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WWE Raw Results (4/25) Hartford, Connecticut

WWE Raw Results (4/25) Hartford, Connecticut



- AJ Styles def. Sheamus

- Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows def. The Usos

- Sami Zayn def. Rusev

- Apollo Crews def. Stardust

- Baron Corbin vs Damien Sandow - None

- Roman Reigns def. Alberto Del Rio




In Memory Of Joanie "Chyna" Laurer

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Video: Last week's WWE Raw from London,  England

WWE Raw Intro

Welcome to Monday Night Raw and this week Raw is coming to us from Hartford, Connecticut and we kick things off with Shane McMahon walking out to the ring. Shane has the mic and says he's still here because of the fans. WWE Payback is this Sunday and is the first pay per view of a new era here in WWE. He welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw and gives a shout out to Hartford. Shane says they're going to have fun tonight with new faces and new match ups

Shane, however, is interrupted by Stephanie McMahon making her way out to the ring. Stephanie calls Hartford tough and politicians beating down lines. She should know because she was born right here in Hartford and these are her people. Shane says it's not surprising that Stephanie can take the air out of the room.

Stephanie says Shane should recognize her importance because the city could recognize Hartford's favourite daughter with a statue but that's not why she's out here. She's here to inform Shane that tonight will be his last night running Raw because this Sunday Vince McMahon will decide once and for all who will be running Raw. Shane then polls the crowd

Stephanie says fortunately they're father would not be foolish enough to put the decision in the hands of the people. Shane says it's about time Stephanie goes on her way and asks Hartford's favourite daughter to leave but Stephanie says she's not going anywhere. Shane says Sunday whatever the decision is it is but since tonight's he's still in charge he's going to have her escorted out of the building and calls for security to come down to the ring.

Shane asks Stephanie to leave "their" ring. Stephanie throws down the mic and exits the ring.as the crowd starts singing "Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye". Security put their hands on Stephanie and Stephanie slaps one of the officers and they forcefullly escort her out as she yells that Shane is going to pay for this. Shane then introduces AJ Styles who comes out to the ring for the first match up of the evening

Up Next: AJ Styles vs Sheamus



The main talking point for the announcers was Styles earning a WWE Title shot quicker than anyone else in WWE history. Cole also referenced Styles’s buddies from New Japan, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows, showing up in WWE. Will they help Styles at Payback? Meanwhile, in the ring, Styles controlled early on. Styles pounded Sheamus in the corner, then took his time walking up to Sheamus to follow up, allowing Sheamus to kick him hard in the chest.

Styles ended up with a giant red mark on his chest from where Sheamus kicked him. Styles then knocked Sheamus out of the ring and went for a back-flip splash, but Sheamus ducked. Sheamus then tossed Styles into the ring steps to take control heading to break


Back from break, Styles and Sheamus were in the ring. Styles broke free of a chinlock with forearm strikes to the chin, but Sheamus responded with consecutive Irish Curse backbreakers. Sheamus, sporting a Playoffs-quality unkept beard after two weeks in Europe, gloated about his success at this point in the match.

Sheamus took Styles to the top turnbuckle looking for a big move, but Styles elbowed Sheamus’s back before sending him crashing to the mat. Both men sold the effects after landing hard on the mat. Styles and Sheamus came to their feet with hard blows back and forth. Sheamus seemed a bit loopy as Styles lit him up with hard strikes. Just a very physical match-up here.

Styles dragged Sheamus out of the corner looking for a DVD, but Sheamus escaped and nailed a powerslam for a two count. Sheamus wanted the Texas Cloveleaf, but Styles escaped to his feet and hit the Pele Kick to the shoulder. Styles followed with repeated forearm blows before trying the Clash, but Sheamus blocked and clotheslined Styles for a two count. Sheamus immediately went back to the Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring, but Styles crawled across the ring to reach the bottom rope for a break.

