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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (3/15)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (3/15)


- Jeff Hardy def. Eric Young

- Mike and Maria Bennett def. Drew Galloway and Gail Kim

- The Decay def. Beer Money and Eddie Edwards

- Grado def. Eli Drake

- Drew Galloway cashed in his briefcase to become the new TNA World Champion





Jeff Hardy is kicking things off. Young vows to Dixie that he's going to hurt Jeff tonight. He's tired of Jeff constantly getting what he wants. Dixie announces the winner of Young vs. Hardy will join Matt Hardy vs. EC3, making the match a triple threat.

Hardy takes control of the match early on delivering a dropkick sending Young to the outside. Hardy dives over the ropes but Young gets a knee up. Right hand by Young and Hardy gets thrown back into the ring. Young bounces Hardy's head off the turnbuckle and another right hand. A kick by Hardy but Young still in control going to work on Hardy's leg. Young runs into a high back elbow. Hardy goes to the top rope but Young cuts him down and Hardy gets caught in the tree of woe.

Young on the top rope with a hangman on Hardy and Hardy tries to fight out of it but Young just lets him fall to the mat. Nearfall by Hardy. Young with a neckbreaker. Hardy fighting back. Irish whip by Young and Young connects with a back elbow.

Young off the second rope misses with a headbutt. Hardy and Young exchange right hands. Irish whip reversed by Young and Hardy with a crossbody. Side russian legsweep by Hardy. Young counters the Twist Of Fate. Hardy on the second rope gets caught. Hardy fights back knocking Young off the ropes and Hardy hits the swanton bomb for the three count

The winner of the match: Jeff Hardy

Post Match: Matt Hardy walks out with a huge smile and is accompanied by Reby Sky. Matt tells Jeff to give up his spot in tonight's main event. Reby hands Jeff baby Maxel and Matt says "Uncle Jeff". Matt promises they will have the biggest match in TNA history possibly at Bound For Glory 2017 or 2018 but for now Jeff should take Matt's deal. Matt extends his hand and Jeff flips him off basically saying "No". Matt kicks Jeff and goes for a Twist Of Fate but Jeff counters and hits one of his own

Footage aired from “earlier today” of Eddie Edwards addressing Davey Richards suffering a knee injury. Decay showed up and attacked Edwards and left him lying…

Backstage, Mike Bennett and Maria delivered a promo. They recalled their first appearance on the last “live” show. Bennett said Maria isn’t afraid of Gail Kim, and he has already beaten Drew Galloway. Bennett said tonight is when the miracle happens


Backstage, Eddie Edwards was taping up his fists. Beer Money approached him and said he doesn’t have to go it alone in his feud with Decay…


Big boot by Galloway to Bennett. Galloway misses with a clothesline but connects with an overhead belly to back suplex. Gail tags in and Galloway whips Gail into Bennett and Gail hits a clothesline. Gail unloads on Bennett. Maria holds the rope down sending Gail to the outside. Maria throws Gail back in

Legdrop misses and Maria tags Bennett back in. Right hand by Galloway. Bennett with a clothesline and a boot to Galloway. Bennett with a kick but Galloway hits a clothesline. Overhead belly to belly by Galloway

Maria slaps Galloway and Galloway takes his frustration out on Bennett. Galloway on the top ropegets slammed to the mat. Gail tags in dropkicks Bennett to the outside. Gail grabs Maria but Bennett back in the ring where Gail hits Eat Defeat. Galloway takes out Bennett as Maria rolls Gail up from behind for the three count

The winners of the match: Mike and Maria Bennett

Video: Highlight of Kurt Angle's farewell match


Josh Mathews stood in the ring and introduced Lashley for an in-ring interview. Lashley was all smiles and shook some hands and pointed at fans during his entrance. Mathews asked Lashley why he did what he did to Angle. The fans booed. Lashley asked for a second to explain.

Lashley said he waited a tremendous amount of time to face Angle. He said whether it’s a ring or a cage, he’s a fighter and that’s his job. Lashley said he is the most dominating and toughest person in the entire wrestling business. Lashley turned his back to the camera and repeated himself while looking at the fans.

Lashley asked why he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He said he is overlooked for the likes of EC3, Drew Galloway, and Jeff Hardy. He said he confronted Angle to make sure he wasn’t overlooked. Mathews said Angle was a mentor to Lashley.

Mathews asked Lashley if Angle was his friend. “I don’t have any friends, especially in this business,” Lashley said. He added that if you step in the ring with him he is going to hurt you. Mathews asked if Lashley had a response to fans chanting “Lashley sucks.” Lashley said Josh was in his ring. Lashley grabbed Mathews by the jacket and flung him to the ground.

