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Update On AJ Lee's Tweets At Stephanie McMahon, Why Is She Sticking Up For The Divas?

Posted By: Jason Patrick on Feb 25, 2015

Update On AJ Lee's Tweets At Stephanie McMahon, Why Is She Sticking Up For The Divas?

AJ Lee's tweets toward Stephanie McMahon yesterday were not a work and were legitimately sent by AJ Lee herself because of the frustration she has toward how WWE treat their female talent. The frustration stems for a couple of reasons mentioned in the tweets, e.g. the Divas don't get paid the same as male talent and they get smaller cuts in merchandise sales. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that except for a few roster members, most talent get the same percentage from merchandise sales, including the women. However, wages can vary, and one of the reasons AJ is said to be frustrated is because some female talent like Cameron, Rosa Mendes and Eva Marie will get more money and are given passes to main roster television despite not having the skills to be on the main roster, because someone like AJ came up through the independent circuit and would have taken almost any type of pay to get a chance in WWE, while the three aforementioned names are in it for the money and fame.

It's said that Stephanie McMahon and everyone else in WWE were shocked at AJ's tweets because while they internally knew that Stephanie's tweets were hypocritical, they were looking for positive publicity and instead AJ's tweets which blindsided them did the complete opposite especially during a day when #GiveDivasAChance was trending on Twitter. WWE didn't think anyone would have the guts to send the tweets AJ did.

Source: Wrestling Observer Tags: #wwe #givedivasachance

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