At 14:00, Sheamus pounded Styles with kicks to the back. Sheamus tried a Brogue Kick, but Styles ducked and caught Sheamus’s right leg in the ropes. Styles then sprung on Sheamus with the Phenomenal Forearm to the face. Styles covered Sheamus for the win. Cole said Styles is ready for Roman Reigns on Sunday.

The winner of the match: AJ Styles

Post Match:, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walked out on-stage dressed in sharp-looking long white ring jackets. Karl and Doc applauded Styles before WWE replayed the finish of Styles-Sheamus.

Backstage: Roman Reigns was watching the happenings on a TV monitor. The crowd booed his appearance on the big screen. The Usos then walked in and told Reigns that it’s clear what’s going on. Reigns mumbled that it looks like Styles, Karl, and Anderson are together, prompting a “We Can’t Hear You” chant from the live crowd. Reigns talked about them working together, which The Usos liked.

In-ring: WWE tag champions New Day were introduced to the ring for the next segment.


Back from break, New Day is in the ring and Xavier Woods says the #1 Contender Tag Team Tournament is off to a huge success and of course is sponsored by Booty O's and at Payback they will all put respect on the name of the new #1 Contenders for the WWE World Tag Team Championships and that team at Payback will party like it's 1999

The Vaudevillains then come out and Aiden English says when The Vaudevillains become the #1 Contenders to the WWE World Tag Team Championships, they're going to party like it's 1899 because they represent the values of a bygone era and at Payback when they defeat Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady they will stand atop the WWE

Enzo and Cass come out and say The Vaudevillains want to become the WWE Tag Team Champions but that's impossible. Cass says only one team is going to be the next tag team champions and it's going to be he and Enzo. New Day say they can feel the tension but after it's over they're still going to be the tag team champions because New Day Rocks

Backstage: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows leave AJ Styles' locker room and make their way out to the ring


Back from break they show the tweet John Cena sent out regarding his impending return to Monday Night Raw


Anderson and Gallows taking turns working over Jey Uso. Anderson works over the arm but Jey counters with a right hand. Irish whip reversed by Anderson who floors Jey. Gallows in with a kick to Jey and body shots in the corner.

Elbow drops by Gallows. Anderson with an elbow across the throat. Anderson the legal man in the ring now continuing to work over the arm. Jey looking for a tag but Anderson pulls him back yanking on the injured shoulder. Gallows and Jey trading right hands and Gallows has Jey tied up in the ropes before the referee forces a break.  Jey trying to fight back but Anderson sits him on the top rope. Jey with elbows to Gallows and Gallows
shoves Jey off the top rope sending him crashing shoulder first into the barricade as Raw goes to break


Samoan Drop by Jey, Jey sets up for the backsplash but Anderson explodes with a clothesline. Jimmy in now and Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer for the three count

The winners of the match: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Post Match: The de-construction of The Usos continue until Roman Reigns runs out for the rescue


Backstage: AJ Styles says Sunday is the biggest opportunity of his life but before he can continue, Anderson and Gallows walk in and say they won't do anything to interfere with Styles' match Sunday they're just here to make sure it's a fair fight because Roman Reigns and The Usos will do whatever it takes to hold onto the WWE Championship

Video: History between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


Rusev dominated Zayn early on as the crowd chanted Lana’s name. Zayn came back with a head scissors sending Rusev flying into the corner. Zayn then wrestled Rusev down to the mat with a headlock, which Rusev countered. Meanwhile, the announcers casually brought up Samoa Joe winning the NXT Title over the weekend.

Rusev found himself on the floor and Zayn went for a big splash, but Rusev caught him in mid-air and slammed him. Rusev tried to shoot Zayn into the guardrail, but Zayn ran onto the guardrail and back-flipped onto Rusev, displaying his athleticism.

Back in the ring, Rusev ran over Zayn with a flying heel kick to take down his opponent. Rusev then put Zayn on the top rope and kicked him in the head. Zayn crumbled to the floor heading to break.


