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WWE Raw Results (11/23) Nashville, Tennessee

WWE Raw Results (11/23) Nashville, Tennessee


1. The Wyatts def. The Dudley Boyz

2. Sasha Banks def. Becky Lynch

3. Neville def. Mark Henry

4. Prime Time Players & Goldust def.The Ascension & Stardust

5. Charlotte vs Paige - Double Count Out

6. Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler def. Tyler Breeze & Kevin Owens

7. Roman Reigns vs Rusev - No Winner



Welcome to Monday Night Raw and we kick things off with The Authority coming out to the ring. Stephanie welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw and says sometimes opportunities knock on people's doors and other times they just pass them by just like Roman Reigns did

Triple H says Roman Reigns could have had the opportunity all he had to do was shake Triple H's hand. He's gotten past that and so last night Reigns went through the tournament and again Triple H stood in the ring and held his hand out and Reigns cheap shot him and that is why Roman Reigns is no longer WWE Champion and everyone can learn from this. Lives are defined by opportunities. The ones you seize and the ones you miss. Triple H then introduces Sheamus

Sheamus comes out to the ring and takes the mic and says it doesn't get better than the WWE Championship and tells The Authority how much he loved the intro. The crowd starts chanting "You Look Stupid" butt he's not going to let that ruin his moment

Sheamus says Roman Reigns made it to the top of the mountain but he just couldn't stay there because he got Brogue Kicked. Historians said the Roman Empire lasted 5,000 years. This Roman Empire lasted 5 minutes. He told everyone he was one Brogue Kick away from becoming WWE Champion and last night he proved it. He then asks the entire WWE Universe who looks stupid now

Roman Reigns then comes out to the ring and Sheamus asks Reigns how the pride thing is working out for him. Reigns congratulates Sheamus and tells Sheamus he wants his rematch tonight

Stephanie steps in and asks Reigns how it feels to want and his opportunity to make demands with The Authority was lost when he speared Triple H. Stephanie tells Reigns to get out of her ring and he asks Triple H if he's standing behind Stephanie because he's afraid of Reigns

Triple H acknowledges that Reigns speared him last night but asks how that worked out for him because he doesn't have a lot to show for it and Reigns will get his rematch when Triple H says so and it won't be tonight. Reigns turns around and Rusev delivers a superkick and Sheamus follows it with a Brogue Kick as The Authority walk up to the stage.

Triple H informs Reigns his rematch will take place in 3 weeks at TLC as for tonight the closest Reigns will get to the Championship is when Sheamus wears it out to the ring in the corner of Reigns' opponent tonight Rusev

Video: Highlights from The Brothers Of Destruction vs The Wyatt Family

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Harper unloads on Bubba Ray and Bubba tries to fight his way out of the corner. Elbow to the head by Bubba. Harper with a cheap shot to Devon. Bubba with clotheslines. Irish whip across the ring and Bubba connects with a boot. Devon in and the Dudleys with the double team on Harper. Neckbreaker to Harper and the Dudleys call for the 3D but Bray pulls Harper out of the ring as we go to break

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The Wyatt Family in control as we come back from break. Devon and Harper exchanging right hands. Wyatt in with a snapmare and Wyatt works over the neck. Devon fights out of it. Suplex to Devon and Wyatt misses with a running senton

Harper and Bubba are in and back body drop to Harper. Series of clotheslines and Bubba with the quick jabs. Bubba plants Harper.  Bubba taunts Wyatt and takes a cheap shot at Strowman. Harper from behind with the discus clothesline off the distraction for the three count

The winners of the match: Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

Post Match: The Wyatts lay out The Dudley Boyz


Video Package: 25 Years Of The Undertaker


Sasha and Becky lock up and Sasha powers Becky to the mat delivering a series of punches. Becky with a punch and forearms to Sasha. Sasha with the double stomp on Becky

Sasha chokes Becky out on the ropes and delivers a knee to the face. Sasha unloads with kicks in the corner. Sasha once more with a knee to the back of the neck and Tamina with a cheap shot. Sasha drives a series of knees into the back

Submission hold on Becky, Becky gets to her feet and delivers a kick to the face. Roll up by Becky. Becky unloads with right hands. Clotheslines to Sasha. Becky looking for a slam. Sasha counters. Becky with a T bone suplex.

