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WWE Night of Champions 2015 Results: Houston, Texas

Posted By: Elio C. on Sep 20, 2015

WWE Night of Champions 2015 Results: Houston, Texas


Seth Rollins def. Sting
John Cena def. Seth Rollins
Kevin Owens def. Ryback
The Wyatt Family def. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Chris Jericho
Charlotte def. Nikki Bella
The Dudley Boyz def. The New Day by DQ
Dolph Ziggler def. Rusev
Cosmic Wasteland def. Neville & Lucha Dragons




Ryback overpowers Owens early on. Owens off the ropes and shoulder tackle by Ryback. Chop by Owens and a series of right hands. Irish whip by Owens and Ryback with another shoulder tackle. Military press by Ryback sending Owens to the outside. Ryback follows and a chop and right hand. Owens rolled back in and Owens goes after the arm.

Ryback sent shoulder first into the ringpost falling to the outside. Owens follows and goes after the left arm and shoulder. Ryback rolled back in and nearfall by Owens. Owens back to work on the arm, Ryback trying to fight back and Owens with a kick to the mouth.  Owens locking Ryback's arm looking for a submission

Ryback to his feet with a series fo headbutts but Owens still in control and another nearfall.  Hammerlock and side russian legsweep by Owens. Owens steps on the arm and shoulder. Snapmare to Ryback and back to work on the arm. The crowd launches into a "Feed Me More" chant. Owens falls on the arm. Headbutt to the shoulder by Owens. Owens misses with a clothesline and mid-ring collision as both Ryback and Owens fall. Ryback to his feet first and series of shoulder tackles

Slam by Ryback and nearfall. Ryback picks Owens up for a powerbomb. Owens counters with a back body drop. Ryback with a spinebuster. Owens counters the Meat Hook Clothesline with a kick. Clothesline to Owens

Ryback picks Owens up for the ShellShocked. Owens counters shoving Ryback into the ring post. Ryback plants Owens. Ryback goes for the ShellShocked, rake to the eyes by Owens and a roll up for the three count

The winner of the match and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kevin Owens

Video: Rusev-Summer Rae/Dolph Ziggler-Lana feud

Backstage: Rusev says he's here to destroy Dolph Ziggler while Lana is at home watching with a broken hand



Ziggler goes after Rusev. Quick roll up and dropkick as Rusev slides to the outside. Rusev with a chinlock on Ziggler. Ziggler to his feet and a jawbreaker to Rusev followed by a dropkick. Sleeperhold by Ziggler and Rusev shakes him off and delivers a spinning kick

Rusev blasts Ziggler off the apron sending him crashing into the barricades. Ziggler driven spine first into the apron. Slam by Rusev. Another slam by Rusev. Knee to the back of the neck by Rusev and Rusev unloads with right hands on Ziggler.

Irish whip by Rusev. Slam by Rusev but Ziggler counters landing on his feet. Rusev back in control with a chinlock. Ziggler to his feet figting back. Slingshot launches Ziggler head first into the turnbuckle.. A "We Want Lana" chant rings out through the Toyota Centre. Ziggler with a slam to Rusev

Ziggler side steps Rusev and Rusev hits the turnbuckle. Ziggler and Rusev both down. Ziggler with a series of clotheslines. Neckbreaker to Rusev. Elbow drop on Rusev. Rusev plants Ziggler and a nearfall on Ziggler

Rusev picks Ziggler up, Ziggler with a roll up. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and goes for the Famouser. and another nearfall on Rusev. Ziggler goes to the top rope but Rusev cuts him off. Kick to  Ziggler.  Ziggler locks in the sleeperhold on Rusev and Rusev backs Ziggler into the corner throwing him off.

Ziggler with a DDT. Rusev counters the superkick and lands one of his own.. Rusev celebrating thinking he won the match but the referee tries to tell him he hasn't won. Rusev turns Ziggler over and stomps on his back looking for The Accolades. Ziggler counters and connects with a superkick

Summer climbs up on the apron for the distraction and the referee sends her to the back. Summer takes her shoe off to throw it at the referee but hits Rusev instead as he stumbles backwards into a ZigZag by Ziggler for the three count

The winner of the match: Dolph Ziggler


Dudley Boyz controlling the match from the outset with the double team on Kingston. Tag to Big E.  Big E gets into Bubba's face and Bubba mows him down.

