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WWE Raw Results (2/8) Seattle, Washington

WWE Raw Results (2/8) Seattle, Washington


- Dolph Ziggler def. Kevin Owens

- Charlotte def. Alicia Fox

- Bray Wyatt def. Ryback

- Adam Rose def. Titus O'Neil

- League Of Nations def. Lucha Dragons

- Tamina def. Becky Lynch

-Dudley Boyz and Usos def. New Day and Mark Henry



Welcome to Monday Night Raw and we kick things off with a contract signing for the main event of FastLane. Dean Ambrose is already in the ring and out comes Roman Reigns.

Reigns asks Stephanie what the hold up is and that they're ready to sign the contract now. Stephanie then tries to stir up trouble between Reigns and Ambrose by suggesting that everytime Ambrose has his moment, Reigns seems to interrupt. The third participant in the main event is then introduced out comes Brock Lesnar along with Paul Heyman

Ambrose signs first, next is Reigns and lastly Lesnar signs the contract to make the match at FastLane official. Stephanie leaves and Heyman tells Ambrose he might want to explain to Reigns the difference between an Authority beatdown and an authoritative beatdown at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

The crowd starts a "Suplex City" chant. Ambrose gets thrown onto the table. The table then gets shoved into Reigns and Lesnar delivers an F5 to Ambrose. Lesnar and Heyman leave the ring but Triple H makes his way out. And Lesnar and Triple H stare each other down as cameras shift to the announce table and Michael Cole speaks about the announcement from Daniel Bryan made earlier today regarding his in-ring career


Backstage: Reigns and Ambrose are looking for Lesnar and Ambrose promises before the night is over he's going to get his hands on Brock Lesnar


Owens with a clothesline right out of the gate. Ziggler thrown into the corner and Owens hits the running Cannonball. Owens in control with a forearm to the side of the face.

Right hand to Ziggler as Owens leans over the ropes yelling at Cole to "shut up". Owens with a boot on the throat.Ziggler with a nearfall. Ziggler tries to mount a comeback but runs into a high elbow.

Another right hand to the nose.  Irish whip across the ring and Ziggler hits the turnbuckle hard. Nearfall by Owens. Owens mocking Ziggler telling Ziggler "he can do it". Ziggler with a sleeperhold. Owens trying to break the hold but Ziggler holds on and Owens and Ziggler both fall through the ropes to the outside


Owens in control coming back from break. Irish whip to Ziggler and Ziggler side steps as Owens hits the ring post. Clothesline by Ziggler. Neckbreaker to Owens and Ziggler drops the elbow.

Owens counters a tornado DDT and connects with the superkick. DDT by Ziggler to Owens. Owens and Ziggler on the outside and Ziggler with The Famouser to Owens

Ziggler and Owens beat the 10 count. Owens side steps Ziggler who misses with the running clothesline. Owens misses with the cannonball and Ziggler rolls Owens up for the three count using the ropes for leverage

The winner of the match: Dolph Ziggler

Post Match: Owens tears up the announce table.

Daniel Bryan Flashback: Night Of Champions 2010 - Daniel Bryan vs The Miz for the United States Championship


Backstage: Dudley Boyz walk into New Day's Locker Room and Bubba suggest tonight The Dudleys and The Usos vs New Day in a tables match

Later Tonight: Ryback vs Bray Wyatt

Charlotte accompanied by Ric Flair make her way out to the ring for the next match as Raw goes to break.



Side headlock by Charlotte. Dropkick to Alicia. Alicia with a waistlock on Charlotte. Charlotte counters and goes for the Figure Eight but Alicia kicks her away.

Alicia with a dropkick and a northern lights suplex. Charlotte side steps Alicia and delivers a neckbreaker to Alicia. Series of kicks by Charlotte to Alicia. Alicia with a nearfall. Charlotte floors Alicia once again and geta a nearfall.

Charlotte slams Alicia's face into the mat. Charlotte steps on the side of the head and Charlotte works over the neck. Alicia gets to her feet delivering a series of elbows but Charlotte slams Alicia back to the mat and Charlotte with a figure four headlock on Alicia.

