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Daniel Bryan Recently Blocked From Quitting WWE

Daniel Bryan Recently Blocked From Quitting WWE

Daniel Bryan's status with WWE has been up in the air for the best part of a year, after suffering a career-threatening concussion back in April. Since then Bryan has been battling with the company to make a return to the ring. His own Doctors have cleared him on numerous occasions, but WWE's own top Doctor, Dr. Joseph Maroon has consistently refused to clear him. 

This standoff has lead to frustration from Bryan's camp to get him back in the ring, however, according to Dave Meltzer, Bryan's contract for this period has been frozen, much like the company did with Mysterio in 2014. This means Bryan is still getting paid his downside guarantee by WWE, but the time not worked due to injury will be added on to his contract as an extension. 

In the last several months, WWE has had lengthy discussions with Bryan that while he is unable to return to the ring there are a number of other roles the company would be willing to offer him such as an announcer's position, Bryan is believed to have turned that down adamant that he wants to return to the ring.   

Metlzer also has revealed on the Wrestling Classics message board that during this period Bryan actually handed his notice in WWE but was blocked by the company due to the reasons outlined above:

"He did give notice and was told he did not have the right to give notice" said Metlzer.

This is actually part of the wrestlers contract when they sign with WWE.


Credit: Chris Harrington 

Below are the only terms that are grounds for early termination of contract according to the publicly available booking agreement between WWE and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque.

"11.1 (a) This Agreement may be terminated by PROMOTER during the Term for any or no reason whatsoever by providing WRESTLER at least ninety (90) advance written notice of said termination. The ninetieth (90th) day shall be defined as the "Termination Date".

(b) This Agreement may be terminated prior to the end of its Term by a written instrument executed by each of the parties expressing their mutual consent to so terminate without any further liability on the part of either party.

(c) This Agreement may be terminated by PROMOTER immediately due to WRESTLER’s breach as set forth in Section 12.1.

(d) In the event of a termination pursuant to Section 11.1(a) or Section 11.1(b), PROMOTER shall be obligated to pay WRESTLER a pro-rated portion of the Minimum Annual Compensation up until the Termination Date and to pay WRESTLER any royalties which may be due WRESTLER in accordance with Section 7 for the use of the WRESTLER Intellectual Property.

11.2 This Agreement shall automatically and immediately terminate upon WRESTLER's death and PROMOTER shall have no further obligation to WRESTLER or WRESTLER's heirs, successors, personal representatives or assigns pursuant to any of the terms herein including but not limited to any payment obligations as described in Section 7."

This is obviously a tricky situation from both perspectives. WWE have lost one of their top draws through no fault of his own although. have been willing to use him on television for a while now.

Bryan obviously a wrestler at heart wants to get back in the ring and is willing to quit the big stage in order to return to active wrestling but isn't being allowed.

I suspect we will have a strong indication very soon as to what the future holds for Bryan - Click Here to reveal BIG SPOILER.

We'll have more on Daniel Bryan's future and more, just follow us on Twitter by clicking the follow button below.

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Feb 08, 2016 Source: via Cage Side Seats, Dave Meltzer, Chris Harrington Tags: #wwe #daniel bryan

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