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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 01/14/15

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 01/14/15

We start with a video recapping the history of the past 9 weeks that have led to the current feuds and the newly named champion.

Another video airs with Dario Cueto speaking to Fenix. Cueto says he is an honest man and he has to be honest Fenix has impressed him. Cueto recapped Fenix’s career highlights since arriving in Lucha Underground including his great performance in the “Aztec Warfare” match. He said he saw big things for Fenix, and it’s his destiny to be there. Cueto says tonight Fenix will get the opportunity to live up to his name. He said tonight he wants Fenix to rise from the ashes and destroy Prince Puma. In Spanish Fenix says he doesn’t fight for Cueto, he fights for himself, and he fights to be the best. Cueto says he knows, that is why he is going to face Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship, and he wants him to take it from him. Cueto says for Fenix to destroy Puma and embarrass Konnan. As Fenix leaves we see the mysterious woman that has been hanging around for weeks looking through the office window.

My View: Although Cueto is the heel promoter this segment still made Fenix look strong as a fan favorite. It’s good to see he his getting an opportunity to showcase his potential in a championship match. Fenix really has been in the top three as far as performers go in Lucha Underground. I was a little confused as to why Cueto has turned on Konnan and Puma it had appeared in the past weeks they had a working relationship.

We are welcomed inside the temple by Matt Striker and Vampiro. Vampiro says tonight we will have a confrontation between Blue Demon and Chavo Guererro. Striker says Cueto has opened up the door and tonight we will see four new Luchadors.

In the Ring Melissa Santos says the next match is a four-way elimination match, she introduces first Aerostar, and says he is from the cosmos. Out next is Argenis, striker says he is a mix of Silver King and Dr. Wagner. Vampiro explains to the less familiar fans the style of Argenis. Out next is Angelico. Striker says he reminds him of a Zack Sabre/X-Pac blend. Out last is Cage, he is introduced as being from the 559, Striker points out 559 is an area code.

Aerostar vs. Argenis vs. Angelico vs. Cage

We start with each of the three smaller wrestlers trying to attack the bigger Cage, but he fights them all off. The three attack again and start to get the upper hand when Angelico hits a mafia kick on cage. Areostar then tries a cross body on Angelico, but Angelico catches him, Argenis goes to the top rope and jumps off kicking Aerostar in the back and knocking him and Angelico over. Argenis picks Angelico up and they exchange some reverses and moves. Angelico is taken outside the ring by a head scissors takeover by Argenis. Striker says get to know these names because some will stick around and others may never be seen again. Aerostar is back in the ring, he does a springboard hurricanrana on Argenis. Areostar does a handspring but Argenis catches him for a German suplex. Argenis gets a two count, he then kicks Cage in the head as he tries to get back into the ring. Argenis pulls Angelico into the corner and climbs to the top rope, Angelico does something that looked like a Pele’ kick catching Argenis in the head knocking him to the outside with Aerostar. Angelico goes to fly to the outside but as he starts to run across the ring he catches a vicious clothesline from Cage. Cage picks Angelico up and hits a reverse neck breaker. Cage kicks Argenis off the top rope to the ring apron. Cage then goes to the top himself and picks Argenis up and suplexes him back into the ring. Areostar then jumps of and Cage catches him for a huge power slam. Cage goes for the cover and gets a two count. Argenis hits a hurricanrana on Cage taking him to the outside. Argenis flies to the outside taking out Cage. Back in the ring Areostar hits an inside-out kick on Angelico, then drops back first from the top rope onto Cage and Argenis. Angelico then runs from one corner diving over the opposite ring posts out onto the other three, he then bows as he gets up. Angelico throws Aerostar back into the ring. Aerostar does a number of 360 twirls around Angelico and ends it with a head scissors takedown. Angelico then hits a jump kick on Aerostar knocking him hard into the corner. Argenis is back in the ring; Angelico goes for a clothesline but Argenis ducks under. Argenis hits a spine buster on Angelico, but Cage is back in and hits a pump handle slam on Argenis and gets the three count for the first elimination. Cage then powerbombs Aerostar but holds on, he picks him back up and powerbombs him into Angelico who is in the corner. Cage hits a tornado clothesline and eliminates Aerostar with the pin. Cage throws Angelico into the ring rope but Angelico rolls over him, he kicks cage in the head but Cage stays on his feet. Angelico then bounces of the ring ropes and charges at cage, but Cage hits him with a massive clothesline and gets the pin for the third and final elimination.

