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WWE NXT Results 3/23

WWE NXT Results 3/23

Welcome to the results for the 03/23 and penultimate episode of NXT before Takeover: Dallas.

The show kicks off this week with 'The Drifter' Elias Samson. As usual, we are live from Full Sail University with Tom Phillips and Corey Graves on commentary. Samson is going to be up against Johnny Gargano. Samson is sitting on the top rope staring menacingly at Gargano.

Elias Samson vs Johnny Gargano 

Samson goes straight for Gargano's arm and has him grounded in an arm lock. Gargano does some rolls and kick ups to get his way out before Samson takes control with an elbow. The Drifter kicks a grounded Gargano in the corner and takes him down with an elbow. Johnny Wrestling fights out with a clothesline and chops before a kick to the head. Gargano goes to dive through the ropes into the ring, but is met with a knee to the face. Then, out of nowhere, Gargano steals the win with a roll up. Samson loses his first match in NXT.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Time: 2:18

Post match, Samson attacks Gargano and hits his neckbreaker finisher and throws him out the ring. The Drifter continues to punish Johnny and throws him into the steel post. Gargano is trying to fight back but Samson knees him in the face. Samson silences the crowd, and just when he's going to pick up Gargano again, Apollo Crews comes out and pushes him. The two face off and Samson walks to the back.

Coming up next, Finn Balor is in action.

Rich Swann is going to be facing The Champ. Swann gets a really good reaction from the crowd as he dances along with the audience. Finn Balor is out next.

Rich Swann vs Finn Balor - Non-Title

The fans continue to chant for Swann and sing 'All Night Long'. Slow start to the match as Balor tries to get his opponent in an hold, but Swann reaches the ropes. Balor is drowning Swann down in a wristlock but he gets back on his feet and goes for a monkeyflip, but Finn holds on. Finn flips Swann over and has him in a headlock now. The 2 bounce off the ropes but the hold is still locked in. Swann finally gets out and hits a hurricarana for a 2 count. Almost immediately Finn gets the wristlock locked in again. Swann shows great agility to flip over Balor and hits a dropkick then a superkick. Balor is on the top rope and Swann gets another hurricarana that forces Balor to retreat outside of the ring. Finn then runs back in and clotheslines Swann and throws him to the outside. He dropkicks Swann as he is about to get back in the ring and then kicks him which forces Swann to flip right over. He gets him back in the ring and finishes off the match with a dropkick against the turnbuckle, Coup de Grace and then Bloody Sunday.

Winner: Finn Balor

Time: 5:20

Emma is backstage with Dana Brooke for an interview. She says a lot is different between tonight's match with Asuka, and their last match in London. Emma has been training a lot. Brooke says she is injured and wishes she could squash Asuka but can't because she injured. Emma says she should be facing Bayley for the Women's Title at Takeover: Dallas.

We see a Shinshuke Nakamura video package to hype his match with Sami Zayn. 

Time for some women's action, and Alexa Bliss will be facing Sarah Dobson. Bliss is accompanied by Blake and Murphy.

Alexa Bliss vs Sarah Dobson

The two lock up and Dobson drops Bliss before hitting a dropkick. Dobson goes to attack Bliss in the corner but she moves, and Dobson hits the turnbuckle. Bliss takes over and stands on Dobson's back and drives her face into the mat. Bliss slaps Dobson, but Dobson nearly steals the win with a roll up. Bliss has Dobson on the mat in a hold but she gets out. More dominance from Bliss as she spears Dobson in the corner. Dobson turns things around with a boot to the head then a crossbody but Bliss kicks out at 2. Blake and Murphy get involved, with one distracting the referee and the other pulling Bliss out the way do that Dobson misses her move. Bliss then hits her Sparkle Splash finisher for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Time: 4:12

Samoa Joe is backstage. The interviewer says that Balor has been on a roll recently. Joe then squares up to him and storms off.

Bull Dempsey is on his way out to the ring but is attacked from behind by Samoa Joe. Joe locks in his Coquina Clutch, then goes into the ring and does the same move to Bull's supposed opponent, Danny Burch. Joe looks at the camera and says: 'Balor, you see that? That's you. You will not escape, you will not survive. I will take my Championship.'

American Alpha taking on The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championships is confirmed for Takeover: Dallas and then we see a video package highlight the number one contenders.

It's Main Event time now as Emma goes one on one with Asuka. Dana Brooke will be at ringside. 

Asuka vs Emma

Asuka goes for her signature kick early on but Emma backs off. The Australlian then takes control with a headlock and then a shoulder block on Asuka. Asuka grabs her leg when she is running across the ring which casues Emma to fall.Asuka is in control now and mocks Emma. She gets Emma in an arm bar but Emma reaches the ropes. Emma is on the outside of the ropes, Asuka runs into her with her backside causing Emma to fall to the floor. 


Back in the ring, Emma is trying to fight out of a wristlock with lots of rolls but Asuka hangs on tight. They both fall to the floor and Asuka gets Emma in an ankle lock, and she breaks the hold by sending her to the outside. Emma has taken control now and kicks Asuka in the corner. Emma stands on her opponents hair and lifts up her arms then the referee forces the move to be broken. Emma has a headlock locked in tight and Asuka can't get out as Emma tries to drain her down. She does get out then hits a series of kicks. Emma dodges one and has another submission on Asuka. Knees to the back from Emma. Asuka is tied up in the Tree of Woe and Emma targets the back once more. Emma distracts the referee and Dana Brooke pulls the hair of Asuka. She is grounded in the corner, and Emma hits her crossbody when Asuka kicks out before the referee can even count 1. Asuka fights back and grounds Emma before she starts her kicks again. Dropkcik from Emma but Asuka hits a hip attack. Back and forth action between the two women. Emma covers Asuka, but has her feet on the ropes. The referee counts to 2 but then spots her feet. Emma argues with the referee and Asuka takes advantage with a suplex then a knee to the head. The momentum is swung in Asuka's favour and she ends up making Emma tap out to the Asuka lock.

Winner: Asuka
Time: 13:45

Asuka celebrates in the ring as NXT finishes for another week.


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