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WWE NXT Results 3/9

WWE NXT Results 3/9

We are back at Full Sail University this week for the first time in a few shows. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves are on commentary.

William Regal comes out to the ring for a promo. He says last week Baron Corbin took unprofessional actions by attacking Austin Aries. Corbin deserves disciplinary action, but Regal won't punish him because Aries asked him not too. Instead, Aries asked for a 1 v 1 match v Corbin which will take place at NXT Takeover Dallas. He then hypes up the 2 out of 3 Falls Match as he walks to the back.

Samoa Joe is out first and then we see that Sasha Banks, Hideo Itami and Michael Hayes are at ringside for tonights Number One Contender Match. Sami Zayn comes out next. Before the match we get the 'formal' ring introductions with both superstars in the ring.

Sami Zayn v Samoa Joe - 2 out of 3 Falls Match

Joe takes an early swipe at Zayn and forces him to back up into the corner. Joe goes for another kick, this time to the head, but Zayn dodges. They lock up and Joe forces Zayn to the mat by working on his arm. The hold is broken but they then go back into it. Zayn goes for a pin but Joe easily kicks out. The two are feeling each other out in the early stages before Joe gets Zayn back to the mat. He goes for some pinfalls but Sami kicks out. Joe has a tight grip on a headlock in the centre of the ring but Sami forces his way out, only for Joe to shoulder tackle him to the ground. He then goes back to trying to wear Zayn down. He finally fights his way out and takes Joe down before starting to work on his arm. He goes for another pinfall and Joe kicks out at 2.

Joe is back up and stuns Zayn with a series of kicks and chops. Joe throws Sami into the ropes but he bounces off the middle rope and jumps over Joe. Joe is now on the outside and Sami is lining up a dive onto him, but Joe moves and Zayn flips off of the ropes and lands on his feet as we head to a commercial.

When we come back Joe is in control and elbows Zayn to the floor. He continues to work on the head of the former NXT Champion. Zayn manages to break the hold but is sent back down with another elbow. Zayn is sitting in the corner and Joe repeatedly kicks him and then delivers a massive boot to the face. He goes for a cover but Sami kicks out. Joe is firmly in control and continues to wear down Zayn with strikes. Sami starts to fight back with a chop of his own, but then runs into a belly to belly suplex.

We are still tied at zero falls a piece. Zayn gets back into the match with some clotheslines. He then gets kicked by Joe but hits another clothesline to send Joe down. Joe is back up and goes for his finishing move but Zayn dodges it. He then hits an enziguri and goes for the pin but Sami kicks out. He hits a big boot then a senton but Zayn manages to kick out once more. 

Sami gets the upperhand again, dropping Joe face first and then going for his Koji Clutch but Joe gets out. Zayn then runs into a power slam from his opponent. Joe has the upperhand as Zayn looks groggy and is being laid out with a host of punches. Zayn gets up and asks for more. He gets it when Joe hits a big slap to the chest, knocking him down. 

The two go punch for punch, until Joe takes away Sami's legs and puts him on the mat. Zayn turns it around and throws Joe out of the ring. Sami bounces off of the ropes and hits a moonsault onto Joe. Back in the ring, he delivers a crossbody which Joe kicks out of at 2. Sami tries to go for the Blue Thunder Bomb, but the weight of Joe collapses him. He gets back up but runs into a massive clothesline from Joe.

Joe sits Sami on the top rope and gets him up for the Musclebuster and connects to get the first fall after 22 minutes.

Pinfall #1: Samoa Joe (1-0)

The bell rings to start the match again as Joe looks for the second pin. He pounces on Zayn right away and works away on him. He looks for the Musclebuster again but Sami manages to fight out and hits a missile dropkick. Joe has started to bleed slightly on his forehead and the referee holds Zayn back from going for him. Joe capitalises on this and starts to lay into Zayn once more. He hits a snap suplex which Sami kicks out of at 2 . Joe throws Zayn out of the ring and he only manages to get back in at a 6 count but is punted back out again after rolling in. Joe throws Zayn into the steel steps as the referee starts to count again. He gets back in, at the count of 8 this time. 

Joe drops a STO on the outside of the ring and Zayn is motionless but somehow gets back in the ring at the count of 9. Back in the ring, Zayn goes to town on Joe with punches. He tries to go for a suplex but doesn't quite have the energy. He finally manages to hit it. Joe rolls out of the ring and Sami flies over the top rope and on top of his opponent. Zayn then drops Joe face first and has the Koji Clutch locked in and Joe taps out after roughly 10 minutes of the second match.

Pinfall #2: Sami Zayn (1-1)

The winner of the next fall will be the Number 1 Contender for the NXT Title. The commentators say they had more matches planned for tonight, but they will need to be rescheduled due to the fact this match has gone on for too long.

Zayn manages to deliver the Blue Thunder Bomb and goes for the Helluva Kick, but Joe rolls out the way. The two are now on the top rope. Zayn flips over Joe and hits a powerbomb. Joe kicks out at 2. Joe is now outside of the ring, and Sami joins him. Zayn hits his through the ropes DDT and Joe struggles to get back up, just rolling back into the ring at the count of 9. Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick again but Joe catches him and lays out Sami with a powerbomb.

Joe then has Zayn in a Boston Crab before rolling over into an arm lock, Zayn finally manages to get his foot on the rope. Zayn is looking increasingly groggy as he gets back to his feet and only just beats a 10 count. Joe hits another enziguri. He then delivers a series of kicks to the head of Zayn. The referee again goes for another 10 count but Zayn pops back up. Out of nowhere, Zayn gets Joe in a sleeper but Joe gets his foot on the bottom rope. 

Zayn hits his Exploder Suplex on Joe in the corner but misses the Helluva kick. Joe manages to get his Coquina Clutch locked in and the referee calls for the bell. Zayn didn't tap, but looks completely passed out.

Pinfall #3 and Number 1 Contender for the NXT Championship: Samoa Joe (2-1 victory)

Referees check on Zayn as Joe stands tall in the ring. That's all the NXT for this week.


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