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WWE Raw Results (4/11) Los Angeles, California

WWE Raw Results (4/11) Los Angeles, California


- Cesaro def. Kevin Owens

- Dudley Boyz def. Lucha Dragons

- Natalya def. Charlotte by DQ

- The Usos def. The Social Outcasts (Heath Slater and Curtis Axel)

- AJ Styles def. Sami Zayn

- Apollo Crews def. Adam Rose

- Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt def Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus



Welcome to Monday Night Raw and we kick things off with Shane McMahon coming out to the ring.  Shane says Vince let him run Raw for his own amusement and he must be amused because Shane's back tonight but it's really because of all the support from the WWE Universe

Shane says he's going to continue where he started with new superstars and new opportunities. Tonight, Natalya will face Charlotte for the WWE Women's Championship. And also starting tonight will be a tag team tournament and the winning team will face New Day. And AJ Styles won a fatal four way and will face Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship.

However, an opportunity was squandered last week with Sami Zayn and so tonight Sami Zayn faces AJ Styles and if Zayn wins then in 3 weeks time it will be Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns in a triple threat for the WWE Championship

Kevin Owens walks out and says tonight may be Shane McMahon's last night in charge because if he thinks Zayn deserves a title shot then he must have knocked a screw loose jumping off the cell and says he's been screwed over. Shane says it's Owens who screwed Zayn over and he's had opportunities and last week he lost. Owens says he was robbed at KO Mania just like he was robbed last Monday night because he wasn't pinned so that wasn't fair and what else isn't fair is not receiving his rematch for the Intercontinental Title and he's ready to fight and in the ring and demands his match tonight.

Shane says that's not how it works. Owens has to earn it and tonight he will do that by facing Cesaro and the winner will go on to face Miz for the Intercontinental Championship and since Owens is ready, Shane's ready and the WWE Universe so that match is up next

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Cesaro goes after Owens at the bell but Owens finds the safety of the ropes forcing Cesaro to back up. Waistlock by Cesaro and Owens escapes to the outside as Miz and Maryse look on from the back

Owens steps back in and locks up with Cesaro. Side headlock takedown by Cesaro.  Right hand by Cesaro and Owens with a side headlock of his own. Cesaro counters into headlocks of his own frustrating Owens who slides to the outside. Owens back in with chops to Cesaro and Cesaro delivers an uppercut. Owens on the apron goes after the injured shoulder and Owens works the shoulder as Cesaro goes to the outside.

Owens rams Cesaro shoulder first into the ring post. Kicks to Cesaro's shoulder and a nearfall by Owens. Owens has the arm locked up as he applies pressure to the injured shoulder. Cesaro back to his feet delivers right hands and Owens goes back to work on the arm and shoulder

Cesaro back to his feet with another series of right hands. Owens with a headbutt. Owens whipped into the corner and Cesaro hits an uppercut. Owens with a kick to the shoulder. Owens whips Cesaro in the corner. Owens misses with an uppercut and Cesaro with the Uppercut Train to Owens. Dropkick floors Owens and a nearfall by Cesaro.

Cesaro looking for the big swing but Owens kicks him away. Owens throws Cesaro shoulder first into the ring post sending him to the outside as Raw goes to break

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Back from break and we take a look at action that took place during the break with Cesaro delivering a superplex from the top rope. Uppercut exchange between Owens and Cesaro. Owens misses with a right hand. Another Cesaro Swing attempt countered by Owens. Cesaro with a double stomp on Owens and another nearfall.

Irish whip reversed by Owens and Owens runs into a boot. Cesaro from the top rope with a crossbody. Owens rolls through and applies the Crossface on Cesaro. Cesaro tries to counter but Owens holds on and Cesaro nowhere near the ropes. Cesaro counters and turns it around into The Sharpshooter. Owens makes his way to the ropes forcing the breaks. Owens goes to the top rope and hits the frogsplash

Cesaro counters the pop up powerbomb and connects with a springboard uppercut. Cesaro not able to execute the Cesaro Swing and Cesaro counters the pop up powerbomb, rolls through and hits The Neutralizer for the three count

