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WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas 04/02/16

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Cente, Dallas, TX

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show. He is on commentary with Corey Graves. 

American Alpha are out first and it seems we will be opening with the Tag Team Title Match. Out come Dash and Dawson, The Revival. 

American Alpha vs The Revival - NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Gable and Dawson kick things off. They lock up and Gable is backed into the corner then Dawson slaps him before tagging in Dash. The fans are going crazy for AA and chant 'Which one's Dawson? Which one's Dash?'. Dash goes over and hugs Dawson. Gable does some of the classic mat work he is well known for and suddenly all 4 men are in the ring before the non legal men back off. Dawson is legal again and takes down Gable. He gets back up and takes out Dawson. Jordan is legal now and hits a dropkick. Dawson rakes the eyes of Jordan when the referee's back is turned. AA take over again soon after and they each deliver a back body drop. Gable has Dash locked up in the middle of the ring but he manages to get a tag. Dawson gets Gable in the corner and chops him before lifting him to the top rope. Gable manages to fight out and hits a crossbody for a 2 count. The Revival try to take advantage of the refreree not looking once more with a double suplex to Gable but Jordan catches his partner and puts him on his feet. They then give a German Suplex to each Dash and Dawson. Action spills to the outside and Dash gains control with a massive clothesline. The Revival have taken complete control now and isolate Gable away from his partner. Gable kicks out at 2 as he struggles to get back to Jordan. Gable gets out of a hold with a roll up for a 2 count. Gable manages to hit a double DDT and goes for the tag to Jordan, but Dash crawls underneath the ring and pulls Jordan off the ring. Dash and Dawson go for a double team move. Dawson completely misses the contact and the fans chant 'Botchamania'. Gable is covered but the referee doesn't cover because the wrong man is covered. Gable finally gets the tag and clears house with suplexes and dropkicks. He covers Dawson but he kicks out at 2. Jordan puts Dawson on the top rope but interference from Dash knocks him off. Dawson covers Jordan and Dash holds his feet on the ropes with a towel but Jordan still kicks out. Big uppercut from Dash and Gable saves the match by breaking the pin. Neither team can gain a firm control of the match with lots of reversals. Gable is nearly rolled up by kicks out. Pin sequence between Gable and Dawson but lots of 2 counts. Jordan gets a blind tag, Dawson still thinks Gable is legal and goes for him but Jordan hits the spear in the corner before tagging in Gable to hit their double team finisher for the victory!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: American Alpha 

Time: 15:10

American Alpha celebrate post match whilst at ringside we see that Jim Ross is present, as are Kota Ibushi and Funaki.

The next match of the night will be between Baron Corbin and Austin Aries. Corbin is out first, followed by Aries who is making his NXT debut and gets a good reaction.

Baron Corbin vs Austin Aries

Aries goes straight for Corbin but the height advantage from Corbin takes it's toll. Aries goes for kicks to the leg and dropkicks his knee. Aries is nearly thrown out the ring but delivers a massive hit to knock Corbin out the ring. Aries goes to the top rope and jumps to the outside onto Corbin. Aries continues to dominate until Corbin drops him on the ropes and now he takes control. Corbin throws Aries under the ropes and into the ring post. Corbin has Aries in the centre of the ring and is wearing down 'The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived'. It looks like Aries is going to fight out but Corbin drives him into the corner. You can hear Corbin shouting to fans whilst he is wearing down his opponent. Aries hits some chops on Corbin and then a flying clothesline. Aries has Corbin in between the ropes and uses the ropes to his advantage to gain the upper hand. Aries goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. He hits another dropkick when Corbin is in the corner which forces him to roll out of the ring. Aries then dives out of the ring onto Corbin. Aries runs at Corbin but he is caught and met by Deep Six from Corbin. He only makes it back in at a 9 count. Aries is lying on the floor but asks for more from Corbin. Corbin goes for the End of Days but Aries rolls over and rolls up Corbin for a debut victory. 

Winner: Austin Aries

Time: 10:44

Another debut coming up next as it's Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura. We see a video package for the match.

Also at ringside are Scott Hall and X-Pac.

Sami Zayn is out first and gets a loud reaction as fans sing along to his theme. Fans chant for 'Nakamura' as we await his entrance. His entrance music drops and the place is going crazy. 

