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Jim Ross Surprised By Recent Allegations CM Punk Made About WWE

Jim Ross Surprised By Recent Allegations CM Punk Made About WWE

USA Today's The Big Lead writer Ryan Glasspiegel has released part one of an interview with Jim Ross today.

The big story coming out of the interview is J.R's opinion on CM Punk's recent revelations about WWE medical and his mis-diagnosed concussions and staph infection:

"I was very surprised to hear that because I know from experience that WWE has invested untold sums of money on their medical staff. Full-time doctors, full-time certified trainers, CTE testing and things that are actually being followed by some of the other leagues. I know that the health of their performers is a high priority, and that anytime I ever had an issue that was job-related or in-the-ring, I always got excellent care and I communicated with the medical staff on a regular basis. They'd call me when I was home.

So I was surprised to hear that. I'm not disputing his claim because I wasn't there and haven't seen the medical records, but the issue is that it seems like it comes back down to communication. If I was in Punk's place - and maybe he did this, I don't know - and I was displeased by the doctor's feedback, I would have gone to Vince after that, and said I believed the diagnosis to be incorrect. I don't know if that ever happened."

JR also commented on allegations made by Punk that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would book him for matches shortly after surgeries or while he was rehabbing injuries:

"McMahon is a very, very bright man... I don't know that he wants to jeopardize anything about his company in any shape, form, or fashion by figuratively holding the gun to a head of a talent. I have a hard time understanding that. I really do. I booked guys and was in charge of talent rosters for many years. We'd have a guy who was rehabbing, and we'd fly him in for a promo, but not a physical role. That's a different ballgame.

I just think there was a big breakdown in communication. I have a hard time believing that McMahon would ever demand - on the record or off - that a talent come back and put himself in physical jeopardy when that talent, by McMahon's own doctor's admission, was not cleared to return. I just don't think that McMahon's gonna put a gun to Punk's head to make him come back two or three weeks early and get back in the ring. That would shock me if that was the case."

Click Here to read more of part one of this interview.


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