Side headlock by Big E. but Bubba with a suplex. Dudleys with a double team on Big E. D-Von working over the arm. Bubba runs into a boot. Big E to the top rope gets cut off. Bubba with a superplex

Woods with a distraction and New Day takes over with the double team on Bubba. Big E with the splash  on Bubba. Chinlock by Big E. Bubba trying to fight back but Big E. connects with an elbow

Kingston with jabs to Bubba. Bubba with a chop and Kingston connects with a kick. Headbutt by Kingston and Bubba with another chop. Kingston unloading on Bubba. Bubba with the Full Nelson Bomb

D-Von gets the tag and unloads on the New Day. Headbutt to Kingston. Running splash into the corner and shoulder tackle. Bubba back in and a suplex neckbreaker.  3D to Kingston and Woods breaks the count as the referee calls for the bell

The winners of the match by DQ: The Dudley Boyz

Post Match: The Dudleys put the New Day through a table

Video: Tribute to the WWE Diva's Championship


Charlotte backs Nikki into the corner. Elbow by Nikki.. Charlotte with a right hand. Nikki shoves Charlotte off the apron. Clothesline by Charlotte. Nikki with a kick to the knee. Nikki hooks Charlotte up and hits a suplex as she hits her knee against the bottom rope

Right hand by Charlotte, Nikki with a right hand to Charlotte as she dumps Charlotte off the apron to the floor. Charlotte pulled back into the ring and Nikki goes after the knee

Team B.A.D. looking on from the back as Nikki continues to work over the left leg. Forearm by Charlotte and Nikki with a dropkick to the knee. Nikki works over the leg as Charlotte with elbows to the back and a suplex by Nikki

Nikki with a stomp on Charlotte's foot but Charlotte counters with a roll up and nearfall. Charlotte tries to fight back but Nikki still in  control as she drives Charlotte's leg into the ringpost.

Figure four around the ring post by Nikki. Single leg Boston Crab by Nikki. Charlotte with a knee to the midsection and series of chops to Nikki. Neckbreaker by Charlotte

Charlotte with a boot to the face. Backslide countered by Nikki and nearfall on Charlotte. A third suplex by Nikki. Nikki to the top rope and Charlotte catches Nikki with a spear. Charlotte with the figure four into the figure eight for the tap out

The winner of the match and new WWE Diva's Champion: Charlotte

Backstage: Kevin Owens says he's not going to let anyone ruin his moments. Since he's got to WWE his life's been filled with great moments from being NXT Champion to defeating John Cena and so far he's been a prizefighter without a prize but now he has a prize and it's not because of some self help book

Backstage: Team PCB and Ric Flair are celebrating

Video: Wyatt Family-Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose feud


Hammerlock by Ambrose into a side headlock. Harper misses with a clothesline. Ambrose with a forearm. Snapmare and clothesline to Harper. Reigns in with an armlock. Jericho off the ropes with a right hand. Series of chops by Jericho.

Jericho off the top rope with a crossbody. Jericho looking for The Walls but Harper counters. Kick to the head by Jericho. Strowman gets the tag and Reigns in with a right hand. Strowman looks for a slam but Reigns tags Ambrose and double team Strowman. Jericho off the top rope caught by Strowman who dumps him to the outside onto Reigns and Ambrose.

Right hand to Ambrose and a boot to the face by Strowman. Wyatt in with a right hand to Ambrose. Shoulder blocks in the corner. Wyatt runs into a pair of boots. Ambrose with a neckbreaker

Harper and Reigns are in and Reigns with clotheslines. Harper counters the Samoan Drop. Right hand and Reigns connects the second time. Harper with a boot to the face. Sit-out powerbomb by Reigns

Reigns with a series of clotheslines in the corner and a right hand sends Harper to the floor. Reigns off the ropes caught by Strowman who gets nailed by a right hand. Harper with a kick and Wyatt in unloading on Reigns

Wyatt plants Reigns. Strowman with a slam and shoving Reigns into the corner.  The crowd chanting "Let's Go Roman". Harper dives through the ropes onto Reigns. Wyatt picks Reigns up and rolls him back into the ring.

Ambrose with a sleeperhold on Strowman who dumps him into the timekeeper's area. Jericho in unloading on Wyatt. Wyatt misses with a clothesline. Kick to Strowman and running bulldog to Wyatt.

Jericho looking for The Walls Of Jericho and he has it locked in. Harper breaks it up and Ambrose sends Harper to the outside. Ambrose counters Sister Abigail. Wyatt counters Dirty Deeds and double clothesline sends both men to the mat.