Charlotte flips Alicia over. Alicia with an elbow and Alicia with a dropkick and swinging backbreaker. Series of counters and nearfalls between Charlotte and Alicia and Charlotte with a spear locking in the Figure Eight for the submission

The winner of the match by submission: Charlotte

Backstage: Miz is preparing for MizTV



Miz is in the ring for MizTV and welcomes everyone to the most must-see show. Chris Jericho then comes out without an introduction from Miz and Jericho turns MizTV into the Highlight Reel. Jericho calls for his stools and potted plants and introduces Miz as his guest

Jericho brings up Miz' two losses then turns everyone's attention to the JeriTron 5000 and the match from last Thursday night followed by an instagram photo of Miz.

A "You Look Stupid" chant erupts and Miz says he can't possibly look stupid, he's not Sheamus. Miz points to his face calling it his moneymaker and it cost him $10,000 to fix his dental work

Jericho then laughs and starts singing "All I Want For Christmas". The crowd then starts singing and chanting "Yes". Miz says he has a microphone and can be louder than everyone in this arena. He says he finds it funny that he wasn't the only one upstaged by AJ Styles and rolls to footage from Raw 2 weeks ago with AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

Miz calls AJ a small fish in a big pond and in the WWE that small fish beat a great white shark and deep down it's eating Jericho alive. Jericho says Miz is right it is eating him alive and they all know AJ Styles is good but is he great and they'll find out on Smackdown when he reminds Styles that he is the best in the world at what he does.

AJ Styles comes out. Miz goes after Jerich. Styles runs in and goes after Miz who gets thrown into a Jericho clothesline. Styles and Jericho then take out Miz before staring each other down. Styles pokes Jericho and Jericho swats his hand away and they trade punches before Miz tries to interfere. Jericho eyes Styles as he walks up the ramp.

Earlier Tonight: FastLane main event contract signing

Backstage: Dean Ambrose is pacing back and forth

Daniel Bryan Flashback: Money In The Bank 2011 - Daniel Bryan becomes Mr. Money In The Bank



Right hands by Ryback. Ryback gets thrown to the outside. Boot to Wyatt. Shoulder tackle and a slam. Ryback goes to the top rope but decides to turn his attention to the rest of the Wyatt Family. Wyatt attacks off the distraction as Raw goes to break


Wyatt with a clothesline. Wyatt charges and hits the ring post. Ryback with a running high knee and shoulder blocks in the corner. Irish whip reversed by Wyatt. Ryback with a flying crossbody. Spinebuster to Wyatt. Ryback setting Wyatt up for the Meat Hook but Wyatt counters and hits Sister Abigail on Ryback for the three count

The winner of the match: Bray Wyatt

Post Match: Bray Wyatt instructs Rowan, Strowman and Harper to attack Ryback. Full Nelson bomb by Rowan. Discus clothesline by Harper. Strowman picks Ryback up and dumps him to the outside

Daniel Bryan Flashback: Team Hell No win the Tag Team Championships


Backstage: New Day are polishing a table as they prepare for their tables match

Backstage: Roman Reigns approaches Dean Ambrose and tells him he has Ambrose's back tonight. Ambrose tells Reigns he doesn't need him and wants Lesnar all to himself. Reigns asks if Ambrose is still hot about Smackdown and Ambrose says no he's been in the ring with Lesnar before



Rose gets in O'Neil's face. O'Neil with a right hand and he throws Rose across the ring delivering a series of chops. O'Neil hits the turnbuckle shoulder first. Dropkick by Rose and Rose takes out the leg.

