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WWE Raw Results (3/14) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

WWE Raw Results (3/14) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



- New Day def. League Of Nations

- Ryback def. Sin Cara

- Sami Zayn def. The Miz

- Naomi and Tamina def. Alicia Fox and Brie Bella

- Triple H def. Dolph Ziggler

- Adrian Neville def. Chris Jericho by DQ




Big E and Rusev lock up. Big E powers Rusev into the corner but Rusev turns the tables backing Big E into the corner. Kick and punches by Rusev. Irish whip across the ring and Big E explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Abdominal Stretch on Rusev. An elbow drives Rusev to his knees and now the New Day with frequent tags taking turns stomping on Rusev

Woods in unloading on Rusev and Big E tags in with a boot to the leg. Woods takes time out to work the trombone. Rusev with a kick to the face and a dropkick. Del Rio in with a chinlock. Del Rio with a backstabber. Woods back in unloading on Del Rio. Woods with a clothesline. Barrett jumps off the apron before Woods can connect with a kick and Del Rio from behind with an enziguri as Raw goes to break


Back from break,  Rusev in control delivers a fallaway slam to Woods. Del Rio tags. Del Rio off the top rope and down goes Woods. Side headlock by Woods and Woods backs Del Rio into the corner sitting him on the top rope. Del Rio with the cross armbreaker

Woods with a kick to Del Rio. Rusev tags in and Big E with a series of belly to belly suplexes. Rusev misses with a clothesline. Big splash by Big E. Big Ending countered by Rusev who hits a spinning heel kick. Rusev picks Big E up but Big E counters and delivers a back body drop. Big Ending attempt and Rusev gets nailed with a kick to the face. Woods with a DDT. Big runs into a knee. Big E gets sent to the outside. Woods plants Del Rio head first. Rusev with a nearfall.

Rusev goes to lock in The Accolades. Kingston takes out Sheamus and Barrett. Rusev goes to grab Kingston but Woods from behind rolls up Rusev for the three count

The winners of the match: New Day

Post Match: League Of Nations attack Woods but Big E returns to even things up but the numbers game catches up with him.


Dean Ambrose comes out to the ring and takes the mic and says he was this close to beating Triple H and if that had happened there would have been the biggest party this side of Pittsburgh. He wrestled his heart out but came up short and that's okay. He lives by the sword and he died by the sword

Win or lose, Triple H learned what can happen when he takes Ambrose, lightly and disrespects him. Brock Lesnar then walks out with Paul Heyman. Heyman introduces himself and calls himself the Walking Order of Protection and the voice of reason saving Ambrose from a beating at the hands of his beast and the conqueror Brock Lesnar.

Ambrose dares Heyman to unleash the beast. Heyman says he has a conflict of interest. He would love to unleash Lesnar but they have an event coming up and the sign is above Ambrose and will feature the main event of the evening because any match Brock Lesanr is in is the main event.

Heyman pleads with Ambrose not to provoke Brock Lesnar because if he does, Ambrose might not make it to Wrestlemania. Ambrose says it looks like Lesnar wants to come down to the ring and fight right now.Heyman walks back up the ramp but Lesnar makes his way to ringside as Ambrose awaits with crowbar in hand but Heyman talks sense into Lesnar before things could escalate



Ryback with a side headlock takedown. Sin Cara up to his feet. Sin Cara with body shots and Ryback fires back with a knee and forearms to the back. Sin Cara is backed into the corner and Ryback delivers shoulder tackles. Sin Cara tries to fight back with chops. Ryback with a Thesz Press. Ryback misses with a splash. Irish whip reversed by Ryback. Big back body drop to Sin Cara. Ryback with a suplex. Shoulderblock to Ryback

Ryback with a chinlock. Crossbody by Ryback, Sin Cara sends Ryback to the outside. Sin Cara dives through the ropes taking Ryback out. Sin Cara on the apron and Ryback picks Sin Cara up on his shoulder delivering Shell Shocked for the three count

