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RF Video President Rob Feinstein Caught Forging Signatures Of WWE Legends?

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Aug 05, 2015

RF Video President Rob Feinstein Caught Forging Signatures Of WWE Legends?

RF Video President Rob Feinstein who regularly sells autographed wrestling memorabilia through his Facebook page is under fire today as it reportedly transpires that he bought a number of wrestling prints and forged the signatures of top WWE legends such as Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper and The Undertaker. 

Christoper Ott, who Feinstein bought the prints from commented on his post claiming he knew Feinstein would be selling them but not putting fake signatures on the prints. Ott reports that Feinstein has blocked him.

"Robby Feinstein deleted his post so the shared post is gone. He wrote me and then blocked us... I will use every single bit of power I have to shut this piece of shit fraud down." - There is a topic on Ott's Facebook, click here to read.

Feinstein issued the following statement on his Facebook:

"Early Saturday morning when doors opened at the Monster Mania convention a fan came to us with Roddy Piper signed prints and wanted to work out a trade with us for DVD’s. We traded for a few of each of them and I asked the guy where he got the artwork from and he told me the artist was actually set up at the convention. When I went over to the artist I told him that I just saw his pictures and assured him that I would not resell them at the same convention that he was at and that I wanted to purchase what he had in stock. We bought a bunch of different ones up from the artist.I also purchased Undertaker and Hulk Hogan prints from him because they were awesome. I posted the Piper ones last night for sale and quickly found out today by him that they were not real. I took them down and told the artist. We always get everything we sell from talent direct or trade with people that we know are legit. If we were in the business of selling bogus signatures the Hogan and Undertakers would have been up there as well. We still will be selling the pictures that we got from the artist. I apologize for again for the mistake and I should have known not to get them from a fan but now I learned. If anyone has a direct # for Chris please pass it along to me."



This will be my final follow up on the news that came up today and the smear campaign that followed. As I earlier stated...

Posted by Rob Feinstein on Wednesday, August 5, 2015
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