Kick to the head by Rose and a nearfall on O'Neil. Sleeperhold by Rose on O'Neil. Irish whip blocked by O'Neil and O'Neil whips Rose across the ring. Series of shoulder tackles. A kick to the face by Rose. Rose off the ropes gets caught by O'Neil. O'Neil with a series of backbreakers and Social Outcasts pull rose out of the ring. O'Neil takes out all four members and throws Rose back in. Rose off the distraction rolls O'Neil up for the three count

The winner of the match: Adam Rose

Backstage: Dean Ambrose is shown walking

Daniel Bryan Flashback:  Summerslam 2013 -Daniel Bryan vs John Cena for the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan becomes WWE Champion


Dean Ambrose is in the ring and says he thought the F5 was supposed to hurt and keep him down. Ambrose says Lesnar can't keep him down and challlenges Lesnar to try again. Ambrose says maybe Triple H was right last week when he said Lesnar may have gone soft.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out.  Ambrose goes after Lesnar and a brawl ensues between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose. Ambrose gets whipped into the barricades.

Lesnar picks Ambrose up and throws him back into the ring. Clothesline to Ambrose. Ambrose gets back to his feet and Lesnar connects with another clothesline. Lesnar picks Ambrose up and delivers another F5 and leaves the ring.

Ambrose motions for Lesnar to come back and Lesnar returns to the ring. Roman Reigns' music hits and Reigns walks out. Reigns walks down towards the ring and Ambrose delivers a low blow from behind. Ambrose slides out of the ring and walks back up the ramp.



The League dominated Sin Cara early on to take advantage of Sin Cara being rusty. Sin Cara then kind of dropped Rusev to the mat in a move that looked like it hurt him more than Rusev. But, Sin Cara tagged out to Kalisto, who entered to a solid reaction. The action quickly broke down with Sin Cara knocking out Rusev on the floor.

Del Rio then tossed Kalisto into the ringpost and nailed a kick to the back of the head. Barrett provided a distraction from the outside, then Del Rio hung up Kalisto in the corner and delivered his two-foot stomp to the chest. Del Rio covered Kalisto for the win to get a pin on the U.S. champion before their title match at Fast Lane

The winners of the match: League Of Nations

Earlier Today: R-Truth was shown walking around Seattle. Truth was on his phone telling someone he’s going to check out the Jimi Hendrix museum. Goldust was there dressed like Hendrix. Truth had enough of Goldust’s act, then security came over and escorted Goldust away.

In-ring: Sasha Banks was introduced to the ring. She’s on commentary for the next match.

Daniel Bryan Flashback: Occupy Raw on the Road to WrestleMania 30.


Back in the arena, Becky Lynch was introduced to the ring as Sasha talked on commentary about teaming with Becky at one time in NXT, but she’s really out here to scout her. Cole noted Sasha agreed to an alliance with Becky, then announced Becky & Sasha against Tamina & Naomi at Fast Lane in two weeks. Tamina was introduced to the ring as Becky’s opponent.


Sasha complained about Team B.A.D. being jealous of her spotlight, so they broke up with her. Meanwhile, Tamina used her size advantage to overpower Becky early on. Tamina then turned her attention to Sasha down at ringside. Naomi came over to also share some words with Sasha and things turned violent when Naomi smashed the shades right off Sasha’s face. Becky then came to the outside and suplexed Naomi on the floor. But, Becky stormed back into the ring and walked right into a swift superkick to the jaw. Tamina pinned Becky for the win.

The winner of the match: Tamina

Backstage: New Day interviewed a tag team candidate off-camera. So, what do you say? Big E. extended a unicorn horn to Mark Henry, who took the unicorn, put it on, and thought things over. Henry also needed to test the trombone. A little rusty. He also needed some work on his hips to get the dance moves going. Henry worked into a groove as Raw faded to commercial

Bryan Tributes: WWE flashed through various tribute tweets for Daniel Bryan sent out today, including top star John Cena.

This Thursday: A.J. Styles vs. Chris Jericho.

In-ring: New Day’s music played to bring out the WWE tag champions for the default main event. New Day said they are not serving a Table for 3 (Network plug), but a Table for Four. Out came Mark Henry ready to do battle with New Day. Apparently. The Usos were out first for. The Dudleys came out next and the fight suddenly broke out. 


