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WWE Raw Results (11/16)

WWE Raw Results (11/16)


1. Kevin Owens def. Neville

2. Tyler Breeze def. R Truth

3. Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler

4. New Day def. The Usos & Ryback by DQ

5. Roman Reigns def. Cesaro

6. Dudley Boys def. The Ascension

7. Alberto Del Rio def. Kalisto



Welcome to Monday Night Raw from Greenville, South Carolina. Raw opened with the WWE locker room assembled on-stage as the French colors were shown on the Titantron. Lilian Garcia asked for a moment of silence for the victims of Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris. The arena went silent and Raw faded to black before going to the standard Raw intro video

The Brothers Of Destruction come out to the ring.  Undertaker takes the mic and calls he and Kane the true Army Of Darkness and vengeance awaits The Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family tried to take he and Kane's body and soul but nothing can contain the powers of the dark side

Kane says when you try and tame the flames of hell you will get burned and at Survivor Series there si a place in hell reserved for The Wyatt Family in which they suffer eternal damnation

Undertaker says they have been tested time and again and told The Wyatt Family to choose which ever two members because their destiny has already been decided and they will never rest in peace. The Wyatt Family's music then plays and Bray Wyatt leads Rowan, Harper and Strowman out to the ring.

Wyatt says for 25 years Undertaker has reigned over WWE and instilled fear in every living creature that roams this earth and 25 years is long enough and it is time for a new Army Of Darkness to emerge. Wyatt calls himself the face of fear and as for Undertaker's Creatures Of The Night they are now Wyatt's. The lights go out and come back on to reveal the druids wearing sheep masks.

The druids then enter the ring and Undertaker and Kane dispose of them minus 2 who receive chokeslams at the hands of The Brothers Of Destruction. Undertaker motions for The Wyatts to come down to the ring but Wyatt stops them and says their date with destiny is this Sunday. Until then, Follow The Buzzards



Quick roll up by Neville. Neville with a standing wristlock. Owens with a side headlock on Neville. Irish whip and shoulderblock by Owens. Neville with a leapfrong and flying headscissors to Owens.

Irish whip reversed by Owens and Owens runs into a pair of boots. Neville to the top rope looking for the Red Arrow. Owens slides out of the ring and Neville with a monnsault.


Back from break, Owens with a chinlock on Neville as we take a look at what happened during the break in which Owens turned the match in his favour. Vertical suplex countered and Neville with  a kick to the head.

Neville with a series of kicks. Neville off the ropes and Owens sends him over the top rope and he lands on the apron. Owens with a kick sends Neville crashing to the floor.

Neville just beats the count and Owens with a knee to the midsection. Running senton by Owens for a nearfall.  Neville counters the Cannonball and hits a snap german suplex. Neville off the second rope onto Owens and Neville looks for the Red Arrow. Owens gets to his feet. Neville with a kick to the head and Neville goes for a third Red Arrow but is tripped up by Owens. Neville counters the Pop up Powerbomb with a kick to the head.and the Dragonrana

Neville back for the Red Arrow and lands on his feet as Owens moves out of the way. Owens hits the Pop Up Powerbomb for the three count

The winner of the match: Kevin Owens

Video:  Paige's Raw debut


Video: The opening segment from last week's Raw in which Triple H tried to recruit Roman Reigns; Roman Reigns vs Big Show - Opening Round


Slam by Truth and legdrop. Breeze with a knee to Truth. Breeze misses with a clothesline and Truth delivers a hiptoss. Breeze unloading on Truth. Double stomp on the leg by Breeze

Breeze delivers a series of punches to Truth and another stomp to the leg. Breeze with a half crab on Truth and Truth grabs the ropes forcing the break. Truth with a right hand and series of clotheslines.

Truth with a suplex to Breeze face first to the mat. Scissors kick to Breeze. Suplex countered by Breeze and Breeze delivers the Beauty Shot for the three count

The winner of the match: Tyler Breeze



Test Of Strength at the outset of this match and Ambrose powers Ziggler to the mat. Ziggler back to his feet powers Ambrose to the mat. Ambrose back to his feet. Powers Ziggler back down again. Ziggler with a nearfall

Waistlock countered by Ziggler. Ambrose with a side headlock takedown. Ambrose works over the arm. And another nearfall. Ambrose back to the side headlock. Ziggler with the irish whip and shoulderblock by Ambrose.

Ambrose avoids the superkick. Waistlock by Ambrose and another side headlock takedown. Kick to the face by Ambrose off the irish whip. Ambrose clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope and Ambrose dives through the ropes to the outside but Ziggler slides back into the ring.

