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WWE NXT Results 2/17

WWE NXT Results 2/17

NXT this week comes from the CFE Arena in Orlanda, Florida.

Tonight we will see Sami Zayn v Samoa Joe in the Main Event of the show. The winner will become the new Number 1 Contender for Finn Balor's NXT Championship.

Also announced for tonight is an Eight Man Tag Team match with American Alpha joining up with Enzo and Cass to take on the team of Blake, Murphy, Dash and Dawson.

And that match will kick us off! Enzo and Cass come out to a big reaction. They are joined by Gable and Jordan, American Alpha, who receive just as big of a reaction.

One-half of their opponents, Blake and Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) are out now and are joined by the NXT Tag Team Champions Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

Dash and Dawson hit a double team on Gable for 2 count as Dash continues to wear down Gable before he finally hits the hot tag to Jason Jordan and he clears house. Big Cass gets involved and delivers a slideslam. Jordan hits a belly to belly on Dawson and Cass throws Dash over the top right. American Alpha hit their finisher on Dash but its broken up but Enzo finally hits his big splash on one half of the Tag Team Champs to give the faces the victory.

Winners: American Alpha and Enzo and Cass.

Deonna Parauzzo is backstage and says Asuka is an amazing competitor. She says being knocked out was a learning experience before she is interrupted by Dana Brooke and Emma. They say they run NXT. When Asuka beat them, she was lucky. If Deonna thinks that she can do what Dana Brooke and Emma couldn't then shes more pathetic than she looks.

That match is up now. Deonna is out first followed by Asuka.

Asuka goes straight for a kick but Deonna dodges but she soon wears her down with kicks to the legs and chest. Perauzzo fights back but Asuka gets her back down straight away with a leg submission but Deoanno fights out. She goes for more offence and hits Asuka but Asuka just stands up and laughs. Perauzzo goes for a move off the top rope but meets a super kick. Asuka delivers a german for a 2 count. She continues to wear her down and finally scores the pinfall after a roundhouse kick.

Winner: Asuka

The commentators review last week's Woman's Championship match between Bayley and Carmella.

Eva Marie is backstage and says her and Nia Jax made a statement attacking Bayley last week. If Nia Jax was cleared to wrestle she would have won the Battle Royal. Asuka also needs to stay out of their way or she will get broken - like the rest of the NXT women's division.

Our next match this evening sees Tye Dillinger come out for singles action. He's going up against Alex Riley.

The two stare off for a bit before grappling off. Dillinger gets the upper hand and mocks Riley by performing a cartwheel and chanting '10'. Riley then takes him down with a clothesline and delivers a chop to the chest in the corner. He lays him out with a right hand and hits him with an elbow on the mat. Dillinger gets a bit of offence but Riley turns it around again but Dillinger sneaks him with a roll up for a surprise victory.

Winner: Tye Dillinger

Finn Balor is backstage and tips his hat to Apollo Crews. He thinks they'll meet again in the future. As for tonight's match, Finn thinks both men will go through hell tonight. Whoever wins, he is going to be ready to defend the title against either Zayn or Joe. Our Main Event is up next.

William Regal is shown at his desk and is interrupted by Baron Corbin. He says it's not too late to add him to the match. Regal's decision is final, however. Corbin says he's the kind of guy who believes in an eye for an eye especially when it comes to stealing.

Samoa Joe is out first for our Number 1 Contender Main Event. Sami Zayn comes out to a big reaction as the fans chant 'Ole'.

Joe goes for an early kick to head but Zayn ducks. The two lock up and Joe locks Zayn into an arm submission. Zayn manages to get out and onto the ropes, forcing Joe to break the hold. He manages to get Zayn back into a headlock however, which Zayn fights out of and delivers an armdrag. Zayn then uses Joe's momentum against him, making him go out of the ring. Zayn was going to go for a dive to the outside but stopped and flipped off of the top 

We come back from a break and the two are still feeling each other out. Joe fights Zayn into the corner and hits him to the ground. Zayn picks up some momentum but is soon slammed down to the mat by Joe. He hits Zayn when he's on the floor and Zayn nearly fights back but is soon powerfully put down again by Joe. He picks him up and hits a suplex for a 2 count. Joe hits Zayn with chops to the chest and says 'You wanted this'. Zayn has turned things around and takes out Joe with two clotheslines. Joe kicks him in the head but Zayn replies with another clothesline.
The one time NXT Champion hits a blue thunder bomb at the second time of asking but Joe kicks out at 2. Joe gives Zayn an atomic drop followed by a big boot and then a senton, which Zayn kicks out of at 2. Zayn is struggling to get back on his feet but finally does and runs at Joe, but straight into a power slam for another near fall. Zayn drives Joe into the ground and goes for his submission but Joe wriggles free. Zayn catches Joe with an exploder suplex and lines up the Helluva Kick, however Joe catches him with the sleeper. Zayn manages to reach the ropes but looks as if he's out cold. Joe lifts Zayn onto the top rope looking for the muscle buster but Zayn wriggles free and hits the Helluva Kick! 1-2-3. 

However, no music plays. The referee is confused as the way Zayn has covered Joe makes it look as if Joe pinned him. There is confusion and both men think they have won but Regal is out to sort things. 

The referee tells him that both men's shoulders were down when he counted 3. Regal says he needs a number 1 contender. The referee says the decision is a draw as we go off the air.


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