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Jay Lethal Reveals Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage Storyline That Never Happened

Jay Lethal Reveals Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage Storyline That Never Happened

SI.com today posted a story on Ring of Honor world champion Jay Lethal.

Lethal discusses Randy Savage -- and how Savage had agreed to come to TNA during to work with "Black Machismo" and Hulk Hogan -- as well as Hogan's racist comments, Ric Flair, CM Punk, dating AJ Lee, and Seth Rollins.

“I had been doing my ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage imitation behind the scenes, in the locker room, whenever the camera wasn’t rolling, and everyone loved to hear me do it,” Lethal explained. “It was something that came easy to me because I’d watch and heard him for so many years.”

Hulk Hogan, who was also with TNA at the time, loved the impression.

“Hogan does a very good Savage impression, too,” added Lethal. “But he loved mine.”

Hogan spearheaded the idea for an angle with himself, Lethal, and Savage.

“The whole idea came from Hogan,” said Lethal. “Hogan was in charge and he had his own office. I would keep popping in on him doing my over-the-top Savage impression until finally it became creepy to him. He’d sit down at his desk, and I’d pop up from behind his chair saying, ‘How’s it going, Hulkster?’ Hogan would become super paranoid of me and didn’t even like me being around, then I would film these skits where you’d see me talking with someone.

​“I’d be explaining, ‘We’ve got Hogan – he’s all paranoid, he’s scared, we’ve got him right where we want him.’ Eventually, you’d find out I was talking to Savage. Then we would have worked a program with Hogan.”

​​Savage agreed to the storyline, but he needed some time before coming on-screen. Before long, the idea was scrapped and never materialized.


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