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25 Random Bits of Trivia And Fun Facts On The Undertaker; Number 12 Is WEIRD!

25 Random Bits of Trivia And Fun Facts On The Undertaker; Number 12 Is WEIRD!

Reddit user BigHoss94 has posted 25 random bits of trivia and fun facts on The Undertaker celebrating his 25 year career with WWE. 

1.Taker has wrestled in 2136 matches for the WWE, he is 1,654-398. That's good for a 77.4% win percentage.

2. He wrestled 186 times in 1991, the highest number in his career. The lowest obviously happened in 2011, 2012, and 2014 when he only wrestled once.

3. Besides the last few years, Taker's highest winning percentage was in 1994 where he won 82 out of the 84 matches he had.

4. Taker and Sting are the only two men who have defeated Hogan for a world title more than once. At the time of his brief first title reign, Taker was the youngest champion ever.

5. Taker has feuded with both IRS and Bray Wyatt while both were in factions. Taker also took on both Bob and Randy Orton at the same time at No Mercy 05.

6. One of the concepts for Taker had him wearing a very similar mask to the one Mick Foley eventually wore as Mankind.

7. Paul Heyman has taken part in several feuds with Taker since the early 2000's, the first being the Invasion story. He's managed the likes of the Dudley Boyz, Big Show, Heidenreich, and of course Brock Lesnar against Taker.

8. JBL's first live match on RAW was with Taker, he would go on to feud with him years later under a different gimmick. Taker also was a groomsman at JBL's wedding.

9. Taker's best year in terms of ratings by Meltzer was 2007, when he had four 4 star matches with Batista.

10. Taker was infamously burned by his own pyro at Elimination Chamber 2010. Chris Jericho offered to change the spot where he put him in the Walls of Jericho, but Taker refused and wrestled the whole match with 2nd degree burns.

11. Original name was to be "Kane the Undertaker," but the first part was dropped and given to some other random person.

12. According to Paul Bearer, Taker is absolutely terrified of...cucumbers.

13. Taker is a religious man and as such, got uncomfortable with the ministry gimmick at times.

14. Big Show often credits Taker for taking him under his wing and teaching him how to be an all around better wrestler.

15. Taker had headlined Wrestlemania as both a challenger for a world title and a regular competitor, but never as a champion.

16. The BSK pride tattoo on his stomach is in honor of the group of pals in the locker room he would hang out with.

17. Vince and others have made it their mission over the years to try to get Taker to break character via various shenanigans.

18. Taker shares his debut with another icon, the great Gobbledy Gooker.

19. Taker has said himself that his toughest challenges were always his bouts with Bret Hart. He says working with Bret let him show everyone that he could wrestle and wasn't just a big body.

20. Nearly all of Taker WM opponents are hall of famers or potential/soon to be hall of famers.

21. Taker main evented the first ever Raw with Damien Demento of all people and is the only active wrestler left from that show.

22. Taker's character has been killed or destroyed nearly ten times.

23. Taker has wrestled three different Glenn Jacobs gimmicks, Unabomb, Issac Yankem DDS, and of course Kane. Kane still cites their match at WM XIV as his favorite.

24. After his brief program with Team Hell No vs. The Shield, Taker praised Daniel Bryan and all three Shield members in front of the locker room.

25. At house shows during tag matches, Taker deviates from character a bit and puts on a show for the crowd.


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