The winner of the match: Cesaro

Video: Last Monday's crowning of the new WWE Women's Champion, Charlotte

Backstage: Charlotte is asking Ric Flair why she's always the victim and says she won the Women's Championship 8 days ago and should be on Legends with JBL instead of defending her title tonight. Flair doesn't know who to be disgusted with more Natalya or Shane and if The Authority was in charge, Charlotte would be on vacation right now. Enter Dr. Phil who says he's proud of Charlotte and talks about this bond they have but now he's holding Charlotte back and asks Charlotte what the deal is with letting Flair drag her down and she needs to stand on her own two feet instead of leaning on Flair. Dr. Phil calls Charlotte a victimizer and says to quit cheating letting Flair corrupt her

Backstage: Kevin Owens is complaining to Shane about being screwed over again and threatens Shane. Shane says Owens doesn't threaten him and he's not going to screw Sami Zayn over again the way he did last week so he's going to have Owens escorted out of the building.

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New Day come out to the ring and cut a promo on the tag team tournament that begins tonight and it's time to say goodby to March Madness and hello to the #1 contender Tag Team Tournament brought to you by Booty O's and these teams will compete for the opportunity of a lifetime that willl live on the WWE Network and will have the chance to dethrone the New Day and this tournament begins right now.

The Lucha Dragons make their way out for the first match in the tournament

1st Round - #1 Contenders' Tag Team Tournament: LUCHA DRAGONS VS THE DUDLEY BOYZ

-Commercial 8:44pm-

Dudleys came out during the break and attacked the Lucha Dragons laying them out. D-Von with a slam to Kalisto working over the neck. Kalisto firing back with chops. D-Von with an elbow and Bubba in working over Sin Cara. Sin Cara fighting back taking Bubba out and Sin Cara back to work on D-Von. Bubba tags in and The Dudleys deliver the Dudley Death Drop for the three count

The winners of the match: The Dudley Boyz

Post Match: Enzo and Big Cass come out and cut their usual promo but Bubba cuts Enzo off and tells them they need to shut their mouth just as the WWE Universe need to do and says they're The Dudley Boyz and paved the way for teams like Enzo and Cass. D-Von says Enzo and Cass are not the best and the only reason they're here is because of The Dudleys. Cass says if The Dudleys paved the way they need to step to the side of the road because he and Enzo are coming through like jackhammers and for The Dudleys to put their helmets back on and get back to work and calls them SAWFT

Up Next: We hear from WWE Champion Roman Reigns

-Commercial 8:55pm-

Roman Reigns comes out and says he's not a good guy, not a bad guy but THE guy and at Payback he defends against AJ Styles if Styles can beat Sami Zayn tonight and he plans on staying champion. League Of Nations comes out and Sheamus says Reigns seems confident but how confident would he be if he had to face a member of League Of Nations at Payback. Sheamus says whether Reigns is nervous or not he should be scared. Last week they eliminated King Barrett and they're not happy about being left out of the #1 Contenders Match

Rusev says Reigns is the guy but Rusev is a man. He's stronger and better looking and should be the face of the WWE. Reigns calls Rusev the ass of the WWE. Rusev starts walking down to the ring but Sheamus stops him and Alberto Del Rio says any one of them could kick Reigns' ass. Reigns agrees all three should come down and get their asses whupped

The lights go out and The Wyatts are in the ring and clear the ring of The League. They then turn their focus to Reigns. Shane comes out and says he never thought he'd see Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns fighting side by side and is going to be a little selfish and wants to see more of that so tonight.two members of League Of Nations will take on Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt in the main event

Up Next: WWE Women's Championship - Natalya vs Charlotte

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Dr. Phil makes his way down to ringside. Out first is the challenger, Natalya. Next Charlotte makes her way out accompanied by Ric Flair.

Natalya and Charlotte lock up and Natalya with a front facelock on Charlotte but Charlotte with a waistlock. Reversal by Natalya and Charlotte backs her in the corner breaking the hold.

Single leg takedown by Natalya and Charlotte kicks her away. Natalya with a body scissors and Charlotte plants Natalya with a spinebuster and forearms to the jaw. Natalya works over the leg and Charlotte slides to the outside. Natalya pulls Charlotte's leg out from under her and the champion falls face first to the mat. Natalya with a dropkick and Charlotte back to the outside. Charlotte with a neckbreaker and Charlotte drops a knee across the shoulder as Raw goes to break


Back from break, Charlotte with a figure four headlock on Natalya. Natalya breaks the hold and goes for the armbar. Charlotte with the figure four locked in and Natalya reverses it but Charlotte makes it to the ropes. Charlotte locks the Sharpshooter in on Natalya.

