming for him. He said they’ll end it in two weeks.

Reigns’s music played, then Reigns held up the WWE Title belt in the air. There was audio of pro-Reigns fans cheering and visual of non-Reigns/pro-Styles fans with thumbs downs in the background. Raw cut to break with a big stare down between Reigns and Styles.



Owens dominating early on. Owens goes for a pop up powerbomb but Ryder counters with a jackknife cover. Owens avoids a Ruff Ryder. Ryder goes for the broski boot but Owens slides to the outside. Ryder after him unloads with a right hand.

Ryder throws Owens back in. Ryder off the top rope with an elbow and a 2 count on Owens. Ruff Ryder countered as Owens hangs Ryder out over the top rope. Superkick to Ryder followed up with the pop up powerbomb by Owens for the three count

The winner of the match: Kevin Owens

Backstage: Cass says this is the biggest match of his life and he's dedicating it to Enzo Amore and with Enzo on the shelf things are going to go like this. Ba da boom, only guy standing in the room


Inset: Vaudevillains say New Day's words are a poison in the WWE and at Extreme Rules they will turn the clocks back to a better day when championships were earned

New Day says in 2 weeks they will face Vaudevillains for their WWE Tag Team Championships and in this Extreme Match they will use the extreme power of the booty


The match was joined in progress with The Dudleys in control. Kofi finally cut off Bubba and tagged in Big E., who delivered a big running splash to Bubba. Kofi tagged in and collided with Bubba, which led to Devon tagging in. Devon lost control, then New Day did the stampede on Devon.

Suddenly, The Vaudevillians charged ringside to attack Xavier Woods. Chaos broke out ringside with Bubba taking out Big E. Chaos spilled back into the ring, where Devon eventually ended Kofi with a smashing lariat. Devon pinned Kofi for the win.

The winners of the match: The Dudley Boyz

Post Match: The Vaudevillians attacked Kofi Kingston in the ring. Whirling Dervish for Kofi as the other New Day members sold on the floor. Aiden played to the crowd as Gotch looked lost. The Vaudes eventually hit the ramp to make the imaginary belt-around-the-waist motion.



Big Cass comes out first. Jericho is out next but is attacked and his jacket is stolen. The lights come on revealing Dean Ambrose standing in the ring. Ambros takes the jacket off and rips it to shreds as Jericho throws a tantrum on stage. Jericho rushes down to ringside and Cass stands in his way. Jericho yells at Cass to get out of his way and slaps Cass. Cass grabs Jericho and throws him into the barricade then back into the ring where Ambrose lays Jericho out with the Dirty Deeds.

Cut to backstage where Shane and Stephanie are looking on. Shane makes a bad joke and   then leaves to take a phone call.Stephanie takes the picture of Vince and Shane and looks at it as we cut back to the arena where Ambrose is still celebrating as Raw goes off the air




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