The winner of the match: Ryback

Post Match: Ryback takes the mic and says that's what happens when the Big Guy beats The Little Guy. Size does matter and challenges Kalisto to a US Championship match at Wrestlemania


Triple H and Stephanie come out to the ring and Triple H says this past Saturday the whole world watched Roadblock with hope in their eyes that Dean Ambrose would be the one to stand up against authority but failed and he beat Ambrose in the middle of the ring

The Authority always wins and hope is not a strategy. That's how people live their lives by hope. They hope Roman Reigns will be the one to defeat The Authority. It all starts in high school, they get married, they have a family and then it starts. They hope they're going to get a raise then they blame their boss for not getting it, they blame the authority they blame everyone else but themselves.

Dolph Ziggler interrupts Triple H and says he was in the back listening and he's out here to let them know he knows his place. It's in the ring every night busting his a-- for the fans. Stephanie says clearly Ziggler doesn't know his role because at this moment it's not here it's in the back.

Ziggler says it doesn't matter what The Authority does or says he will not quit and couldn't sit back and listen any longer. He says Ambrose and himself are not failures. They were screwed by the system. So, if they want to fire him go ahead. Triple H says they're not going to fire Dolph Ziggler.

Triple H calls Ziggler a lovable loser and says he's good but could be great. He just need the right people behind him. Ziggler says he wouldn't side with Triple H or Stephanie. Stephanie slaps him after Ziggler calls her idiotic and tyrannical.

Stephanie says if Ziggler wants a match at Wrestlemania he can have any match he wants all he has to do is win his match tonight and that match will be against Triple H



Wristlock by Zayn. Miz with an irish whpl, leapfrog by Zayn into deep armdrags sending Miz to the outside. Miz pulls Zayn to the outside bouncing his head off the apron. Zayn off the barricade with a moonsault on Miz


Surfboard by Miz and Zayn covers delivering a series of chops. Dropkick by Zayn. Miz with a DDT. SCF countered by Zayn into a roll up. Miz with the running clothesline in the corner. Miz off the ropes and Zayn connects with a series of clotheslines. Elbow to Miz. Zayne off the second ropes with a crossbody.

Miz gets knocked out of the ring and Zayn dives over the top rope onto Miz. Kevin Owens distracts Zayn. Miz with a high elbow to Zayn. Zayn with the Helluva Kick for the three count

The winner of the match: Sami Zayn

Backstage: League Of Nations cut a promo on New Day and challenge them to a match at Wrestlemania



Naomi with a dropkick to Alicia. Naomi unloads on Alicia. Tamina with cheap shots as the referee backs Naomi up. Dropkick by Naomi. Alicia tries to fight back. An elbow by Naomi as Lana, who made her way out to the ringside, looks on.

Tamina with a chinlock on Alicia. Alicia with elbows to Tamina but Tamina still in control. Cheap shot blocked by Brie who hits a forearm. Brie with a dropkick and the Yes Kicks to Tamina. Dropkick to Tamina. Naomi knocked off the apron. Running knee to the face by Brie. Facebuster to Tamina. Alicia gets thrown out of the ring. Lana walks up the ringsteps along the apron. Team Bad. off the distraction,  with a double team on Brie for the three count

The winners of the match: Team Bad

Post Match: Alicia stalks Lana at ringside, turns around and gets a double superkick from Team Bad

Backstage: Social Outcast with a burger King product placement


Backstage: Lana walks in on Paige and gloats about what just happened to Brie Bella. Paige then comments on how Lana hasn't even had a match in WWE. Team Bad then walk in and tell Paige to choose her words because you never know who's listening

Backstage: Charlotte talks about how she knew Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks before they were Becky and Sasha. Charlotte says the three of them cannot ignore their history but this Thursday, Becky and Sasha are going to learn they can't run from their past



Backsplash to Dallas.  Slater, Axel and Rose get taken out with superkicks off the  Dudleys distraction. Big splash from the top rope onto Dallas for the three count

