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Backstage News/Gossip Regarding Undertaker & Shane McMahon After WM 32

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Apr 04, 2016

Backstage News/Gossip Regarding Undertaker & Shane McMahon After WM 32

Shane McMahon is said to be doing okay after his match against The Undertaker last night. Although WWE reported that Shane was taken to a hospital, Shane is reportedly doing as well as can be expected and didn't seem to suffer any significant injuries.

As for The Undertaker, there was some gossip going around backstage in WWE that although he won his match last night at WrestleMania, it still very well could have been his last 'Mania match. Taker reportedly had a lot of friends and family in attendance, although this shouldn't come as a surprise as it's well-documented that Undertaker is from Texas. But one point of interest backstage was how Undertaker acknowledged somebody at ringside and even took off his gloves as he was leaving, which some people backstage thought may have had some sort of meaning behind it.

As of right now though, this is nothing more than just pure gossip and speculation. It should also be noted that Undertaker did proclaim on Raw that WrestleMania 32 would not be his last WrestleMania.

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