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura

The fans chant 'Nakamura' then others shout for Sami Zayn before they call chant Yes and This Is Awesome. They lock up and Zayn is backed into the ropes, meaning Nakamura has to break the hold. Zayn is knocked to the floor and Nakamura goes for a stomp but he rolls away. Zayn gets control of the match as he gets out of a wristlock and hits a couple of armdrags. Zayn asks Nakamura for more. The King of Strong Style gives him it with a combination of strikes and then goes for a body slam. Zayn slides over but Nakamura locks in an armbar. Nakamura connects with some kicks to the head for a 1 count. They lock up again and Zayn hits a suplex for a 2 count. He has Nakamura in the corner and delivers some chops. Zayn throws his opponent off of the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. Zayb knocks Nakamura over the top rope and onto the outside. As he tries to get back inside, Nakamura hits a Pele kick which knocks Zayn to the mat. Nakamura hits a knee and then stomps on his back causing Zayn to fall out of the ring. Another knee from Nakamura to the mid section and Zayn kicks out at 2. Zayn causes Nakamura to run at him which forces him to fall outside of the ring. He dives over the top rope and onto Nakamura before rolling him back in for a crossbody and a 2 count. Zayn goes for a suplex but Nakamura knees him in the head and continues to beat on him when he's on the floor. Back on his feet and Zayn catches Nakamura when he runs at him and slams him into the ground, right onto his neck. The two are going punch for punch in the ring as the fans chant Yes. Nakamura's nose is busted open. This is an all out brawl. The fans cheer at the end of the punch for punch sequence as both men look exhausted. Nakamura wipes blood from his nose and licks it. Zayn is grounded lying on the ropes and Nakamura repeatedly kicks him forcing the ref to break it up. Zayn then hits a clothesline out of nowhere and then another. He picks Nakamura up but he is met by a knee and Nakamura locks in an armbar. Zayn fights his way out and hits Nakamura whilst he's on the ropes. Zayn drives Nakamura face first into the met and has the Koji Clutch locked in. Nakamura manages to get out with a pinfall. Enziguri from Zayn as the fans chant 'Fight forever'. Kick from Nakamura forces Zayn into the corner. Zayn nearly hits the Helluva Kick in a reversal from Nakamura dodges and hits an Exploder Suplex. Nakamura goes for his his big knee signature but Zayn dodges and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for a near near fall. Nakamura rolls outside of the ring and Zayn goes for his dive through the ropes into a DDT but is met by a kick. Back in the ring, both men are up top until Zayn is nudged off. Zayn is looking for the Exploder Suplex but Nakamura fights out with elbows to the neck. Nakamura is looking for the finish and hits the Boma Ye (Called the Kinshasa by commentary) for the win. What a match.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Time: 20:00

Post match, Nakamura celebrates and Zayn is sitting in the corner of the ring, Nakamura goes over and kneels down to shake his hand as the fans chant 'Thank you Sami'. Nakamura extends his arm for a handshake and the two get up and embrace as Zayn puts Nakamura over. Nakamura walks to the back. Zayn is still in the ring and bids what you'd think is goodbye to NXT. The fans are chanting 'Ole' and Zayn waves goodbye looking very emotional. He limps to the back.

Asuka is out first for the Women's Championship Match. Cherry blossoms fall from the roof for her entrance. Bayley follows and we get the formal ring introductions. 