Reigns back in with the Superman Punch to Strowman. Ambrose from the top rope knocks Strowman off his feet. Harper taken out by Ambrose. Reigns with a spear to Strowman. Jericho tags himself in. Lionsault by Jericho. and Jericho runs into an elbow. Clothesline in the corner but Strowman misses. Strowman picks Jericho up in a backbreaker and plants him face first and Strowman locks in the lifting arm triangle choke for the tap out

The winners of the match: The Wyatt Family

Backstage: Seth Rollins says he is ready and Triple H and Stephanie tell him he's got this it's all him. Rollins says he's ready and leaves. Sheamus then walks in and says he is also ready

Video: Sting-Seth Rollins-John Cena championship matches


Nearfall early on by Cena. Rollins with a right hand and Rollins bounces Cena's head off the turnbuckle. Right hand by Cena. Cena with an irish whip and Rollins locks in a sleeperhold bringing Cena down to his knees.

Cena to his feet trying to fight it but Rollins has it locked in. Cena to his feet and Rollins seats Cena on the top rope. Cena with an elbow to Rollins knocking him off the top rope. Rollins to the apron with a right hand and Rollins off the top rope with a double stomp on Cena

Cena with a roll up and Rollins connects with a boot. Rollins mocking Cena and Cena to his feet with a series of shoulder tackles. Neckbreaker by Rollins

Side slam by Cena. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle but Rollins counters. Cena counters the pedigree but Rollins tries to counter again. Roll up by Cena. Cena going for an AA but Rollins counters snapping Cena's neck off the top rope. Rollins to the top rope but Cena gets to his feet and fires a right hand.

Rollins looking for the powerbomb in the corner but Cena counters with a floating hurricanrana. Rollins and Cena exchanging right hands. Rollins off the ropes caught by Cena and Cena goes for the AA and Rollins counters with a kick to the gut and a kick to the jaw.

Rollins with a right hand sending Cena to the floor. Rollins off the ropes launches himself over the ropes onto Cena. Cena thrown back into the ring. Rollins to the top rope misses with a frog splash. We get an "Eddie" chant from the crowd. Cena with a tornado DDT to Rollins

Rollins with a float over suplex  from the top rope into a second suplex. Cena locks the STF in and Rollins reaches the bottom rope breaking the hold. Cena pulls him back and goes for an AA but Rollins counters and powerbombs Cena into the corner.  Rollins looking for the pedigree but Cena counters. Cena with a crossbody and Rollins rolls through catching Cena and he looks for an AA but Cena counters planting Rollins face first
Cena to the top rope delivers a legdrop. AA to Rollins for the three count

The winner of the match and new US Champion: John Cena

Post Match: Rollins tries to escape with the WWE Championship but Cena stops him. Rollins back in the ring


Sting with the Stinger Splash and right hand to Rollins. Sting looking for the Scorpion Deathlock and Rollins reaches for the ropes forcing the break. Neck snap by Rollins. Crossbody by Rollins, Sting rolls through and Sting looking for the Scorpion Death Drop. Rollins launched over the top rope.

Sting follows and drives Riollins into the steel steps.  Rollins crawling up the ramp and Sting follows sending Rollins back into the ring. Rollins with kicks to Sting. Irish whip reversed by Sting and Rollins gets clotheslined over the top rope. Sting drives Rollins into the barricade.

Right hand by Sting. Irish whip to Rollins and Rollins rolls out of the ring. Sting on the announce table as Rollins tries to climb over the barricade. Sting picks Rollins up and Rollins shoves Sting back driving him through the announce table

Rollins throws Sting back into the ring. Rolins with a neckbreaker. Forearm to Sting  Suplex by Rollins. sting with right hands. Rollins with the powerbomb in the corner.

Rollins looking for the pedigree but Sting counters. Rollins on the apron and Sting sends Rollins crashing into the barricades. Right hands by Sting. Clotheslines to Rollins. The Stinger Splash and Rollins clotheslined over the ropes.

Sting goes to the top rope and a crossbody onto Rollins. Scorpion Death Drop to Rollins.  Stinger Splash. Sting unloads with punches but Rollins counters and powerbombs him into the corner. Kick to the kidney. Sting ducks a clothesline but collapses as the referee keeps Rollins back.

Rollins looking for the pedigree but Sting counters with the Scorpion Deathlock. Rollins reaches for the bottom rope. forcing the break. Rollins with a kick to the head. Another pedigree attempt, Sting witth a Scorpion Deathlock but Rollins counters with a roll up for the three count

The winner of the match: Seth Rollins

Post Match: Sheamus runs down looking to cash in his briefcase but is interrupted by a returning Kane who walks down to the ring and chokeslams Rollins. Sheamus tells him to give Rollins another chokeslam but Kane chokeslams Sheamus and then delivers a Tombstone to Rollins and stands over a falen Seth Rollins as Night Of Champions goes off the air


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