The babyfaces quickly took control, looking good early on by knocking New Day completely out of the ring. Henry was left alone to take a four-on-one attack. The Usos then flew over the top rope to splash the heels on the outside. Raw cut to break after a hot start from the face unit.


Back from break, the heels were now in control. Henry delivered World’s Strongest Slam to an Uso, then he got tired of New Day bossing him around. So, Henry decided to walk, leaving New Day by themselves. The Dudleys and Usos combined for a double whassup? to New Day, then called for tables. Usos placed Woods on a table looking for a big splash, but Big E. pulled Woods to safety. But, after the table was re-arranged, the Dudleys caught Big E. and sent him through the table for the win.

The winners of the match: Dudley Boyz and The Usos

Post Match: everyone re-grouped as Jey Uso sold a left knee injury. Jimmy checked on Jey as Bubba challenged New Day to come get some more. Jey eventually made it to his feet to get the shine. But, suddenly, the Dudleys turned on The Usos, smashing them with clotheslines. The Dudleys then put each Uso through tables as the crowd chanted “ECW.” The announcers tried to figure out what the Dudleys are doing as they talked down at The Usos that they are the Dudleys.

Video Package: Daniel Bryan through the years. He speaks next.



Bryan’s music played for the first time in seemingly ages. Bryan emerged on-stage with a trimmed beard and haircut looking five years younger. Huge chants and applause in his home market. Bryan entered the ring and stood still as the crowd continued to applaud. Bryan soaked up the moment by closing his eyes and feeling the moment.

Bryan spoke first that he decided to close his eyes and feel that moment since they’re supposed to keep their eyes open at all times. WWE cut to a woman in the crowd crying as Bryan spoke emotionally about this moment. Bryan said it’s time to address the giant elephant in the room. “No!” the crowd shouted. Bryan deadpanned that he did not want to shave his beard.

Bryan said he wanted to cut his hair, but he thought he would look silly with just a giant beard. Bryan then talked about cutting his hair for an organization for Wigs for Kids as WWE cut to kids crying in the crowd. Bryan said the organization provides wigs for children with cancer, so hopefully there is something worthwhile that comes out of this moment.

Now to some less fun stuff. Bryan said he does not want to do this any more than you want me to. Bryan said he’s been wrestling since he’s 18-years-old. And, within the first five months of his career, he had three concussions. For years after that, he would get a concussion here and there. Then, it got to the point where he had been wrestling for 16 years and that’s a lot of concussions. He said it got to the point where they told him he cannot wrestle again. Bryan said for a long time he fought that.

Bryan said he got brain MRIs and evaluations and all of them said that he was fine, and that he could come back and wrestle. Bryan said he would train to come back and train to come back to be ready to wrestle because he has loved this in a special way. Bryan choked back tears and nervously stroked his beard as the crowd picked up a “Thank You, Daniel” chant.

Bryan said that a week-and-a-half ago, he took a test that said maybe his brain is not as okay as he thought it was. He said he has a family to think about, and his wife and he want to start thinking about having kids soon. The crowd broke into a “Yes!” chant. Bryan went from his meek voice to an aggressive “That’s what Brie says all the time!” light-hearted comment. The crowd responded with a “That’s what she said” chant.

Bryan got serious again. He said it is with a heavy heart and utmost sadness that he officially announces his retirement. But, if there is one thing. He said he’s gone through a lot of complex emotions of anger, sadness, frustration, and everything. But, today when he woke up, he felt nothing but gratitude. Bryan said he wants to talk about all of the things he loves.

Bryan said he loves the Seahawks. Big pop. Fans held up their “12” signs for the 12th Man, then Bryan said he also loves that moment right before his music hits. He said he also loves diving through the ropes, making him feel like Superman. Bryan said their reaction makes him feel like Superman. Here’s something else he loves. Bryan said he has wrestled in the parking lots of gas stations and in front of 70,000 people in New Orleans.

Bryan said he also loves the people he’s met, like a super-smart monster called Kane. Also, a mentor and friend for over 16 years, William Regal. Also, children who are stronger than he ever thought anyone could be, like Connor the Crusher.

