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Scott Hall Under Fire For "Weird" Twitter Comment Directed At WWE Diva Paige

Scott Hall Under Fire For

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has come under fire in the last 24 hours after he sent a tweet to WWE Diva Paige which read: "@RealPaigeWWE Such a naughty girl. I have a good mind to bend you over my knee and spank you"

...this issue? well some people feel that a 56-year-old man talking young woman like that is not acceptable. 

Hall responded to those who criticized his comments with a series of tweets which we have combined:

"I find it strange that some people act so politically correct online...it's a social media outlet. It's called Twitter. Why so serious? It's called Twitter....how serious can you take it? People need to climb off their high horses and lighten up. To all the people In twitter land who can take a joke..Good Night. To all the judgmental pricks...#BlowMe"

Paige however is the least be bothered by the comment, tweeting:

"People are taking this way too seriously on Twitter. It's obviously a joke. Plus. I like it ;) haha"

What do you think?


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