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[VIDEO] John Cena Talks In-Depth About His Sex Scene With Amy Schumer

[VIDEO] John Cena Talks In-Depth About His Sex Scene With Amy Schumer

WWE Superstar John Cena was recently interviewed by Access Hollywood about his recent sex scene with Amy Schumer: 

“There was talk about it being a closed set, but within 20 minutes there’s two camera ops, two focus-pullers, three lighting guys, two sounds guys, props. Catering was in there at one point. It became the most un-intimate environment possible – and that helped! There’s nothing intimate or sexy about it – it’s true comedy.

It was all day. My mom is probably so proud – I wore a sock to work all day! Special.

I have a lot to learn in this game and Amy and Judd are both very funny people with unbelievable track records. They created an environment where I didn’t feel threatened, I didn’t feel out of place, I didn’t feel uncool. That reinforcement and that environment led to some crazy awkward moments that you see onscreen.

A lot of the stuff that was [improvised] ended up in the movie. And that was only because, like I said, [Amy and Judd] didn’t make me feel for one second as if I was inferior. They treated me as a peer and I’m so, so thankful for that because I’m out of my element.”


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