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Watch Shane McMahon's Greatest Matches And Best Moments

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Feb 23, 2016

Watch Shane McMahon's Greatest Matches And Best Moments

It's not often a return in the wrestling world has quite the impact that Shane McMahon's had last night on Monday's WWE Raw, maybe because they are often spoiled ahead of time, but when a surprise is kept in the bag the feeling is eminence.

Take a look below at some of Shane's greatest moments.

Shane McMahon Screws Mankind

Shane was instrumental in screwing Mankind at Survivor Series 1998, revealing that he, Vince and The Rock had conspired to ensure that the third-generation Superstar left that night's event with the WWE Championship.

Shane's Got Gold

A year later Shane McMahon had gold, defending the WWE European Championship against X-Pac at the first-ever No Mercy event in Manchester, England.

Shane Protects His Little Sister

Shane took exception to the fact that Test had begun dating his younger sister Stephanie in the spring and summer months of 1999.

Shane Goes Hardcore

In the summer of 2000, Shane McMahon captured the WWE Hardcore Championship and begun feuding with martial artist "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman. At SummerSlam 2000, Shane would be forced to defend his title against Blackman leading to a HIGHLY memorable moment, taking a breathtaking bump off the scaffolding!

Shane Buys WCW

WWE's acquisition of World Championship Wrestling in March 2001 ended a long bitter battle for ratings supremacy, but if Vince McMahon thought he could sleep soundly in his bed he was wrong! On the March 26 episode of Raw, Shane appeared from Panama City Beach, Florida, home of the final episode of WCW Nitro. It was there that he revealed "I Now Own WCW!"

Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle

In summer of 2001, the war between WWE and WCW was intensifying. Shane found himself against one of WWE's hottest stars, Kurt Angle in a rivalry that climaxed at King of the Ring 2001 in one of the most violent and brutal Street Fights in the history of WWE.

Shane Meets The Monster Kane

Shane who by 2003 had become known as a fearless competitor returned to WWE to help come to the aid of his defenseless mother Linda McMahon who was on the receiving end of a Tombstone Piledriver from a recently unmasked Kane. Their rivalry would take them to Unforgiven but not before Kane electrified Shane's testicles with the assistance of a car battery and some jumper cables.

Shane Comes To The Defence Of His Father

In 2006, Shane interjected himself in Vince's rivalry with Shawn Michaels, becoming a key figure in the feud between the McMahon family and a reunited D-Generation X.

Shane's Last Stand

In 2009, Shane McMahon would have one last feud before departing the company. Shane returned to take on Randy Orton who was involved two physical assaults of Stephanie McMahon, a brutal and vile punt of Vince and countless attacks on Triple H. 

Shane Quits WWE (2009)

Toward the end of 2009, Shane McMahon announced he was leaving WWE as both an on-screen character and CEO of the company. The opening line of his resignation statment read "It is with great sadness that I announce my resignation from the WWE, effective January 1, 2010."

Shane Returns To Raw (2016)

It would be six years before we saw Shane back with WWE, returning on the February 22nd edition of Monday Night Raw in which he demanded control of the show and WWE. His Father Vince McMahon said he would give him just that if he could win one last match, against The Undertaker at WrestleMania in HELL IN A CELL!

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