Winner: Cage

After the match Vampiro calls Cage a destroyer, and Striker calls him a machine. Cage grabs the microphone and says “Lucha Underground they call me Cage, because I’m not a man, I’m a machine”.

My View: This match was amazing, we have come to expect this type of match from the high flyers. Cage added something new to this match, he is without a doubt the most agile big man in Lucha Underground. We have seen cage in other promotions some fans will be familiar with his work. Angelico hits an amazing dive over the ring post, he had so much height he almost missed the three competitors on the outside. During the introductions Striker said Angelico was a Zack Sabre/X-Pac cross, not sure many American fans will know who Zack Sabre is, but the international fans will, it was nice to see Striker making these references.

Back from a break Chavo Guerrero is sitting in the middle of the ring with a microphone. He said two months ago he made a mistake by ruining the friendship between him and Blue Demon. He said he ruined the relationships between the two families, he then asks Blue Demon to come out so he can apologize. Blue Demon comes out as Chavo lets him into the ring by holding open the ring ropes. Chavo ask Blue Demon to take a seat so he can apologize. Chavo places his hand on Blue Demons leg and says he is sorry, he says he is sorry he didn’t expose Blue Demon for the fraud he was, he is sorry he didn’t rip the mask off his face. Chavo says he is sorry he didn’t remove his mask and cover his face with a mask of his own blood, as we see Chavo remove a set of brass knuckles from his pocket. He attacks Blue Demon but Blue Demon gets the upper hand. Blue Demon picks up a chair, as Chavo pleads for him to not do it, but Blue Demon strikes him with the chair, the crowd chants “one more time”, and Blue Demon hits Chavo again.

My View: This was a simple segment that seems to have ended the feud between the two as Striker pointed out. Chavo really is doing some of the best work of his career on the microphone.

Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces King Cuerno. Striker says lately King Cuerno has become the hunter. Drago comes out next, Striker points out this is the rubber match between the two.

King Cuerno vs. Drago

Drago hits a quick hurricanrana, and goes for a pin but only gets a two count, both men are back to their feet and Cuerno hits a kick to the side of the head of Drago, knocking him to the outside. Cuerno runs and does a flip onto Drago to the outside. Vampiro says the wrestlers have so much passion they have no concern for their bodies. Cuerno sets up a table outside the ring. Cuerno drags Drago back into the ring. Cuerno picks him up as he stands on the ring apron, but Drago fights off and kicks Cuerno to the floor, and Drago does a corkscrew dive to the outside. Cuerno gets up with a chair; he goes to hit Drago but misses as Drago kicks him onto the table. Drago runs up the stairs and comes out onto the stage high above the table. Drago jumps off the stage onto Cuerno and drives him thru table, about 15-20 feet high. The bell rings as the ref counts out both wrestlers. The crowd Chants “holly shit”.

Winner: Double count out

My View: This match was shorter than I expected but violent. Both wrestlers once again gave there all, and sacrificed serious injury just to perform. I honestly don’t know how long their bodies can hold up doing this every week.

Back from the break a video hyping Fenix airs, we saw the same video a few weeks back when we first saw Fenix.

Melissa Santos introduces Fenix, as he comes out to the ring. Prince Puma comes out next and we finally see the Lucha Underground Champion with his belt. Vampiro says kids look up to Puma, and he has the profile of a superhero.

