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WWE Raw Results (10/26) San Diego, California

WWE Raw Results (10/26) San Diego, California


1. Roman Reigns def. Kofi Kingston

2. Kevin Owens def. Cesaro

3. Team Bella def. Team PCB 

4. Alberto Del Rio def. Neville

5. Sheamus, King Barrett & Rusev vs The Dudley Boyz & Ryback

6. Dolph Ziggler def. Big E

7. Roman Reigns def. Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens & Alberto Del Rio



Raw opened with Michael Cole introducing the show before Triple H’s theme music played. Out came Hunter and Stephanie McMahon representing The Authority. As Hunter and Steph made their way to the ring, Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton talked about last night’s Hell in a Cell main event of The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar inside the HIAC structure. The video package went through the highlights of the match and the Wyatts’s post-match attack on Taker. Cole wanted to know why Bray targeted Undertaker. “Why did no one help Taker?” was not asked.

In the ring, Triple H and Stephanie hyped last night’s HIAC PPV. Triple H said it started with Alberto Del Rio returning to WWE and beating John Cena for the U.S. Title. Plus, the next wave of WWE Superstars. Stephanie said the leader of that group is “The Man,” the WWE World Hvt. champion Seth Rollins.

Triple H then says they are going to take the winners from last night's pay per view and put them in a series of matches leading up to a Fatal Four Way later tonight to determine who the next #1 Contender to Seth Rollins' WWE Championship will be. Roman Reigns comes out and says they are looking at the #1 Contender tonight and he's taking away Rollins' championship



Hammerlock into a side headlock by Kingston. Dropkick to Reigns. Waistlock back into the side headlock by Kingston. Reigns off the ropes with kicks to Kingston and a neckbreaker sends Kingston to the outside to regroup as Raw goes to break


Reigns blocks a suplex and brings Kingston back into the ring with a suplex of his own. Irish whip and Kingston puts on the breaks with an elbow and a kick. Right hand to Reigns. Reigns blasts Kingston with a right hand and sends him over the ropes to the floor with a clothesline

Big E distracts Reigns long enough for Kingston to hit a baseball slide sending Reigns into the barricades. Kingston with the boots to Reigns and he bounces Reigns' head off the apronn. Reigns rolled back into the ring and nearfall by Kingston.

Kingston unloading with punches on Reigns. Another kick by Kingston and Kingston firing punches and connects with a knee. Reigns thrown out of the corner. Kingston with a sleeperhold on Reigns

Reigns gets to his feet and breaks the hold delivering punches followed up by a headbutt. Kingston trips Reigns up and takes time to celebrate at ringside. Kingston off the top rope with an axehandle

Kingston working over the arm. Reigns powers out and plants Kingston with a suplex.  Series of right hands by Reigns. Series of clotheslines to Kingston. Reigns picks Kingston up for a powerbomb but Kingston counters trying to roll Reigns up

Kingston counters a Samoan Drop. Reigns with a right hand and the series of clotheslines in the corner.. Reigns sends Kingston across the ring. Reigns charges and runs into a boot. Kingston misses with a clothesline from the second rope. Single leg powerbomb by Reigns

Reigns sets up for the spear. Big E jumps up on the apron and gets sent to the floor. Kingston misses with Trouble In Paradise and Reigns hits the spear on Kingston for the three count

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns



Cesaro in control early on in the match. Clothesline to Owens. Cesaro follows Owens to the outside. Back in the ring,, Owens in control of Cesaro. Owens hooks Cesaro up for a suplex but Cesaro blocks it and delivers one of his own

Owens bounces Cesaro's head off the apron. Forearm and right hand to Cesaro and both men collide on the outside as the referee administers the 10 count.  Owens and Cesaro both make it back into the ring beating the 10 count as Raw goes to break


Series of uppercuts to Owens and it's time to climb aboard the Uppercut Express. Dropkick by Cesaro sends Owens to the outside. Cesaro follows him to the outside and delivers a running uppercut then jumps into the crowd to celebrate. Cesaro throws Owens back into the ring

Cesaro stands on the top rope but Owens slides to the outside. Cesaro to the other side climbs the top rope and delivers a blockbuster on the outside. Owens rolled back into the ring and Cesaro delivers a crossbody from the top rope.

Cesaro Swing countered. Owens looks for a backslide and plants Cesaro with a DDT. Springboard Spinning uppercut by Cesaro. Cesaro sets Owens up for the Cesaro Swing but Owens reaches the ropes.  Superkick to Cesaro followed up by the Pop Up Powerbomb for the three count

The winner of the match: Kevin Owens

Backstage: Paige is on the phone and Charlotte and Becky Lynch walk in. Paige is talking about her appearance on Conan. Charlotte and Becky go to walk off but Paige stops them and tells Charlotte she deserves the Divas' Championship and appreciates her coming down to celebrate but if she finds out Paige attacked Natalya there will be consequences


PCB vs Team Bella

Paige and Nikki lock up and we have a stalemat at the outset. Nearfall by Paige and running high knee to Nikki. Nikki thrown out of the corner. Running knee to Nikki.

