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WWE TLC 2015 Results (12/13) Boston, Massachussetts

WWE TLC 2015 Results (12/13) Boston, Massachussetts

WWE TLC will be live tonight from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachussetts starting at 8PM ET, live on the WWE Network.

WrestlingNewsSource.com will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Survivor Series below.

Plus, catch the Kickoff at 7 ET/4 PT below.


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- Rusev def. Ryback

- The Wyatt Family def. ECW Originals

- Charlotte (w/Ric Flair) def. Paige

-The New Day def. Lucha Dragons & The Usos

-Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens

-Sheamus def Roman Reigns

-Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger



TLC 2015 Intro

Welcome to WWE TLC 2015 live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachussetts and we kick things off with tag team action


New Day are out first and they cut their usual promo about how they will be still be WWE Tag Team Champions after this Triple Threat Tag Team Match and how they don't hide behind masks and face paint because they are stars

All three teams start fighting at the sound of the belll. Ladders already coming into play early on in the match. Big E sets the ladder up but The Usos are back in and send Big E. to the outside. Lucha Dragons in and The Usos and Lucha Dragons going for the titles early on.

Kingston sent to the outside and the Luchas on the top rope backflip to the outside onto The New Day and The Usos grab the ladder and run it into the Lucha Dragons sending them crashing to the floor. The Ladder gets thrown into the New Day and Usos fly over the top rope taking out New Day.

Usos back in setting the ladder up. Kingston gets caught by The Usos and dumped to the outside. Big E takes out The Usos. Kingston and Big E wedge the ladder in the corner double teaming one of The Usos

Big E gets taken out and the Luchas ready to bring the ladder down on Big E. Kingston jumps onto the ladder delivering punches but Sin Cara sends him to the mat and brings the ladder down on Kingston and Big E

Sin Cara with a swanton over the top rope onto the ladders. Kalisto using the ladder on Big E and sets it up over Big E climbing up. Sin Cara climbing the ladder as well but Big E benchpresses the ladder. The Usos with a double superkick to Big E.

Ladder wedged in the corner trapping Big E as The Usos double team Kingston. Double dropkick into the corner sending Big E to the outside. Kingston gets placed on the ladder. Jey on the top rope and Kingston kicks the ropes. Kingston and Jey on the top rope. Kingston with a headbutt. Jey brings a ladder down on Kingston

Kingston in the tree of woe. Jimmy with the running splash into the ladder. The Usos set up the ladder and it's a stand off between the Luchas and The Usos and iThe Luchas place a ladder on one of the Usos and Kalisto monkeyflipped out of the corner splashing onto the ladder.

Jey Uso on the ladder, Kalisto climbing up the other side and Kalisto with a punch. Kalisto hooks Jey up and delivers the Salidas Del Sol from the top of the ladder. Swanton from the top rope and bodies are everywhere.

Jimmy back up on the ladder but Big E pulls him down. Big E sent flying through the ropes to the outside. Jimmy climbs to the top rope and drives the ladder through Big E.

Kalisto trying to make his way back up the ladder. Xavier Woods throws the trombone at Kalisto and Kingston pulls Kalisto off. Kingston steadys the ladder and climbs up and unhooks the belts for the win

The winners of the match: The New Day

Video: NXT TakeOver: London -  December 16

Video Package: Rusev/Ryback feud


Ryback and Rusev start brawling and a shoulderblock floors Rusev. Rusev goes to the outside. Ryback drives him into the barricade. Ryback off the ropes with a clothesline. Military Press by Ryback and a splash on Rusev.

Ryback with shoulderblocks in the corner and mounted punches in the corner as Rusev picks him up looking to plant him but Ryback brings all his weight down on  Rusev. Rusev unloads with stomps on Ryback. Rusev with shoulder blocks in the corner and a clothesline as Lana looks on

Rusev with a submission hold on Ryback. Ryback gets to his knees and drives elbows into Rusev. Rusev with a clubbing forearm driving Ryback down to one knee. Ryback and Rusev take turns blocking each other's suplexes but it's Ryback who delivers the suplex to Rusev. Clotheslines by Ryback and flying shoulder tackle. Irish whip reversed by Rusev. Ryback with a dropkick.