Bryan said he is grateful. And, he is grateful because wrestling does not owe him or anyone backstage anything. He said WWE does not owe him anything. He said they do this because they love to do this. And then it was strange. All of a sudden, the fans got behind him in a way that he thought was never possible. Bryan said fans aren’t supposed to get behind someone like him. Yet, they got behind him in a way that made him feel like he was more than just himself.

Bryan said he is grateful because a little over two years ago in this very arena, the Seattle fans hi-jacked Raw. The crowd popped. “Yes!” chants followed. Bryan said they were trying to do a big coronation between John Cena and Randy Orton, and they had all the former champions out there. And, this was going to be the most important match in WWE history, but you guys wouldn’t stop chanting “Daniel Bryan.” On cue, the crowd picked up a Bryan chant.

But, that’s not why he’s grateful. Bryan said his dad was sitting in the crowd right over there (he pointed to a fan standing about three rows back). Bryan said his dad got to see his son get that kind of reaction. Bryan choked back tears. And that was the last time his dad ever got to see him wrestle, and the fans made it special for him and his entire family. “I am grateful,” he said.

Bryan said he is grateful that because of wrestling, he got to meet the most wonderful woman in the world, who is beautiful, smart, and she completes him. Bryan said he is grateful because he gets to come out here in front of what he feels like are his hometown fans and he gets to announce his retirement in front of a bunch of people who love him. “That special moment I had with my dad, I get to share with my mom,” he said as he started crying. Bryan acknowledged his mom, sister, and family on the front row.

Bryan said he gets to share this with them and the fans and his wife in the back and all of these people he has spent the last 15 years of his life with. “I am grateful,” he said.

Now, tomorrow morning, he wakes up and starts a new life where he is no longer a wrestler. But, that is tomorrow, and not tonight. Bryan said he has one more night to feel this energy and feel this crowd. He asked for one last “Yes!” chant. The crowd broke into a huge “Yes!” chant as Bryan’s music played. WWE went to wide shots of the crowd chanting in unison.

Brie Bella then walked out on-stage and walked down to the ring to join Bryan in the ring. Big smooch in the middle of the ring. Bryan and Brie embraced as Cole thanked Bryan. He said they are grateful for the opportunity for Bryan to come into their lives. Bryan hugged his family down at ringside as Cole said the celebration continues on WWE Network. Raw signed off with Bryan doing “Yes!” chants around the arena and the WrestleMania banner hung over him in the background. Raw ended 25 minutes past the top of the hour

WWE Network Follow-Up

Raw continued with the entire locker room filling the stage to celebrate Bryan’s career. Vince McMahon was front-and-center playing nice CEO with tears in his eyes. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon flanked him on the stage as Bryan looked to the stage. Bryan then returned to the ring to lead the arena in another “Yes!” chant. The locker room was shown joining in as Bryan asked for one more round of “Yes!” chants. WWE cut back to Vince crying as he watched Bryan do his thing in the ring.

Bryan left the ring and hugged fans on the front row. Bryan then hugged WWE personnel down at ringside before continuing his victory lap with the fans on the front row. JBL said he got to retire in Texas, and now Bryan gets to retire his home state. Bryan hugged Saxton, then Cole, and JBL, who told him well done. Bryan continued the victory lap as JBL talked about every once in a while someone comes along to transcend wrestling.

Cole said Bryan captured the power of the WWE audience. Bryan continued his victory lap to the production area, waving to all of the fans around the arena. Bryan hugged fans and shook hands with everyone he could reach. Meanwhile, Cole talked up Bryan conquering Evolution all on the same night at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans. Bryan made his way up the stage and was joined by Brie for another big smooch.

Bryan and Brie then led the crowd and locker room with Yes! chants. Bryan approached Vince for a big hug, then he walked through the locker room to the backstage area, ending his WWE main event journey the way it really started when Bryan emerged through the locker room on the stage to get a WWE Title shot that started the Yes! movement. Raw officially ended 32 minutes past the top of the hour.




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