Pope ran in and stared at Lashley, then tended to Mathews, who rolled out of the ring. Lashley speared Pope, which drew good heat from the crowd. Lashley pushed Pope out of the ring with his foot, then raised his own arms while his music played…

Decay was shown backstage. Abyss asked The Wolves if they really thought they forgot about them. Abyss said the decay of Edwards and Beer Money would come at their hands. Abyss said it’s a different world and there’s only one person dark enough to fight with them. Rosemary said tonight is a good night for Decay…


After the break, Mathews was back on commentary minus Pope. He recapped the previous angle and thanked Pope for helping him, then introduced Jeremy Borash as Pope’s replacement for the remainder of the show…

Backstage, EC3 approached Jeff Hardy backstage and welcomed him back. EC3 said the old him would probably be upset that Hardy was added to the main event. Jeff said he’s happy the bratty EC3 is gone. Hardy said he senses the new EC3 and he likes it. EC3 said Matt is manipulating, conniving, and a big old bag of douche.

EC3 said Matt always pulls out something he didn’t see coming. Jeff delivered a clunker line by asking if he was the something that EC3 doesn’t see coming. EC3 said he’s prepared for anything. Jeff said he came to win the TNA Title for himself and the creatures…



Craazy Steve with a headbutt to Edwards. Eddie Edwards with an inverted atomic drop. Chops to Steve. Roode in with a kick. Double hiptoss to Steve. Roode picks Steve up and delivers a suplex.

Steve runs into a boot. Right hand by Abyss. Steve with forearms across te head. Elbows to Abyss' head. Sidewalk slam by Abyss. Abyss chokeslams Steve onto Roode. Rosemary attacks Roode. Abyss with a clothesline. Body shots to Roode.

Steve tags in and Roode tags Storm. Storm unloads on Steve.. Edwards ducks a clothesline and dives thru the ropes. Spinebuster to Steve. Beer Money looking for a double suplex on Rosemary but Steve pulls her out of the ring. Double suplex to Steve

Storm with a crossbody over the ropes onto Abyss. Rosemary spits mist into Roode's face as Steve covers Roode for the three count

The winners of the match: The Decay

Bakstage: Grado spoke with Billy Corgan regarding his claim that Eli Drake swapped his briefcase. Corgan said they looked at the evidence and will make their final ruling in the ring and both Grado and Drake need to understand their decision his final…


Backstage, Matt Hardy and Reby Hardy approached Dixie Carter and asked if they were doing this because she is jealous of them. Reby said they are bigger than the brand and Dixie should be happy because it’s a good thing. Dixie said she doesn’t make decisions for her, she makes them for the fans.

Matt said it’s unfair to add Jeff to the match. Matt said he’s going to walk to the ring, wait for the bell, and then punch the referee in the face to be disqualified. Dixie announced that there won’t be any count-outs or disqualifications and someone will walk out a winner. Matt and Reby were not pleased…

Eli Drake comes out to the ring and says Billy Corgan told him to dress for a fight but before Drake does that he wants something from Corgan. The Feast Or Fired case that was stolen from him by Grado. Grado and Corgan walk out to the ring. Grado is ordered to give the case back. Drake does and then Corgan pullls out a contract and says it will be hung from the ceiling and Grado has to climb a ladder and earn the contract and Drake, if he wants Grado gone, has to climb the same ladder and grab the contract and rip it up



Drake controlled the match early on. Grado irish whips Drake into the ladder and hits a cannonball. Grado climbs the ladder but Jessie Godderz runs down and tips the ladder over. Mahabali Sheera in now takes Godderz out with a right hand then sends him to the outside. Grado sets the ladder up again and begins the climb. Drake goes to stop him but Grado instead of continuing the climb dives to the outside taking out everybody

Drake stops Grado and climbs over Grado. Drake within inches of grabbing the contract and Grado and Drake both go crashing to the mat. Drake once more tries to thwart Grado's attempts. But Grado sends Drake crashing to the mat once more and looks down at Drake one last time before reaching up and pulling the contract down.

The winner of the match: Grado

Post Match: Mahabali Sheera enters the ring and celebrates with Grado


Backstage: Eric Young scolded Bram for not being there when he needed him most. Willow walked by in the distance and pointed at Young. Bram wasn’t looking. Young said he and Bram need to stick together now more than ever…

Mathews hyped Beer Money defending the TNA Tag Titles in an open challenge against any former TNA Tag Champions… Borash handled the introductions for the main event…


Shock ending, with Galloway appearing and cashing in his briefcase to hit the Claymore and future shock DDT to win the belt. There was a ton going on here. Young and Bram came out earlier and Young piledrove Jeff on the steps. After that it was EC3 and Matt. Tyrus and Spud came down and went after Carter. He managed to fight them off but Mike Bennett showed up with a chair and attacked him. Carter and Bennett brawled into the show. Matt was taunting the crowd and on the verge of leaving, when Drew ran out. Show closed with Drew celebrating with people at ringside





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