Ryback picks Rusev up but Rusev drives Ryback into the corner. Ryback side steps Rusev. Ryback goes to the top rope. Crossbody onto Rusev.  Ryback sets up for the Meat Hook Clothesline but Rusev rolls out of the ring and Lana and Rusev begin walking up the ramp. Ryback follows Rusev and brings him back into the ring.

Elbow by Rusev and Ryback gets whipped into Lana who feigns injury. Rusev with a superkick. Ryback gets rollled back into the ring and a nearfall for Rusev.  Rusev steps on the back and attempts to lock The Accolades in but Ryback counters lifting Rusev up for Shell Shocked. Rusev counters with a kick to the head and locks The Accolades in as Ryback passes out

The winner of the match: Rusev


Swagger and Del Rio star swinging chairs at each other. Clothesline to Del Rio. Del Rio sent head first into the ring post and his head bounced off chairs. Del Rio rolled back in. Swagger looks for the Swagger Bomb but Del Rio with a chair to the throat. Clothesline by Del Rio.

Kick to Swagger and Swagger sent in the corner. Del Rio unloads with the chair on Swagger. Del Rio wedges the chair in the corner. Del Rio picks Swagger up. Right hand by Swagger. Irish whip reversed by Del Rio and Swagger stops himself before hitting the chair. Backstabber by Del Rio.. Del Rio brings the chair down on Swagger's back

Del Rio setting up for the cross armbreaker but  Swagger nails Del Rio with a chair between the eyes. Swagger ducks a clothesline and unloads with his own clotheslines. Swagger with the Swagger Bomb but Del Rio brings a leg up and Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock. Del Rio with a tilt o whirl backbreaker.. Swagger dumped to the outside.

Del Rio piling up chairs on top of Swagger. Swagger gets rolled back into the ring and a nearfall by Del Rio. Cross armbreaker countered and Del Rio is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Steel chair brought down on Del Rio's back.

Swagger using the chair to lock in The Patriot Lock. Del Rio slides out of the ring. Del Rio off the ropes with a chair caught by Swagger who hits a slam. Swagger Bomb onto Del Rio and a nearfall

Del Rio with the cross armbreaker in the ropes but doesn't have it quite locked in. Del Rio unloads with a chair.  Del Rio on the top rope as Swagger trapped in the tree of woe. Del Rio with the double stomp for the three count

The winner of the match: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage: ECW Originals cut a promo on their upcoming match against The Wyatt Family


Both teams stand face to face and at the sound of the bell the brawl begins as garbage cans and tables come into play early on. Kendo stick across Rowan's back. Bubba bounces Harper's head off a table. Right hand to Strowman.

Strowman punches at the garbage can. Tackle to Rhyno and Strowman takes out all members of Team ECW. Strowman brings a garbage can down on Dreamer and one on Rhyno. Garbage can brought down on Bubba.

Bubba side steps Strowman who puts a boot through the table and all 4 members of Team ECW teaming up on Strowman. Rowan back in with a slam Dreamer. Rowan sets up a table.  Devon on the table and Rowan to the top rope but Rhyno trips Rowan.

Dreamer with a DDT. Dudleyz set up another table. Dudleyz with a 3D to Rowan through the table and Rowan is the first man eliminated.  Wyatt dumps Devon to the outside. Harper and Wyatt double team Rhyno while Strowman takes out Dreamer.

Michinoku Driver by Harper and senton by Wyatt to Rhyno. Harper and Wyatt set a table up in the corner. Bubba goes after Strowman. Rhyno fights his way out of the corner. Belly to belly suplex to Harper and one to Wyatt. Rhyno sets up and goes for a Gore but Harper throws his body into Rhyno and Harper throws Rhyno through the table for the 2nd elimination.