Becky looks for the Disarmor. Tamina distracting the referee as Naomi pulls Sasha under the ropes. Sasha with the roll up off the distracttion for the three count

The winner of the match: Sasha Banks

Post Match: Paige appears on the screen and says she's still next in line for the Diva's Championship and Charlotte cheated last night. Paige then shows footage of Charlotte's arms under the ropes and she's tired of Charlotte walking around here like she's someone and says Charlotte is just like her father a dirty player.



New Day cut a promo on Nashville and how country music sucks and tonight they are issuing an open challenge. The Lucha Dragons come out to accept the challenge. Minutes later The Usos come out to answer the challenge

Xavier Woods says there is no reason for New Day to defend against The Usos and The Usos say they're here and ready and New Day DID say open challenge. Kingston says it was a figure of speech.

New Day say they were out here cedlebrating their 1 year anniversary and The Usos and Lucha Dragons have ruined it and so no one gets a championship match because Woods has officially declared the open challenge cancelled. The Usos and Lucha Dragons then clear the ring as Raw goes to break


Backstage: Renee is with Charlotte and Charlotte says it doesn't surprise her that Paige says she cheated and she always has and always will respect Paige and knows the kind of person she is and knows it's not over between them and Paige can politic all she wants but Charlotte knows she'll be facing Paige tonight


Henry corners Neville and delivers a series of headbutts. Henry helps Neville up and Neville fires back with a right hand. Neville gets thrown out of the corner across the ring to the outside. Neville off the top rope caught by Henry.

Henry goes for the WSS but Neville counters and delivers a kick to the side of the head. Neville goes up to the top rope and hits the Red Arrow for the three count

The winner of the match: Neville

Backstage:  Stardust cuts a promo



Viktor backs Goldust in the corner and delivers a right hand. Irish whip and Goldust with a kick and open hand palm strike. Viktor misses with a clothesline. Armdrag by Viktor. Young in with a slam and legdrop. O'Neil picks Young up and suplexes him onto Viktor

Chop to Viktor by O'Neil. Young in with an irish whip and Young runs into an elbow. Belly to belly to Stardust. Stardust with a kne and forearm. Forearm by Young. Young dumps Stardust to the outside

Konnor in dropping the elbow on Young, Side headlock on Young, Young fights out of it. Stardust back in choking Young.  Stardust runs into a boot. Young looks for the tag. O'Neil in with shoulder tackles to Konnor. Viktor sent crashing to the floor. Clothesline to Viktor. Konnor off the ropes caught by O'Neil who delivers Clash Of The Titus for the three count

The winners of the match: Prime Time Players & Goldust


Back from break, Alberto Del Rio’s music played to bring out Alberto and Zeb Colter on his scooter. JBL noted that Del Rio pinned John Cena for the U.S. Title around his waist. Del Rio and Zeb stopped in front of the announce table for their speech.

Zeb said that just because Alberto did not win the WWE World Title last night does not mean Mex-America is unsuccessful. Zeb said it’s part of a young country going through ups and downs. He said they left the invitation open to everyone to leave a sinking country like America and join their country. Instead, Americans went to social media to moan and complain.

Alberto spoke in Spanish as Zeb nodded along with full understanding. Zeb translated that they tried to teach the audience values, but they rejected them. So, Zeb said, they are hereby terminating their offer. Alberto said the borders of Mex-America are closed. Zeb continued that he doesn’t see a lot of brave people out here tonight.

Suddenly, Jack Swagger’s music interrupted. Swagger walked out on-stage and said he cannot believe what he is hearing. He said Zeb used to put his hand over his heart and stand for something. Xenophobia? Swagger said he looked up to Zeb. Now he’s turned his back on the country and these people. Swagger tried to make it personal, but Del Rio yelled at him. “You don’t talk to him like that, you stupid American!” Del Rio shouted.

Swagger said he has vowed to protect this country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. And if Del Rio doesn’t like what he has to say, then do something about it. Swagger marched down to the ring as Alberto held out the U.S. Title belt. Swagger, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, entered the ring and went face-to-face with Alberto. But, Del Rio backed out of the ring to boos, not wanting to fight tonight.

Swagger wasn’t done. He called after Zeb to listen as he and the crowd declare, “We The People!” On the stage, Zeb muttered to himself as he scooted away, not wanting to hear it.



