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Chyna Just Claimed Triple H Assaulted Her Whilst In A Relationship & The WWE Are Not Happy

Chyna Just Claimed Triple H Assaulted Her Whilst In A Relationship & The WWE Are Not Happy

On Monday, Chyna gave an interview on Vince Russo's website which has surprisingly not gained much attention possibly due to many who have not heard this interview. Chyna is a recent topic due to being brought up on Stone Cold's podcast with Triple H last week detailing how it would be difficult to induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame. Well, Chyna has come back with guns blazing.

Chyna is claiming that during a backstage argument with Triple H regarding him having an affair with to be future wife, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and her had a "Jerry Springer" style fight to which ended the relationship.

"I told him 'I know something's going on. Don't tell me something's not going on.' He swiped my hand, I swiped his hand, he hit me. I went back like Jerry Springer and then I was like OK that's the deal breaker for me, the relationship is now over, so now I have to leave. After that, I know that he was crying and I know that he felt bad that he hit me, and my first initial reaction was to get up, and like I don't know, I was just in shock and it felt like a Jerry Springer moment, it was very surreal, and I just couldn't believe that he hit me." (Thanks to CagesideSeats for the quote)

It's a well known fact among many that Chyna had previously made up stories during her WWF run that simply couldn't be true so whether this is another remains to be seen. She goes on to claim that WWE never offered her help, even during the rehabilitation offer that WWE put out in 2007 for former talent. It is worth noting that Chyna had issues a long time before this.

CagesideSeats have since contacted WWE regarding the validity of this statement to which WWE responded:

"The false statements and reckless allegations made by Joan Laurer (aka Chyna) on a recent podcast about a physical dispute are a complete fabrication. While Joan has had significant struggles in life, this does not justify making such claims."

The one thing we do know as fact though, Chyna will not be going into the WWE Hall Of Fame anytime soon.

The full interview is available via PyroandBallyhoo.com

Posted By: Lee on Feb 10, 2015 Source: Cageside Seats, PyroAndBallyhoo Tags: #wwe #triple h #chyna

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