Fenix vs. Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship

We start with Prince Puma extending his hand for a mutual show of respect. They exchange about 10 different reversals, switches, and moves that end with both man staring at each other and the crowd cheering in appreciation of the sequence they just saw. Puma hits a drop kick and Fenix goes to the outside. Puma goes to dive to the outside but Fenix catches him with a kick driving him back into the ring. Fenix then goes to the top rope and hits a drop kick knocking Puma to the outside, Fenix then goes to dive to the outside but this time Puma catches him with a kick. Puma then springs off the top rope dropkicking Fenix and knocking him back to the outside. Puma then takes flight diving over the top rope onto Fenix. Puma and Fenix get back in the ring; Fenix hits a kick this time knocking Puma to the outside. Fenix then takes flight and hits Puma with a corkscrew dive. Fenix rolls Puma back into the ring. Fenix hits a kick to the back of Puma and gets a two count. He hits another and gets another two count. Fenix hits a flying elbow in the corner; he then hits a suplex and gets another two count. Puma fights back and hits a couple kicks. Vampiro makes a Booker T reference when he talks about getting kicked in the back of the head. Puma kicks Fenix in the back as he sits on the mat. And Vampiro mentions Fit Finlay. Puma hits a standing moonsault and gets a two count. Striker says what they are doing now is close quarter fighting to set up the next move which he learned from Arn Anderson. Puma puts Fenix in what Striker calls a bow-and-arrow-crucifix-surfboard submission. He then slams Fenix to the mat holds on for the two count. They exchange some moves then Fenix hits a helicopter kick. Fenix hits a springboard elbow into a cutter type move and gets a two count. Puma hits a big kick, then throws Fenix in the air and kicks him again, and Puma gets a two count. They exchange some slaps, then Fenix does a handspring but Puma catches him for a suplex, he holds on and hits another suplex, he goes for a cover and gets a two count. Puma goes for a move from the top but Fenix moves and Puma misses. Fenix then goes for a German suplex and holds on for a two count. Vampiro says when Steve Williams did that to him in Japan he would walk out with concussions. Fenix goes to the top turnbuckle and hits summersault dive from the top. Vampiro says did Fenix steel that from Puma, or did Puma steel that from Jushin Liger, or Super Delfin, or the Great Suzuki. Puma hits a pile driver on Fenix and gets a one count. Puma goes to the tope rope and Fenix catches him with a slap to the face. Fenix then goes to the opposite turnbuckle and climbs the rope. Fenix runs across the top rope but Puma catches him with a super kick standing on the top rope as well. Puma then hits the 750 splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma

After the match Cage attacks Prince Puma from behind. He destroys Puma in the ring; he then hits his patented clothesline. Cage then hits three straight powerbombs on Puma as we go off the air with Striker saying “the number one contender is a man simply called Cage”.

My View: This match was what they needed for Puma’s first title defense. If the match quality is the same every time he defends his title then they will be just fine. I was under the impression Johnny Mundo would be the #1 contender at some point, but apparently if you win one match (on Lucha Underground), and attack the Champion from behind then you are the #1 contender.

Overall Show: there were two key absences this week in Johnny Mundo and Mil Muertes, but that’s ok as this show needed to be about Puma and his title reign. All three matches were of very high quality, ad exciting to watch. This is the first time in 10 episodes that I did not seen one botched spot, which tells me there working on their moves and timing. The four-man elimination match was very good, it’s obvious we will see Cage again but I also hope we see the other three again as well. There were over ten references to either wrestling legends, or wrestlers in other promotions getting high praise. This adds a great feel to the program and Striker has certainly done his homework. The only thing that concerned me was the reference that Vampiro made to Steve Williams. The number one job of a wrestler when performing any move is to protect your opponent. By saying he got a concussion every time Steve Williams gave him a suplex makes Williams sound sloppy and dangerous. Overall another great show, thanks for joining me and see you next time in the temple.


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