The winners of the match: The Usos

Backstage: Dean Ambrose is standing with crowbar in hand and in walks Mick Foley. Foley tells Ambrose this match with Brock Lesnar is a bad idea. Foley asks Ambrose why. Ambrose then asks Foley about the cell match against Undertaker and why he kept going. Foley says because he's Mick Foley and that's what he did. Ambrose says then he's Dean Ambrose and that's what he does. Foley tells him to take Lesnar to the deep dark resources of his mind. Foley throws the crowbar away and gives Ambrose a gift. Ambrose opens it and pulls out the barb wire baseball bat.



Slow, methodical pace with an exchange of armdrags and headlocks early on. Ziggler got the upperhand and slowed the pace to wear down Triple H. Ziggler suddenly snapped off a dropkick to pick up the pace. Nearfall for Ziggler and Stephanie sold concern down at ringside. Triple H responded with a hard take down sending Ziggler to the outside. Triple H then chucked Ziggler into the barricade to take control heading to break.


Back from break, Triple H continued to punish Ziggler back in the ring. But, Ziggler fired back with right hand blows firing up the crowd, only to take a running high knee from Triple H.

Ziggler and Triple H went back and forth trading nearfalls before Triple H landed a spinebuster. “Cover him!” Stephanie shouted at Triple H, who instead sold an injury. Triple H bent over trying to catch his breath before slowly picking up Ziggler. Triple H wanted The Pedigree, but Ziggler pushed him aside and nailed a superkick for a close two count.

Triple H rolled out of the ring to get some space, but Ziggler smashed him from behind on the floor. Ziggler tried to get back in the ring, but Triple H pushed him off the ring apron into the barricade. Ziggler then scurried back into the ring at 9, nearly walking into The Pedigree like Ambrose at Roadblock. But, Ziggler pushed off, only to walk into The Pedigree. Triple H pinned Ziggler for the win.

The winner of the match: Triple H

Post Match: The Shield’s music played to produce Roman Reigns. But, not in the crowd. Reigns emerged on-stage, which Steph pointed out to Hunter. Reigns slowly marched down to the ring, then charged Triple H. Reigns tackled him to the mat to a mixed reaction as Stephanie ran to the back. Reigns knocked Triple h out of the ring and threw him into the barricade. Reigns posted Triple H before bouncing him into the announce table. Reigns repeatedly smashed Triple H’s face into the announce table, trying to break his nose like Triple H did to him three weeks ago.

Suddenly, Triple H produced a can of soda that he smashed off Reigns’s face. Reigns absorbed and punched Triple H in the face to knock him down. Reigns punished Triple H in front of crazy fans shrieking and trying to grab Reigns. Triple H tried to scramble away from ringside, but Reigns caught up to him. They battled to the production area, then backstage. Triple H came up bleeding from the side of his head as backstage personnel tried to control Reigns. Reigns grabbed a TV monitor and blasted it across Triple H’s back. Suddenly, The Usos and Jack Swagger showed up trying to calm down Reigns. Mark Henry also entered the scene trying to calm down Reigns, telling him to save it for WrestleMania. Raw cut to break.


Newest inductee into the WWE Hall Of Fame: Former Women's Champion Jacqueline

Backstage: R-Truth, dressed as a penguin, yet again tried to recruit Goldust to be his tag team partner, Golust once again turned him down




Jericho started with a promo running down a kid in the crowd. He then ranted about the audience choosing A.J. Styles over him. Jericho said Styles is a hack and the fans feel a connection to him because of a void in their lives. Jericho parrotting Triple H’s promo? Jericho said he had to put Styles in his place and show him who his daddy is.