Devon with shoulder tackles to Harper. Devon goes to the top rope but Harper meets him up there. Bubba lifts Harper on his shoulder and Devon delivers The Doomsday Device.

Bubba jumps onto Strowman. Devon takes out Wyatt and Harper. A "We Want Tables" chant echoes throughout the arena and Devon brings one in setting it up. Wyatt gets to his feet and plants Devon driving him through the table.

Wyatt, Harper and Strowman triple team Bubba but Dreamer back in unloading with kendo shots. Strowman sent over the top rope. Strowman driven into the steps. Bubba grabs a table. Dreamer low blows Strowman and Bubba and Dreamer pile table after table onto Strowman.

Harper plants Dreamer with a slam. Dreamer to the outside and Harper dives through to the outside eliminating Dreamer. Bubba blocks Sister Abigail and delivers kendo shots to Wyatt. Bubba sets up another table

Bubba pulls lighter fluid out from under the ring and sprays it across the table. Bubba picks Bray up but Harper superkicks Bubba and Strowman puts Bubba through the table for the win

The winners of the match: The Wyatt Family


Right hand by Charlotte. Paige's head bounced off the turnbuckle. A second time and it's blocked by Paige who puts the boots to Charlotte. Paige with the repeated knee strikes to Charlotte.

Irish whip and a kick to the face by Charlotte. Right hand by Paige and Charlotte falls to the mat. Flair pulls Charlotte out of the ring and Paige mocks Flair's strut.

Paige climbs out of the ring and Charlotte slides back in. Paige runs back in and brings knees down on Paige. Charlotte with a neckbreaker to Paige. Neck lock by Charlotte. Paige fighting back but Charlotte yanks Paige back to the mat by her hair.

Kneedrops by Charlotte and does Flair's strut. Charlotte goes for a powerslam but Paige counters with a sleeper. Charlotte starting to fade. Charlotte reach up and runs into the corner as she shakes Paige off.

Figure four countered. Paige misses with a clothesline and Charlotte goes after Paige's knee. Charlotte working over the leg and Paige pulls Charlotte head first into the ring post. Flair removes the padding as Paige delivers kicks and a running knee to Charlotte

Paige with the figure four locked in on Charlotte. Charlotte rolls over  forcing a break. Charlotte runs into a boot. Charlotte connects with a boot to the face. Charlotte to the top rope takes out Paige. Chps by Charlotte. Neckbreaker countered and Paige with a fisherman's suplex.

Charlotte plants Paige and gets a nearfall. Paige with a roll up. misses with a clothesline and Charlotte runs into a knee by Paige. Paige with the Ram-Paige but Flair puts Charlotte's leg on the rope. Paige goes face first off the turnbuckle and Charlotte rolls Paige up for the three count

The winner of the match: Charlotte


As soon as the bell sounded, Sheamus charged Reigns, who smashed him in the face with a right hand. “Sheamus ran right into it like an idiot,” Lawler quipped. JBL followed with a reference to the 13-second UFC knockout last night. Suddenly, the crowd broke into a “Let’s Go Cena / Cena Sucks” chant. Well, they are in Cena’s home market.

The fight moved to the floor, where Sheamus tried to smash Reigns with various weapons available to him. Back in the ring, Reigns caught Sheamus with a boot to the face. But, Sheamus responded with a tilt-o-whirl slam. The fight then moved back to the floor. It sounded like a Seth Rollins chant broke out ringside.

Reigns took Sheamus to the top of the stage, where he smashed Sheamus into a stack of weapons. Back down the ramp, though, Sheamus back-dropped Reigns through a table. Sheamus found another table on the entrance ramp and dumped Reigns through it. As Reigns recovered, Sheamus smashed him with a ladder. Sheamus followed with a hard clothesline on the ring apron.