Ziggler with a takedown trying to tie Ambrose up and Ziggler with the submission hold on Ambrose momentarily as he keeps Ambrose grounded. Ambrose back to his feet. Standing dropkick by Ziggler. Irish whip by Ambrose and a backbreaker on Ziggler.

Ambrose with a stomp on the back and half crab on Ziggler. Slam by Ambrose. Ambrose goes to the top rope and Ziggler gets to his feet. Ambrose off the ropes and Ziggler rolls through for a nearfall. Sleeperhold locked in on Ambrose who gets to the ropes

Series of pinfall reversals. Ambrose misses with a clothesline and mid-ring collision. Ziggler runs into an elbow. Ambrose on the top rope, Ziggler runs up to the top rope and they trade punches on the top rope. sending both men crashing to the floor as Raw goes to break


Ambrose dives through the ropes and takes out Ziggler. Running bulldog countered with a dropkick. Ziggler counters the rebound clothesline and hits The Famouser

Running clothesline by Ziggler and nearfall on Ambrose. Ziggler with a DDT to Ambrose. Ambrose blocks the superkick and slingshots Ziggler into the corner. Nearfall on Ziggler

Ziggler with the sleeperhold, Ambrose counters with his owen sleeperhold. Jawbreaker by Ziggler. Ambrose with the Rebound Clothesline. Ambrose to the top rope and face plant by Ziggler.

Ambrose with a small packkage. Ziggler with an elbow drop on Ambrose. Ambrose and Ziggler to their feet exchanging punches. Ambrose unloads with punches and Ziggler with a headbutt. ZigZag countered, Ziggler with a roll up but Ambrose rolls through and hooks Ziggler up and hits Dirty Deeds for the three count

The winner of the match: Dean Ambrose

Video: The start of the Diva's Revolution



Jimmy with a side headlock on Woods. Woods counters it, slide through by Woods and Jimmy with a right hand and clothesline over the top rope. Jey dives over the top rope taking out Big E and Woods

New Day putting the boots to Jey.  Kingston with a submission on Jey. Kingston with a dropkick. Big E with the big splash.  Abdominal Strech on Jey. New Day continue to dominate the match as the crowd starts a "Feed Me More" chant. Jey with a seris of right hands and Ryback runs in and cleans house after shoving the official

The winners of the match by disqualification: The New Day

Video: Charlotte vs Nikki Bella for the Diva's Championship at Night Of Champions


Backstage: Triple H is talking to C esaro and tells him this may be his time to grab the brass ring


Lock-up, clean break, and Cesaro teased an uppercut to make Reigns flinch. Reigns kind of frowned, brushing off Cesaro’s teaser. Mid-ring lock-up again, and Cesaro put Reigns on the mat. Cesaro followed with a boot to the face. Cesaro did a cartwheel around Reigns into a roll-up for a two count, wrestling circles around Reigns.

Reigns finally got an opening to land a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count. Reigns decided to slow down the pace and ended up eating a flying uppercut from Cesaro. Cesaro then sent Reigns shoulder-first into the ringpost. Reigns fell to the outside clutching his right shoulder as Cole noted that Reigns will have trouble with his Superman Punch now. Cesaro didn’t want to wait for Reigns to re-enter the ring, so he smashed him with a running uppercut on the floor. Raw cut to break at 7:00.


Raw returned from break with Cesaro working on Reigns’s shoulder mid-ring. Back on the floor, Cesaro charged Reigns, who answered him with a knock-down. Back in the ring, Reigns fired up with a clothesline to a mixed reception. Reigns followed with slow-motion lariats in the corner, giving Cesaro an opening to cut him off, but Reigns answered with a clothesline of his own.

Reigns was too slow following up, allowing Cesaro to catch him in the Big Swing. Cesaro turned it into the Sharpshooter, then into the Crossface submission. Reigns was trapped in the middle of the ring. He refused to give up, then powered to his feet to drop Cesaro to the mat to escape. Both men sold on the mat.

Reset at 15:30. Reigns stood up and dumped Cesaro over the top rope to the floor. Cesaro writhed in pain, selling an injury to his elbow as Reigns recovered in the ring. Reigns then smashed Cesaro with his two-foot dropkick. Back in the ring, Reigns landed consecutive lariats in the corner. Reigns tried a tenth, but Cesaro blocked. Reigns answered with a sit-out slam for a two count.