Natalya rolls through and kicks out of it. Charlotte with chops and Natalya unloads with right hands. German suplex by Natalya. Natalya counters a second german suplex. Natalya connects with the discus clothesline. Natalya looks to lock in The Sharpshooter. Charlotte with a roll up for a nearfall.

Charlotte with a suplex to Natalya. Charlotte goes to the top rope and misses with the moonsault. Charlotte locks The Sharpshooter in and Ric Flair reaches in pulling the referee out of the ring. The referee calls for the bell and gives the win to Natalya. However, Charlotte still holds on to the championship

The winner of the match by disqualification: Natalya

Backstage: Sami Zayn says he's spent his entire life preparing for this opportunity and Kevin Owens tried to take that away from him by powerbombing him through a table but two things got him this far, heart and soul and he didn't come this far to lose. AJ Styles walks in to remind him that Styles is the #1 Contender

-Commercial 9:34pm-

Jimmy Uso is backed into the corner by Axel but quickly turns things around and it's The Usos in control. Irish whip to Jey by Axel and a running knee connects as Axel puts the boots to Jey. Heath Slater in with a suplex Slater stomping away on Jey and Axel tags in

The Outcasts still in control and Jey needs to tag out to his partner. At ringside, Dallas and Rose are skipping around the ring celebrating. Jimmy tags in and pick up the three count with a roll up

The winners of the match: The Usos

Post Match: The Usos are attacked by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Referees warn Gallows and Anderson to leave and they exit through the crowd

Tonight: Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt vs Sheaus and Alberto Del Rio

-Commercial 9:44pm-

Moments Ago: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attack on The Usos laying them out with The Magic Killer

Earlier Tonight: Kevin Owens vs Cesaro to determine the #1 Contender for Miz' Intercontinental Championship

Backstage: Maryse is complaining about the M&M's and the water and tells the camera guy to do his job right. JoJo then walks in to interview Miz but Maryse says no one invited her and she is so sick of groupies stalking her husband. Miz then says as far as the Swiss Superman goes, he's Cesaro's Kryptonite. Cesaro walks in and says he just stopped by to see the leading man he'll be taking the Intercontinental Championship role from and for Miz not to worry he'll roll out the red carpet at Payback

Up Next: AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn

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Test of strength to start out this match and Styles goes to work on the arm. Styles and Zayn exchange side headlock takedowns. Back to the test of strength and Zayn with a roll up for count of 2.  Zayn and Styles lock up and Zayn goes to work on the arm

Styles turns it into a wristlock and Zayn with a counter. Irish whip by Styles and Zayn with deep armdrags into an armbar. Styles backs Zayn into the corner.

Styles plants Zayn. Zayn backs Styles into the corner again and delivers a chop. Side headlock by Zayn. Irish whip and leap frog by Styles, Styles connects with a dropkick. Styles with chops of his own. Suplex by Styles and kick out by Zayn at 1. Styles with a chinlock. Zayn to his feet tries to figth back and Styles sends Zayn to the outside. Knee to the side of the face

Styles sends Zayn back into the ring. Zayn sends Styles back to the outside. Zayn flies over the top rope taking out Styles as Raw goes to break

-Commercial 10:08pm-

Styles with a chinlock keeping Zayn grounded. Zayn back to his feet fighting back. Quick strikes by Styles and running forearm followed up with a big splash. Pumphandle by Styles to Zayn

Knee to the back of the neck by Styles. Styles looking for the Styles Clash but Zayn counters it into a small package. Styles plants Zayn on the top rope. Zayn with a crossbody. DDT by Zayn, Styles with a pele kick

Zayn with a Blue Thunder Bomb but Styles kicks out after 2. Styles locks in the Calf Killer. and Zayn reaches for the bottom rope forcing the break.  Styles to the top rope, Zayn with a forearm. Zayn hooks Styles up for a superplex but Styles blocks it. Sunset flip by Styles and Zayn lands on his feet kicking Styles in the face. Helluva Kick countered by Styles who connects with the Phenomenal Forearm for the three count