Sheamus then took Reigns onto the ring apron and took both of them through a table with White Noise. After a pause for guys to catch their breath, Sheamus dragged Reigns back into the ring and taunted him. Sheamus wanted White Noise again, but Reigns blocked and slammed Sheamus back-first onto a ladder.

After both men recovered, Reigns and Sheamus traded blows as the crowd grew restless. Reigns then exploded off the ropes with a clothesline that generated a reaction. Reigns followed with a leaping smash to the face using a chair. Reigns then wanted the Superman Punch, but Sheamus blocked and hit the Irish Curse backbreaker.

Reigns and Sheamus then battled onto the ring apron. Reigns hoisted Sheamus into the air, then fall backwards with a Samoan Drop through a ladder on the floor, cracking it half. Both men sold on the floor for a while as the announcers wondered what else they can do to each other.

Reigns was the first man to his feet. Cole said Reigns is going to do it and end 2015 as the winner, giving away that he was not going to win. Reigns started to climb a ladder, but Sheamus came to life and pulled him down. But, Reigns smashed him with the Superman Punch. Reigns then started to climb the ladder looking to win, but Sheamus woke up again and shoved Reigns and the ladder down.

Sheamus started his climb and got one hand on the belt, but Reigns woke up and delivered a huge Superman Punch that knocked Sheamus off the ladder. Reigns started to climb again, but Rusev and Alberto Del Rio from the League of Nations hit the ring to attack Reigns. They beat down Reigns, but Reigns fought back against them. He finally escaped, then went after Sheamus, but Sheamus Brogue-Kicked Reigns clear out of the ring.

Sheamus slowly, slowly, slowly climbed the ladder, but Reigns woke up. Sheamus freaked out, so he sped up his final climb and retrieved the WWE Title belt, retaining over Reigns. “How much more can Roman Reigns take?” Cole wondered. JBL said maybe this is a mountain that Reigns just cannot climb.

The winner of the match: Sheamus

Post Match: Rusev and Del Rio held up Sheamus in the air for a big victory celebration. But, Reigns hit the ring with a big spear to Sheamus, sending him crashing to the mat. The crowd was somewhat indifferent to Reigns snapping on the heels, destroying them with chairs.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and refs then spilled out to try to subdue Reigns, who held them off with a chair. Reigns then bashed Sheamus with a chair again, ignoring Hunter’s plea. Hunter calmed everyone down, then stood on the ring apron and tried to talk to Reigns for another WresttleMania teaser. Hunter told refs to get Sheamus out of the ring, then Hunter entered the ring to check on Sheamus. Reigns contemplated doing something as Hunter looked up at Reigns to wonder what the matter is with him. Reigns continued to walk around the ring, then Hunter walked closer to Reigns wondering what’s wrong with him. Reigns then got The Look in his eyes waiting for Hunter to turn around to give him a Superman Punch. Reigns then picked up a chair and jabbed Hunter in the gut. Chair to the back followed as Stephanie freaked out ringside. Another chair to the gut, then to the back. More chair shots to Hunter.

Reigns left the ring and walked over the Spanish announce table as Hunter rolled to the floor looking for help. Refs tried to intervene, but Reigns shook them off and smashed Hunter into the side of the table as Steph continued to yell. Reigns then picked up Hunter, balanced him in the air, and dropped him on the Spanish announce table, which did not break. The crowd chanted “one more time” as Steph pleaded with Reigns to stop.

Reigns then stood on the English announce table, ran off it, and elbowed Hunter through the Spanish announce table. JBL said his career is over. Hunter remained KO’ed on the table as Reigns stood on the remaining table yelling into the crowd. Cole and JBL set up the storyline follow-up that Reigns is done, finished, more than fired. Back at ringside, Steph tried to check Hunter for signs of life. Reigns stood off to the side of the ringside area, then ran clear down the ringside area for a big spear, tackling Hunter hard to the ground. Reigns stood tall on the stage to cheers as medics checked on Hunter at ringside. The PPV signed off right at the top of the hour after a 10-15 minute post-match.





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