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Kurt Angle Wants To Reboot "Team Angle" In WWE, Talks Shane McMahon and His Favorite Opponent

Kurt Angle Wants To Reboot

Kurt Angle recently participated in a Q&A at the London Film And Comic Con event on Saturday. Below is a recap from Reddit user SCFack:

He seems very keen on a return to the WWE on a part time basis. He expressed interest in a Team Angle reboot with Jordan and Gable. He said this would allow them to wrestle regularly in his place and he could just work the PPVs

He cites Chris Benoit as the best wrestler he has faced. He said it was like wrestling himself

He wanted to wrestle Daniel Bryan during his eventual comeback. He knows Bryan's doctor and said he was told Bryan wasn't healing how he should be.

He likes Roman Reigns, but feels he should turn heel since the crowd boo him. He understands the crowd's frustrations.

He said Vince wanted him to be serious from the get go. Bryan Gerwitz was writing all the comedy for him early on as well as for Edge and Christian and The Rock. He really put over Gerwitz. The character he played after he was shaved bald was what Vince wanted from the start.

The medals he wore at the start of his run were from Elementary School. This includes the ones Austin threw in the river. After about 3 years Vince had duplicates made of the Olympic medals. They had three and they cost $3000 each. One was stolen, Kurt has one and one is in the WWE warehouse.

He said bringing back Shane McMahon was the best thing WWE have done in 5 years. He said for Shane to come back after what happened he must "really love his family".


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