Back from break, Rusev was controlling Zayn in the ring. Rusev thought he had Zayn done, but Zayn fired back with an emphatic clothesline. Zayn followed with another big clothesline, then fired himself up. Zayn climbed to the top turnbuckle and nailed a flying cross-body splash for a close two count.

Zayn wanted the Blue Thunder Bomb on the big man, but Rusev blocked and slammed Zayn for a two count. Rusev followed with a big ol’ leaping superkick, but Zayn rolled a shoulder just before three to escape a pin. Rusev, angered, vowed to crush Zayn. Rusev pounded Zayn’s back, then cockily smiled, and went for The Accolade, but Zayn slipped underneath and rolled up Rusev for a quick three count.

The winner of the match: Sami Zayn

Post Match:, Zayn high-tailed it out of the ring as Lana took off her shoes and chucked them at Zayn, who avoided the flying objects. Zayn raised his arm in the air as Rusev seethed in the ring. Suddenly, Kevin Owens came out of nowhere to blast Zayn from behind. Zayn crashed down on the entrance ramp after taking the impact, then Owens stood over Zayn to establish his dominance…until Payback?

Backstage: Renee Young brought in Apollo Crews to discuss standing out in the ring. He said he can do things in the ring that no one else can do. Suddenly, Stardust jumped in to interrupt. He addressed him as Cody, prompting Stardust to freak out and twitch. Crews said his dad, Dusty Rhodes, influenced him so much. Stardust said not even the great Dusty Rhodes can make Apollo a star.


Sports Centre plug with special guests The Dudley Boyz


Side headlock by Crews. Irish whip by Stardust and shoulderblock by Crews. Crews with a dropkick. Crews hooks Stardust up for a suplex but Stardust counters sending Crews to the apron. Stardust with a neckbreaker. Right hand by Stardust. Irish whip by Stardust and a knee to the midsection

Snapmare by Stardust and Stardust goes to work on the arm. Sunset flip countered by Stardust who sits on Crews for a 2 count. Crews with a big slash in the corner. Leaping elbow to Stardust. Crews with a standing moonsault. Waistlock by Crews, Stardust with an elbow. Enziguri to Crews but Crews picks Stardust up hitting the sit out powerbomb for the three count

The winner of the match: Apollo Crews

Backstage: Dean Ambrose is making his way out to the ring


Ambrose comes out to the ring as we take a look back at Ambrose vs Owens from last week. Ambrose says tonight he was supposed to host an edition of the Asylum but tonight there'd be no edition of The Asylum. He was laid out last week so he's not in the mood for fun. This Sunday, he faces Chris Jericho and Jericho loves to say he's the best in the world at what he does a lot. And he's made a pretty good case for himself over the past month but Ambrose is pretty good

Jericho likes to talk about respect but Ambrose comes out and fights for respect every night. He doesn't complain and Jericho talks about what he's going to do but Ambrose just comes out and does it and tells Jericho to light up his scarf and stupid Christmas tree jacket and come out to the ring

Jericho walks out to the ring and calls Ambrose a disrespectful stupid idiot. He says how dare Ambrose calls him out and says he wouldn't  waste his time fighting Ambrose in a dump like Hartford.  Jericho says Ambrose seems to have forgotten who he's dealing with. He doesn't say he is the best in the world at what he does, he is the best in the world at what he does. He elevates matches and commands respect and Ambrose should be thanking him because being in the ring with Jericho puts Ambrose on a whole other level

Jericho tells Ambrose to get down on his knees and kiss his boots but then re-thinks it and demands that Ambrose apologize to him for disrespecting Jericho and stealing the Highlight Reel. He orders Ambrose to apologize or he'll be very sorry.

