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We remain at the CFE Arena in Florida this week, and the usual faces of Corey Graves and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

The Vaudevillians', Aiden English and Simon Gotch, entrance begins for our first match of the evening. They will be going up against Hugo Knox and Tucker Knight.

The Vaudevillians vs Hugo Knox and Tucker Knight

This is Knox' debut in NXT. He used to be a goalkeeper for a host of football league teams in the UK. He gets in some early offence with a dropkick but English turns things around and tags in Gotch. The former Tag Team Champs have the upperhand and have Knox isolated in the corner of the ring with a series of quick tags. He eventually manages to land his feet from an attempted suplex and gets the tag to Knight. He clears house before The Vaudevillians take over and hit their finisher for the victory.

Winners: The Vaudevillians
Time: 3:30

There is a backstage segment with Emma and Dana Brooke who are being interviewed. Emma says she will take care of her opponent, Santana Garrett, tonight.

We look back to the footage that was shown last week of Enzo Amore being attacked by Dash and Dawson. Big Cass ended up coming out to save Enzo.

Reacting to the finish, Cass says that Dash and Dawson are gutless. The next time they see them, the champs will have nowhere to run.

It is announced that Dash and Dawson, who are now being named The Revival, will face Enzo and Cass for the NXT Tag Team Championships at the WWE Roadblock event on the WWE Network.

Next up is some women's action.

Emma vs Santana Garrett

The two lock up and Emma forces Garrett into the corner befoe kicking her in the cut and smashing her head off the turnbuckle. She moves Garrett around the ring and does the same on all but one of the turnbuckles. Emma hits a double underhooked suplex before mocking her opponent. Emma continues to have the upperhand, using dirty tactics to remain in control. Garrett nearly fights out but she is kicked back down. Garrett eventually turns the match around with some clothesline and a leg sweep, before going for a pinfall which Emma kicks out of. Garrett goes to the top rope but is pushed over by Emma who takes control again. When the referees back is turned, Dana Brooke attacks Santana. Garrett nearly steals a win but Emma kicks out again. She eventually manages to force the Emmalock and Garrett taps out.

Winner: Emma
Time: 5:38

William Regal is backstage and is joined by Eva Marie and Nia Jax. Eva says it's about time they were treated like the big stars that they are. Regal announces a Tag Match of Bayley and Asuka against Eva and Nia. He then goes off to meet NXTs newest acquisition.

William Regal is now standing in the ring. He is extremely excited to announce one of the greatest signings to date..

Austin Aries!

The crowd is really hot for him and the commentators are extremely excited as well.

Aries makes his way to the ring with both hands out wide when out of nowhere he is attacked by Baron Corbin. Corbin lays out the new signing and tears off his shirt. He hits the End of Days on Aries on the outside.

Corbin holds up Aries' ripped t-shirt and shouts at Regal: 'An eye for an eye'. He then throws the t-shirt at Regal. Aries looks shaken up as referees check on him.

Time for another singles match after we come back from a couple of commercials. 'The Drifter' is in action.

Elias Samson vs Steve Cutler

Samson starts off in control, getting Cutler in the corner and delivering some elbows. Samson then puts Cutler to the ground and drops a knee on him. Samson plays the air guitar in the ring whilst his opponent is down and Cutler is busted open. Suplex to Cutler before a big elbow is dropped on him. Samson delivers a jumping knee to Cutler, picks him and does his swinging neckbreaker finisher for the win.

Winner: Elias Samson
Time: 2:58

The Hype Bros are backstage talking about The Vaudevillians. Ryder says they have chosen the wrong team to mess with and they are one of the greatest WWE Tag Teams of all time. After they walk off, The Vaudevillians appear from behind the curtain and smile at each other.

Our Main Event is up next this evening.

Finn Balor vs Neville

The fans chant 'This is awesome' before the two even lock up. Balor and Neville feel each other out in the opening stages but Balor eventually gets his opponent down to the mat. Neville gets back up and hits a hiptoss , performs a cartwheel and then a dropkick. Lots of very cool flips in the early parts of this match, and Balor gets his own back for the dropkick earlier with one of his own. Snap suplex from Neville for a kickout. Neville throws Balor into the corner, forcing him to fall over as we head to a break.  

Neville still has the upperhand when we get back and has Balor in a sleeper hold. Balor nearly fights out but is taken back down by a clothesline. Neville has Balor in the corner, and when 'the man that gravity forgot' goes to run at the NXT Champion, Balor forces Neville over the top rope and onto the outside. He gets back in at the count of 8 and the two now find themselves both outside of the ring. Neville is standing on the apron and jumps off the middle rope, backwards, onto Balor. They're both back in the ring and Neville is controlling the match. Balor forces his way back in with a series of kicks and slaps and then gives The Geordie a Pele kick. Balor throws Neville from one corner to another, giving him a chop to the chest in each corner. Neville is now on the outside again, and Balor hits a dropkick through the ropes before running along the apron with a kick to the head. Balor goes for Bloody Sunday but Neville reverses and ends up hitting a German Suplex. He gets another German resulting in a 2 count. 

Neville goes for the top rope looking for the Red Arrow but Balor gets up to stop. Neville knocks him back down with a kick to the head and goes looking for it again, but Balor denies him again with a kick to the head that knocks him out of the ring. Balor dives over the top of the ropes and onto Neville. He throws him back in the ring, looking for Coup de Grace but Neville stops him. The two are now both on the top rope and Neville hits a hurricarana from there. He looks for his finisher again but Balor rolls out the way. Neville lands on his feet but runs into a swingblade. Neville nearly steals the match with a pin out of no where for a 2 count. Balor hits a massive clothesline, a dropkick, then the Coup de Grace and finally Bloody Sunday for the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor
Time: 16:16

Neville is on his knees in the ring as Balor celebrates. Balor starts to applaud him as the fans chant for Neville. They shake hands and the Newcastle man raises Balor's hand.

Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe are backstage for an interview to preview the 2 out of 3 falls, number 1 contendors match that we will see next week. Joe says Zayn is ungrateful. If joe didn't come into NXT, Zayn wouldn't be walking. Zayn replies by saying Joe has been using other peoples success to get what he wants. Joe says he is responsible for Zayn still having a career, but will take that away next week as we head off the air after another week of NXT action.


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