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Report: WWE Trying to Secure Dave Batista For WrestleMania 32?

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Nov 12, 2015

Report: WWE Trying to Secure Dave Batista For WrestleMania 32?

WWE is trying to accumulate as much star power as possible for WrestleMania 32, and former six-time WWE World Champion Dave Batista is on their radar.

Batista has made it known that his brief comeback with WWE in 2014 left him less than satisfied, although he has never completely ruled out the possibility of coming back.

Batista recently sent out a Tweet about how a WWE cameraman apparently didn't even know who he was:

"The day a WWE cameraman doesn't know your name and addresses you as Mr Cool Strong Dude is the day you realize your career is over."

This led to a lot of speculation about Batista's future with WWE. Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com/The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently gave his thoughts about the chances of Batista appearing at WrestleMania 32:

"I don’t know if [Batista’s] schedule is going to allow him to [work WrestleMania]. Because Guardians of the Galaxy 2 starts filming in mid-January, and he’s in that movie, and he may have other things lined up after that. It’s possible. [Batista and WWE] have probably had some communication. But the movie people don’t exactly like WWE using these guys because of The Rock thing with Hercules when he got hurt, and they had to push the movie back several weeks."


Source: F4WOnline.com/The Wrestling Observer Newsletter Tags: #wwe #wrestlemania #dave batista

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