Reigns could not capitalize, though, as Cesaro answered with a pop-up uppercut for a close two count. Cesaro then grappled Reigns in the corner and wanted his deadlift suplex, but Reigns blocked and nailed a Superman Punch to a mixed reaction. Reigns got fired up and stalked Cesaro for the big spear, but Cesaro blocked with an uppercut. Cesaro wanted the Neutralizer, but Reigns avoided. Backslide from Cesaro, but Reigns kicked out and hit the Superman Punch into the spear. Reigns covered Cesaro for the win.

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns



Viktor with a side headlock on Bubba. Bubba with a suplex and a big boot sends Viktor to the mat. Right hand to Viktor. Konnor with a cheapshot to Bubba and Viktor back in irish whips Konnor into Bubba.

The Ascension in control keeping Bubba in their corner. Bubba plants Konoor and Devon gets the tag hittin a big shoulder tackle on Viktor. Clothesline in the corner. Clothesline sends Konnor over the top rope to the outside. 3D on Viktor for the three count

The winners of the match: The Dudley Boys

Backstage: Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter slowly walked down the hallway until they were stopped by Renee Young. Renee wanted a word with Zeb about facing Kalisto in the title tournament. Zeb hyped Mex-America not having taxes because if you earn it, you keep it. Suddenly, Triple H walked in looking for another potential client. Hunter said it seems like Alberto and Zeb are unstoppable together, so they just need the right allies. Hunter said Alberto could go from the man of the people to The Man. Alberto sold thinking it over as Raw cut to break.



Del Rio controlled the match early on as Cole wondered aloud if Del Rio  watched the tape of Kalisto’s victory over Ryback in the first round. JBL hesitated as if he wanted to say there’s no way Del Rio watched the tape, but opted to play along with the sports analogy by saying he absolutely studied how Kalisto beat Ryback. Early on, Kalisto used his speed to dizzy Del Rio, eventually knocking Del Rio out of the ring. Raw cut to an early break


Back from break, Alberto was working on Kalisto after cutting him off during the break. Alberto even tried to rip off Kalisto’s mask, but Kalisto fought him off. Alberto was reprimanded, then he charged Kalisto and ate the ringpost. Kalisto took advantage with a running head scissors for a close two count.

Kalisto measured Del Rio, but the U.S. champ kicked him in the gut, then hung him upside down in the corner. Del Rio tried his double foot stomp to the chest, but Kalisto blocked. Del Rio regrouped and trapped Kalisto again to deliver his vicious-looking two-foot stomp. Del Rio covered for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: Alberto Del Rio

Video: Fatal Four Way to determine the #1 Contender for the Diva's Championship


Cole opened the segment by wondering what happened to their friendship. Paige said when you’re at the top of the division, there is no room for friendships. Charlotte asked why she became so bitter. Paige said she’s not bitter. Charlotte said she wanted to be like Paige when she came to NXT because she was the sweet Carolina girl who wanted to be a badass like Paige. Charlotte said they’re a lot alike because they sat home watching their parents wrestle on TV.

Charlotte got emotional referencing her late brother, saying Paige was there for her when Reid died. Charlotte said she is here today because of him – to fulfill his dream. And they were family. Paige replied that it doesn’t matter what she thinks of their little history because she’s been using her the whole time. Charlotte said she hasn’t done a very good job because she’s not Divas champion. She said they had a chance to change the industry like Team Xtreme, DX, and the Four Horsemen.

Charlotte continued that Paige is not a champion because she is not a role model who little girls sitting at home and in the crowd want to be like. She paused for a while, then said she won’t be champion forever, but said she sure won’t let Paige beat her on Sunday. Paige said Charlotte is so naive that it makes her sick.

Paige called out to Ric Flair in Flair Country, telling him to come down here and drop one of his little elbows on his ring jacket. She called Ric an old fart, drawing a heated response from Charlotte that she won’t make it out of this building if she keeps talking. Cole tried to get Charlotte to sign the contract, but Charlotte cut him off to keep talking. Charlotte said her family put up too much to be talked down to like that.

Paige replied that apparently her brother didn’t have much fight. That set off Charlotte, who tackled Paige and beat her down. Charlotte knocked Paige out of the ring and tackled her into the guardrail until referees spilled out from the back to break up the fight. Charlotte tackled Paige again and pounded on her until Paige ran back into the ring to flip over the announce table. Charlotte tracked her down and hit her a few more times until refs helped Paige get out of the ring. Paige hit the top of the ramp and checked her teeth and clothing as refs restrained Charlotte in the ring. Charlotte’s music eventually played to wrap up the segment. Raw closed ten minutes past the top of the hour




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