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WWE Officials Concerned w/ Daniel Bryan's Long-Term Health

WWE Officials Concerned w/ Daniel Bryan's Long-Term Health

According to a new report from PWInsider, a major reason why WWE officials have decided to put Daniel Bryan in the Intercontinental Championship picture instead of the World Title picture is because they're still very worried about his health.

The type of rehabilitation that Bryan did for his various injuries throughout 2014 has WWE officials worried that what he did was more of a short-term solution to get back in the ring faster. They're worried that his various injuries could come back sooner or later and he'll end up becoming injury-prone.

It's been described as being like a Kurt Angle situation. Angle has had a few non-invasive neck surgeries so he wouldn't have to miss much ring time, but his neck has continued to give him problems over the years. WWE officials are concerned that Bryan's injuries will flare up again at some point and he'll end up having to take time off again.


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