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WWE NXT Results 4/20

WWE NXT Results 4/20

Welcome to live and ongoing results for the 20th April 2016 episode of NXT. These matches were filmed in front of a crowd at WrestleMania Axxess in Dallas, Texas. 

Advertised from last weeks show and taking place tonight, are Apollo Crews vs Samoa Joe and Enzo and Cass vs American Alpha.

The latter of those two matches will kick us off. Enzo and Cass are out first and do their usual 'How you doin?' and 'S-A-W-F-T' before their opponents come out. They are joined by Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, the NXT Tag Team Champions, American Alpha.

Enzo and Big Cass vs American Alpha 

Enzo and Gable start things off. Gable takes down Enzo straight away and they roll about on the mat. After they lock up for a bit, Jordan is tagged in and he keeps Amore grounded. Lots of quick tags from the champs without hitting any big moves. The pair are working on the arm of Enzo as they aim to keep him from his partner, but he eventually sneaks out of a hold to tag in Big Cass. Amore and Cass in control now. Cass lifts up Enzo and slams him onto Gable. Gable is in the corner now and Enzo charges at him; Cass lifts him up and throws him onto Gable which adds to his momentum. Big Splash from Cass now onto Gable who can't get the hot tag he requires. Cass lifts one half of the champions up above his head and drops him. Gable dives out of the way of a splash and gets the tag to Jordan. He does his usual thing and clears house with spears, suplexes and clotheslines. He eventually tags in Gable and the two hit their double team finisher for the win.

Winners: American Alpha

Alexander Wolfe vs No Way Jose

No Way Jose is behind the promos behind the same name that have been airing on NXT recently. Jose dances around the ring before they lock up. He continues to dance when they do lock up as well. He lifts Wolfe onto his back and does an airplane spin. He stops halfway but says he's fine and carries on. The fans seem to be buying into the gimmick. After Wolfe wears down NWJ for a short period, Jose gets the win a 'Fastball' which was just a right hand.

Winner: No Way Jose

Backstage, NXT GM tells Elias Sampson will be facing Nakamura next week.

Nia Jax vs Deonna Purrazzo

Jax immediately dominates from the off, throwing her opponent around easily and hitting a shoulderbreaker. Elbows from Jax to a grounded Purrazzo. Samoan Drop from Jax followed by a leg drop for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax

Asuka vs Eva Marie is advertised for next week to go along with Shinsuke Nakamura vs Elias Sampson. As for this week, it's main event time.

Samoa Joe vs Apollo Crews

They lock up and after some back and forth, Joe takes control with some chops to chest and headbutts. He bounces off the ropes but Crews ducks and then jumps over him before connecting with a dropkick. Joe gets crews in the corner and runs into him, then hits an enziguri. He kicks Crews as he tries to get back up and forces him into the corner. Crews nearly fights out and goes to run at Joe, but only runs into him and Apollo ends up on his back. Joe is starting to dominate after wearing down Crews and hits a running senton onto his opponent. Joe is trying to go for a suplex but it's blocked and Apollo hits one of his own. Crews throws his opponent into corners of the ring, splashing into him in each. He grounds Joe and connects with his standing moonsault but for a 2 count. Joe catches Apollo out of nowhere with a Powerslam but doesn't quite score the pinfall. Both men are back on their feet and going punch for punch. Joe runs into a big boot. Apollo tries to hit his Spinning Powerbomb, but he can't connect. Joe plants him in the corner and then locks in the Coquina Clutch which forces Apollo to tap. 

Winner: Samoe Joe

NXT goes off the air with Joe standing tall in the ring and commentators saying that he still has the NXT Title in his sights.


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