The winner of the match: AJ Styles

Up Next: Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel

-Commercial 10:18pm-

Backstage: Sami Zayn and AJ Styles are talking about their match and Shane McMahon walks in thanking both for their performance calling it awesome


Jericho comes out and tells everyone to shut up and listen to what he has to say. He calls The Highlight Reel the biggest of all time and he has a special guest and that guest is himself. Jericho then asks himself a series of questions the first being to what does he owe his success and says he owes it to himself because he is the best in the world at what he does and gives everyone the chance to bask in his glory as he gives everyone the gift of Jericho

Who else could beat Stone Cold and The Rock in the same night to become the first undisputed World Champion as well as AJ Styles and no one can touch him. Dean Ambrose then comes out carrying a potted plant. and gives Jericho a memo from Shane McMahon saying the highlight reel has been cancelled and replaced by The Ambrose Asylum,

Ambrose introduces his first guest Chris Jericho. Ambrose asks Jericho what's up with the scarf. Jericho says first of all the scarf costs $750 and 2nd he's interrupting because Jericho interrupted him on Smackdown and he goes where he wants to go, does what he wants to do and Ambrose better keep his nose clean before Jericho buries him and tells Ambrose to take his stupid ass out of Jericho's ring. Jericho slaps the mic out of Ambrose's hand and Ambrose lays Jericho out with the Dirty Deeds

-Commercial 10:34pm-

Smackdown Thursday: Golden Truth vs The Vaudevillains and Enzo/Big Cass vs The Ascension

Backstage: Goldust walks into R-Truth's locker room and tells Truth last week he was promised an audition and now they're in a tag team this Thursday. Truth says that was the audition and Goldust repeats they are not a team and wants to know who's idea this was. The camera pans over to Dr. Phil


Standing dropkick by Crews sending Rose to the outside. Crews backs Rose into the ropes. Rose puts the boots to Crews. Chinlock by Rose on Crews. Crews gets to his feet fighting back.Elbow by Rose. Irish whip and rose knocks down Crews.

Right hand by Crews. Suplex blocked by Crews. Rose blocks a suplex and Crews manages to get the suplex on the second try. High flying elbow by Crews and Dallas tries to interfere. Rose with a kick from behind but Crews blocks it and plants Rose. Crews then hits the sit out powerbomb for the three count

The winner of the match: Apollo Crews


Video: Highlight on Baron Corbin

Up Next: Bray Wyatt-Roman Reigns vs Sheamus-Alberto Del Rio


Promo: Primo and Epico


Side headlock by Sheamus and Wyatt knocks Sheamus down off the irish whip. Short clothesline by Wyatt to Sheamus. Wyatt goes into his spider walk and Sheamus steps back with a look of fear on his face. Wyatt unloads with punches and Reigns and Wyatt with the double team on Sheamus

Reigns with repeated clotheslines in the corner. Wyatt tags himself in. Sheamus with punches and Wyatt with a big right hand. Irish whip reversed by Sheamus who connects with a kneelift. Del Rio with the tag double stomp off the Irish Curse backbreaker.

Wyatt with right hands to Del Rio. Del Rio turns it around unloading with punches on Wyatt. Sheamus back in with boots to Wyatt and a snapmare into a chinlock on Wyatt

Wyatt with an irish whip and Sheamus with a kick to the face. Wyatt sends Sheamus over the top rope. Reigns reaching for the tag and Reigns in unloading on Sheamus. Right hand to Del Rio. Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch but Sheamus slides to the outside and Reigns gets rammed into the the ringpost

Ten Beats of The Bohdran by Sheamus. Del Rio with the doulbe stomp on Reigns. Shoulder to the gut by Sheamus. Running high knee to Reigns, Reigns counters with a Samoan Drop

Wyatt and Del Rio in and Wyatt unloads with clotheslines on Del Rio and Sheamus. Wyatt grabs Del Rio for Sister Abigail. Del Rio counters, Wyatt with a crossbody. Sheamus sent to the outside. Kick to Wyatt, Del Rio with the backstabber 

The lights go out and Strowman and Rowan attack Rusev. Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker but Wyatt counters and hits Sister Abigail for the three count

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns and Bray wyatt




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