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The Silence From WWE On Lewd Chants Toward Divas On Raw Is Disconcerting

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Apr 01, 2015

The Silence From WWE On Lewd Chants Toward Divas On Raw Is Disconcerting

A column which is drawing a lot of attention online right now on entertainment website SheKnows.com brings up the issue of the rowdy crowd chants which were directed at the WWE Divas on Monday's WWE Raw broadcast in San Jose.

WWE is reportedly in the midst of revamping their Divas division and giving the women more credibility on screen, yet on Monday the WWE Universe in attendance for the post WrestleMania event took it upon themselves to chant lewd comments at the Divas wrestling in the ring and WWE has yet to publicly address or discourage this behavior.  

An extract reads:

"During the match, the rowdy crowd took turns chanting, "You suck Cena," to Nikki Bella and, "You suck Bryan," to Brie Bella. It didn't stop there, though. Nikki is, of course, dating famed good-guy wrestler John Cena and Brie is married to wrestler Daniel Bryan. Natalya, who is married to wrestler Tyson Kidd, also heard chants of, "You suck Tyson." And Jimmy Uso's wife and Diva Naomi was taunted with, "You suck Uso." Totally classy, right?

None of the ladies commented on the super-sexist chants and neither did the WWE. The silence from the WWE is especially disconcerting considering that the organization is now "run" by Stephanie McMahon. Way to stick up for your girls, Steph."

- Click Here to read the full article.

Do you agree with the article, should WWE and Stephanie McMahon do more to address the situation?

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