Nikki takes control of the match and Paige in the wrong corner as Team Bella dominates Paige. Paige fights back with a headbutt. Double dropkick to Alicia. Charlotte with a neckbreaker. Charlotte off the ropes with the kneedrop. Brie and Nikki sent crashing off the apron to the floor. Alicia with a backbreaker. 

Team Bella with the double team on Charlotte. Brie with the running knee and a nearfall on Charlotte. Brie working over the arm. Charlotte gets to her feet but Brie with a kick to the back of the leg. Brie with the Yes Kick

 Neckbreaker to Brie and Charlotte tags in Becky who unloads with clotheslines on Nikki who got the tag fro her team. T bone Suplex by Becky and Brie breaks up the pin. Charlotte with a spear. Becky with a roll up on Nikki.

Nikki with a forearm to Becky and Nikki picks Becky up for the Rack Attack and the three count

The winners of the match: Team Bella

Post Match: Paige attacks Becky and Charlotte laying them out with the Ram-paige and then locks the PTO in on Charlotte


Backstage: Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio are with Renee and Colter references John Lennon's "Imagine" and he and Del Rio are here to form Mex-Americans and are proud to call themselves real Mex-Americans. Del Rio then says he's not going to let some selfish entitled immigrant rob him of the chance to become World Heavyweight Champion once again



Irish whip by Neville and Del Rio with a shoulderblock. Kick by Del Rio and Del Rio dumps Neville to the outside.  Neville back in the ring and Del Rio backs Neville in the corner

Kicks and punches. Del Rio with a snapmare out of the corner and he goes to work on the arm. Neville gets to his feet. Wheelbarrow countered by Neville into a bulldog. Neville with a crossbody and Del Rio slides to the outside.


Del Rio wearing Neville down. Neville to his feet delivers a tilt o whirl backbreaker. Neville with right hands and Del Rio with a knee.Neville with a series of kicks and dropkick sends Del Rio to the outside

Neville soars over the ropes taking Del Rio out. Hurricanrana by Neville. Del Rio runs into a boot. Neville on the apron. Del Rio with the running enziguri. Del Rio signaling for the cross armbreaker. Neville counters and rolls Del Rio up. Del Rio with a clothesline

Del Rio stomps on the spine. Del Rio off the ropes misses Neville and lands on the outside. Neville to the top rope tripped up by Del Rio. Neville in the tree of woe. Del Rio up on the top rope and a double stomp to Neville for the three count

The winner of the match: Alberto Del Rio



Before the bell sounded, chaos broke out in the ring. JBL acknowledged this as the “loser’s bracket,” so everyone is mad tonight. He added that all six men are furious about losing last night. Nice job turning a negative into positive for this match. Things eventually settled into a one-on-one situation to get the opening bell.

To the shock of no one, Devon was isolated by the heels. Ample in-and-out tags, then Devon received encouragement from a “Get the Tables” crowd chant and tagged in Ryback. Eventually all six men found themselves in the ring. The Dudleys and Ryback stood on their feet chanting “Feed Me More,” then all three smashed the heel opposition. Barrett got the worst of it taking a What’s Up diving headbutt to the crotch as Ray and Ryback held open Barrett’s legs.

The Dudleys called for the tables, which turned out to be their downfall, as Devon and Ryback left the ring looking for tables, leaving Bully vulnerable. After Rusev and Sheamus distracted Ray, Barrett rolled him up from behind and scored a three count with a hook of the tights.

The winners of the match: Sheamus, Rusev & King Barrett

Post Match: Bubba Ray sold shock when they had the match in the bag. The European Trio celebrated on the stage.


Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on The Undertaker. Wyatt is then interrupted by Kane coming out to the ring. The lights go out and come back as The entire Wyatt Family stand on the apron. Kane takes out Harper and Rowan. Strowman then steps into the ring and Kane fires a right hand. Harper tries to jump Kane but is sent flying over the top rope back to the outside. Strowman goes after Kane but Kane pulls the top rope down as Strowman topples over the top to the floor. Kane looks to chokeslam Wyatt but Harper back in as is Rowan and it's a three on one as they attack Kane and carry him out on their shoulders the same way they did with Undertaker last night



Quick roll up by Ziggler. Dropkick to Big E. Ziggler backs Big E into the corner firing punches. Big E fights his way out of the corner. Neckbreaker by Ziggler countered as Big E hits a shoulder tackle.. Abdominal Stretch on Ziggler. Ziggler fights out of it. Dropkick to Big E and Ziggler with a clothesline as both men go over the top rope

Ziggler rolls Big E back in. kick to Big E. Big E with a shoulderblock off the distraction by Kingston


Back from break and Ziggler in trouble as Big E puts the boots to Ziggler. Ziggler with a sleeper. and Big E breaks the hold by backing Ziggler in the corner. Shoulder tackle to Ziggler.. Ziggler in trouble. Big E. with a slingshot into the corner sending Ziggler to the outside. Ziggler back in fighting back. Big E with the big splash

Ziggler with a superkick to Big E. Big misses the shoulder tackle in the corner and Ziggler hits the ZigZag for the three count

The winner of the match: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage: Dean Ambrose is talking to Reigns about focusing on what's ahead. The World Heavyweight Championship and this is what they've been working for since the first day they broke in and to go out and take it


In-Ring: Titus O'Neil talks about the Susan G. Komen Foundation and leads everyone in a RISE ABOVE CANCER chant

Backstage: Miz is shown playing WWE 2K16



The match quickly moved to the floor, where Reigns and Alberto paired off. Reigns smashed Alberto face-first into the announce table right in front of Rollins. On the other side of the ringside area, Owens roughed up Ziggler. Owens then smashed Reigns from behind, targeting Reigns’s worn-down body. Back in the ring, Owens continued to work on Reigns’s mid-section. Reigns then got a burst of energy to fight back against all three opponents in the ring. But, Alberto suddenly smashed Reigns from behind and landed kicks . Reigns shook him off and clotheslined Alberto out of the ring to the floor.

Down at ringside, Reigns stalked Owens for his running double foot dropkick. Same for Alberto as he rested on the announce table. But, Ziggler surprised a worn-out Reigns with a superkick. Ziggler was the last man standing on the outside heading to break


Back from break, Ziggler was now getting roughed up by the heels in the ring. Alberto and Owens took turns working over Ziggler, then WWE showed Reigns selling on the outside. Reigns, exhausted, kind of slumped down to the mat for a brief nap. Rollins had a good chuckle on commentary. Owens did not like seeing Reigns napping in the main event, so he ran to the outside and kicked Reigns against the ring steps.

Back in the ring, Owens and Alberto had a disagreement. Owens tried to calm him down, telling him to breathe and focus on their foe right now, Ziggler. That didn’t work, so Owens and Alberto started fighting. Alberto suddenly blasted Owens with the swift kick that ended Cena last night. But, Owens rolled out of the ring before Alberto could pin him.

Reigns suddenly woke up and re-entered the ring to bodyslam Alberto for a two count. Reigns followed with corner clotheslines into an uppercut that cleared Alberto from the ring. He didn’t see Ziggler coming, but he did block Ziggler attempting the Zig-Zag. Reigns and Ziggler than had a mid-ring staredown. Reigns landed blows, but Ziggler blasted him with a superkick into a DDT attempt. But, Reigns responded with a sit-out powerbomb.

Reigns wanted the Superman Punch on Ziggler, and he connected, but Alberto shoved Reigns out of the ring and nearly got a three count on Ziggler. Alberto airballed a corner kick, though, and Ziggler hit the Fameasser on Alberto for a close two count. Big gasp in the crowd for the sequence. Rollins said this is what the WWE Title is all about.

All four men sold in and out of the ring at the top of the hour. Ziggler and Alberto were still in the ring, setting up another exchange. Alberto scored a close nearfall, then Owens returned to the ring to get in the mix. Reigns also got in the mix, but he took a superkick from Ziggler. Owens German-suplexed Ziggler, then nailed the cannonball splash. One for Alberto, combined with Reigns smashing Alberto with his two-foot dropkick from the outside.

Owens and Reigns suddenly had a staredown, and the crowd came to life. Owens surprised Reigns with a big superkick, then wanted the pop-up powerbomb, but Reigns smashed him with the Superman Punch. Reigns followed right up with the big spear and covered Owens for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns

Post Match: Reigns caught his breath and soaked in his victory as Rollins sat quietly on commentary. Rollins suddenly snapped out of being stunned and talked confidently about beating Reigns. He vowed to make Reigns his latest victim.

Reigns then left the ring to approach Rollins. Reigns looked down at the WWE Title belt, then Rollins panicked and snatched the belt from the desk. Rollins held it over his shoulder, then Reigns turned his shoulder and patted the belt. Reigns walked off, leaving Rollins to check his breathing. They closed with a shot of Reigns half-smiling from ringside six minutes past the top of the hour.





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