Asuka vs Bayley - NXT Women's Championship

Good reaction for both women but Bayley just edges it. The women lock up and Asuka delivers a right hand which Bayley has to take a moment to recover from. Asuka goes for a kick but Bayley dodges it. She hits with kick to the side and then a forearm followed by a hip attack. Bayley is outside of the ropes and Asuka goes for another hip attack, but she moves out of the way. Crossbody from Bayley back in the ring but Asuka kicks out. Asuka manages to lock in an arm bar but Bayley gets to the rope. Asuka is lined up in the Tree of Woe and uses the bottom rope to bounce off and hit an elbow. Bayley hits a hurricarana from the top rope. She locks in the submission that seen her defeat Nia Jax but Asuka wriggles out and gets an ankle lock on Bayley. Bayley manages to toss Asuka out of the ring. The Champ drives through the ropes and hits a hurricarana on Asuka as Bayley shows signs of limping. Bayley hits Asuka but the challenger screams and asks for more. Asuka turns things around and hits a missile dropkick then a series of kicks followed by a knee. Bayley is back up and nearly catches Asuka in the Bayley to Belly but Asuka rolls out, but she can't sneak out of a suplex. Both women go for a dropkick. Asuka goes for the kick to the head but Bayley catches it and locks in a submission. Bayley is targetting the legs of Asuka. Out of nowhere, Asuka gets the Asuka Lock in and it looks like Bayley is going to fight out but the hold is tightened. Bayley keeps dodging the kicks of Asuka and rolls her up for a 2 count. Clothesline from Bayley and then she goes for a Bayley to Belly but doesn't hit it. Asuka kicks Bayley but she stays on her feet and then is dropped to the mat. Asuka locks in the Asuka lock but Bayley fights out. The hold is back on and Bayley frees herself once more, only to be caught in the hold again. Bayley looks like she is going to pass out and the referee calls for the end of the match, 

Winner and NEW Women's Champion: Asuka 

Time: 15:25

Loads of shocked faces in the crowd post match as Asuka celebrates and Bayley receives medical attention. On her way to the back, Asuka stares down Bayley who is sitting on the outside beside the steps.

We see a video package for Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe which is up next, and then an angry looking Bobby Roode in the crowd.

Samoa Joe makes his way out first for our Main Event followed by the NXT Champion Finn Balor who carries and turns on a chainsaw with him half down the ramp. He's dressed in blue, black and red. This match gets underway at 57 minutes past the hour.

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor - NXT Championship

Some sections of the crowd chant for Balor whilst others for Joe, but the Balor chants are louder. Samoa Joe is cut open seconds into the match due to headbutts and is thrown to the outside. Balor dives over the top rope and onto Joe. Joe throws Balor over the barricade and onto a security guard as blood gushes from Joe all down his body. Action is back in the ring as the referee tries to tend to Joe but he is pushed away. Absolutely brutal opening to the match. Balor is on the outside and Joe dives through the ropes and into the champ. The doctors keep breaking up the match as they need to tend to the cut which seems to be just above his right eye. The two are brawling again straight away as soon as Joe is back in the ring and he plants Balor with a slam. Enziguri in the corner from Joe but he kicks out. The referee breaks up action again so that the cut can be seen too once more. Action is underway again and Joe takes control. He hits a boot to the side of the face whilst Balor is sitting in the corner. Joe lifts Balor to the top rope and chops him in the chest. Balor fights him off but dives into an atomic drop then a big boot. Two more big hits from Joe but Balor is still in the match. Dropkick from Balor gives him some breathing time and the officials check on Joe again. Flying clothesline from Balor and then massive chops to the chest all over the ring. Joe is on the outside and Balor connects with a dropkick before kicking Joe right in the face after running along the edge of the ring. Joe is thrown back in the ring but runs into a belly to belly. Balor hits the swingblade when Joe is running at him and goes for a dropkick but Joe rolls out of the way before dropping on him. Joe lines up Balor for a powerbomb and connects. Balor kicks out at 2, but Joe is still holding on his legs from the powerbomb and locks in the Boston Crab. He rolls it over to a crossface and Balor wriggles out. He hits a double stomp and then another swingblade. He connects with the dropkick this time and goes to the top rope. Joe is   back on his feet and looking for the Muslcebuster. After an Ebziguri he finally hits the Musclebuster but The Demon kicks out at 2. Pele Kick from Balor after a sequence where the men went punch for punch and they're now both grounded as the referee starts to count to 10. Balor rises and hits the swingblade, drop kick and Coup de Grace and is looking for Bloody Sunday. Joe locks in the sleeper though, before Balor uses the ropes to reverse it into a pin for the victory.

Winner and still NXT Champion: Finn Balor

Time: 16:22

Joe looks on at Balor before walking to the back and Balor raises the title in the middle of the ring. Joe stands at the top of the ramp as he stares down Balor who is also looking on. Balor celebrates with the title to end the show.

Posted By: Jack Crawford on Apr 01, 2016 Source: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Cente Tags: #wwe #nxt #results

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