Ambrose says he's sorry Jericho paid so much for his stupid ass boots, he walks around with a scarf and his Bon Jovi hairdo and he's sorry he has to beat Jericho Sunday but not sorry for what he's about to do and Ambrose attacks Jericho but Jericho drops Ambrose face first onto the monitor on the announce table and locks in The Walls Of Jericho on the announce table

Earlier Tonight: Shane-Stephanie segment



Waistlock takedown by Natalya. Emma turns it around into a hammerlock. Fireman's carry by Natalya. Natalya with a waistlock and Emma connects with an elbow and slides out of the ring. Natalya goes to the outside and Emma drops Natalya on the outside.

Back in the ring, Emma has a full nelson applied on Natalya while slamming her head into the turnbuckle. Emma with a clothesline. Natalya turns it around locking in the Sharpshooter and Emma taps out

The winner of the match by submission: Natalya

Video: Tribute to Joanie "Chyna" Laurer



Sandow is in the ring as we take a look at Baron Corbin's attack on Dolph Ziggler this past Thursday on Smackdown. Corbin comes out and Ziggler attacks from behind as referees run out to break things up

No Match

Tonight: Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio


Promo; Primo and Epico


Maryse welcomes everyone to MizTV and Miz says this Sunday at Payback he will defend his intercontinental championship against Cesaro and it's come to his attention that on social media people are saying Cesaro will beat him which apalls him because people don't see the benefit in him continuing to be their intercontnental championship

Miz says if people understand one thing it is that the intercontinental championship is legendary and the greatest competitors in history have held the title high including The Miz. He calls the people mindless wanderers but not follow the crowd because they're better than sitting there writing on a piece fo paper with a sharpie. He compares what the Miz section looks like compared to what the Cesaro section looks like

Cesaro walks out and asks if Miz just asked the WWE Universe to root for him because they're far more educated than that. Miz then pulls out his best Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci impressions. Cesaro says the only movie Miz belongs in is Jackass. But Miz is right about one thing, the Intercontinental Championship IS legendary and some of the greatest competitors did hold it and this Sunday he's going to make sure credits roll on Miz. Miz and Cesaro then both pull out their best Clint Eastwood impressions

Miz and Maryse go to leave, Miz then steps back in and Cesaro drops him. Cesaro then sets up for the Cesaro Swing but Maryse throws herself over Miz. Cesaro picks up the intercontinental championship and goes to leave but lets it fall on Miz before exiting

Backstage: Roman Reigns runs into AJ Styles who says at Payback he's taking Reigns' title. Reigns says Styles must have been listening to Gallows and Anderson



Side headlock by Reigns and a shoulder tackle to Del Rio. Del Rio with a kick and right hand. Reigns with his own right hand. Irish whip across the ring and Reigns connects with a forearm. Another irish whip by Reigns and Del Rio sends him over the ropes. Headbutt by Reigns and Del Rio connects with an enziguri sending Reigns crashing to the floor as Raw goes to break


Back from break and Del Rio has a chinlock applied on Reigns keeping him grounded.  Reigns breaks the hold and Del Rio connects with a kick to the back. Right hands by Del Rio. Reigns with a right hand but Del Rio goes back to the kicks.

Reigns with a series of headbutts but Del Rio counters with a DDT. Del Rio misses with the superkick. Del Rio counters a Samoan Drop but Reigns unloads with clotheslines

Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch but Del Rio slides out of the way. Reigns hits the Drive By sending Del Rio into the ringpost. Del Rio is rolled back into the ring..

Del Rio with a kick to the lleg. The superkick to Reigns by Del Rio. Reigns caught in the tree of woe and Del Rio from the top rope. Reigns avoids the stomp to the gut but Del Rio stil in the match. Reigns counters the cross armbreaker and connects with the Superman Punch.

Anderson and Gallows walk out and Del Rio with a roll up from behind but could only get a two count. Reigns counters another Del Rio attack and hits a spear for the three count

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns

Post Match: Anderson and Gallows attack Reigns but Styles runs down and breaks it up. Anderson and Gallows leave the ring and Reigns hits Styles with a Superman Punch. Superman Punch to Gallows, Anderson is sent to the outside and Styles hits a forearm from the top rope



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