Suddenly, Neville’s music played to interrupt Jericho’s promo. Neville charged the ring to face Jericho


Jericho slaps Neville. Neville with a kick. Shoulderblock by Jericho off the irish whip. Jericho slides out of the ring in frustration early on in the match as Raw goes to break


Back from break, Neville executed a huracanrana, then suddenly dropped to one knee selling an injury. Neville sold not being able to put weight on his leg as the announcers completely ignored what was happening by continuing to ramble. Referee Charles Robinson eventually intervened, then Jericho went for a roll-up, but Neville lightly kicked out before three. Jericho got up angry and pushed Ref Robinson, drawing a DQ.

The winner of the match by DQ: Adrian Neville

Post Match: Jericho shouted for a microphone. He said he’s tired of being disrespected around here. Jericho said he is the best in the world at what he does. He shouted at the crowd to go ahead and chant for A.J. Styles. After egging on the crowd, Styles’s music played to bring out A.J. on the stage. Styles marched down to the ring, then flew at Jericho with a flying forearm smash. Styles stood tall over Jericho before his music played again. WWE shot the WM32 banner over Styles and Jericho.


Back from break, Mr. McMahon’s music played to a light reaction three hours deep into the taping. In the ring, McMahon did his now-regular routine of asking for a better reception. Lilian Garcia reintroduced McMahon.

A tired McMahon painted a picture of Shane McMahon winning at WrestleMania, then showing up on Raw the next night to declare new things for Raw. But, that is merely a dream. He said Shane faces a nightmare at WrestleMania when he faces The Undertaker. McMahon said the only person who will be standing tall in this ring will be him.

Vince painted another picture of Shane being an “impotent, shell of a man” who cannot go out in public. He said the good thing is he doesn’t have to lift a finger. Instead, his instrument of destruction, The Undertaker, will do the damage. Taker’s bell sounded and his entrance played as Raw hit the top of the hour.

Undertaker hit the ring steps, locking eyes with Vince before entering the ring. Vince sold concern as Taker paced around the ring to loud cheers. “Under-Taker” chant from the crowd. Vince warned Taker never to put his hands on him ever again, calling back to Taker grabbing him around the throat the last time he appeared on Raw.

Taker simply unbuttoned his jacket, removed his jacket, and then removed his hat. Vince said Taker showed poor judgment last time, and Vince also showed poor judgment bringing it up again, so he’s sorry. Vince then hyped Taker doing unspeakable things to Shane, breaking his body and his soul. Vince said this is an unholy alliance, or what’s best for business.

Suddenly, Shane McMahon’s music played. Shane bounced out on-stage, then strutted on the stage. Shane cautiously entered the ring, then strutted in front of Taker and around Vince. Taker did not take kindly to that. Shane then grabbed a mic as all three men jockeyed for position in the ring.

Shane spoke that Vince is definitely not what’s best for business anymore. Yet, he finds himself in the match of a lifetime at WrestleMania … against The Undertaker. Shane said he’s been watching footage of Taker trying to figure out how to beat him. So, he proceeded to reveal his plan. Shane vowed to fight for the fans and he will not stop as long as there is one heartbeat left in his body.

Taker yanked the mic away from Vince and told him, “And it still ain’t gonna be enough.” Taker told Shane what he has are these (his fists). Taker said these fists are his legacy, more than WrestleMania itself. Shane gave Taker his props, then said he can’t believe Taker is standing here dancing around like a puppet for Vince. Taker grimaced. He said no one controls him. Shane said he sees things differently. He has the misfortune of being Vince’s son, but Taker is just Vince’s b—–.

Taker grabbed Shane around the throat and tried to attack him, but Shane ducked and avoided (attempting to provide a visual of Shane being able to execute his plan). Suddenly, Vince shoved Shane into Taker, who chokeslammed him. Vince celebrated, then Taker turned his attention toward Vince. Taker went after Vince, who bailed from the ring to avoid Taker’s wrath.

Taker’s music played as Shane continued to sell in the ring. Cole said this approach has allowed Vince to survive for so many years. Raw closed with back-and-forth shots of Taker fired up and Vince pleased with himself 11 minutes past the top of the hour.








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