Lilian Garcia handled formal ring introductions before the opening bell sounded. Snug lock-up with the two Divas going at it. Charlotte eventually took control, so Paige turned into a cowardly heel backing away from the fight. Charlotte got too aggressive, though, and Paige cut her off.

The match continued with Paige working over Charlotte after taking her off her feet. Charlotte came out fighting from the corner with a forearm, but Paige cut her off again. Paige stretched Charlotte with a half-crab in the middle of the ring, but Charlotte remained in the game. Charlotte broke free, then smashed Paige in the mouth heading to break.


Back from break and Charlotte with a nearfall. Chops by Charlotte to Paige.. Chinlock on Paige and Paige with her leg on the rope. Charlotte spears Paige out of the ring. Paige stops Charlotte from returning to the ring as she throws her into the barricade and the official counts out both women but the brawl continues on the outside as Paige throws Charlotte into the stairs. Paige then locks the PTO in on  Charlotte on the announce table

The winner of the match: Double Count Out


Back from break Heath Slater is in the ring and says he's here to bring some good music to Nashville. Before he can continue Ryback comes out Slater cracks Ryback with the guitar. Ryback turns around as the crowd chants "Feed Me More". Ryback with a spinebuster to Slater followed up with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Ryback picks Slater up and delivers Shell Shocked



Breeze and Ziggler start out and Breeze goes to work on the arm. Ziggler counters. Breeze tags Owens in and Ambrose gets the tag. Breeze back in and a slam by Ambrose. Ziggler with the elbow drop and clotheslines in the corner, Breeze with a kick and Owens back in stomping away at ziggler.

Clothesline to Ziggler. Running senton by Owens. Breeze unloads on Ziggler. Owens and Breeze with the double team. Owens with a chinlock on Ziggler. Owens prevents the tag, Ziggler with a kick to Owens

Ambrose with series of clotheslines crossbody onto Breeze, Breeze gets clotheslined over the top rope. Suicide dive through the ropes by Ambrose onto Breeze.  Ambrose goes to the top ropes and connects with a missile dropkick. Rebound clothesline by Ambrose. Owens from behind and Ziggler takes him out

Owens and Ziggler brawl on the outside. Ambrose counters the Unprettier and hits the Dirty Deeds for the three count

The winners of the match: Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose


Video: Highlights from the Finals of the WWE Championship Tournament


Front facelock on Rusev and a right hand to Rusev. Irish whip into a Samoan Drop but Rusev counters only to be leveld by a right hand. Neckbreaker by Reigns

Reigns uinloads with punches. Rusev turns things around stomping on Reigns and a right hand to Reigns.  Axehandle to Reigns. Big boot to Rusev. Rusev thrown into the barricade.


Chinlock on Reigns as Sheamus looks on from ringside. Reigns sent to the outside and Sheamus with a cheap shot. Reigns back in the ring. Rusev off the ropes connects with a boot to the face.

Reigns fighting back, Reigns off the ropes and Sheamus goes to trip him and Rusev from behind. Sheamus gets ejected from ringside. Reigns with the Samoan Drop. Reigns and Rusev trade right hands and Reigns with the clotheslines in the corner. Rusev with a heel kick. Rusev goes to the top rope and Reigns cuts him off with right hands. Reigns hooks Rusev up for a superplex but Rusev with punches sending Reigns to the mat. Headbutt by Rusev

Rusev looking to lock in The Accolades and Reigns fights it continously stomping on the back. Rusev goes for The Accolades again but Reigns gets up and delivers The Superman Punch. Reigns gets up and goes for a spear but Rusev rolls out of the ring. Reigns goes after him and Rusev connects with a kick to the jaw. Reigns thrown into the barricades. Reigns back in again connecting with the Superman Punch. Rusev to the outside and Reigns with The Drive-By. Reigns goes to pick Rusev up and from behind Barrett delivers a Bull Hammer

Barrett picks up a chair. Reigns grabs the chair and drives it into Barrett's midsection. Reigns with a right hand to Rusev and brings the chair down on Rusev's back.

The winner of the match: None

Post Match: Sheamus runs back in and Reigns gives him the same treatment unloading with the steel chair clearing the ring. Reigns with chair in hand stares Sheamus down as Raw goes off the air



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