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WWE TLC Results (12/14/14) Cleveland, Ohio

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Dec 14, 2014

WWE TLC Results (12/14/14) Cleveland, Ohio

We start with a video packaging promoting TLC as the Demolition Derby of all pay-per views. The video highlights each match we will be seeing tonight.

Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Stairs is coming to us live from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. We are welcomed by Michael Cole. Lillian Garcia announces the first match of the evening with be the Intercontinental Title Match. Dolph Ziggler is out first, Luke Harper is next. Lawler says Ziggler is hoping for some home cooking.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper Ladder match for the Intercontinental Title

Both Wrestlers start of by looking up at the belt. Both wrestlers go for ladders, Ziggler is the first to get taken out by it. Harper grabs a ladder and places it in the ring he tries to climb but is stopped by Ziggler, but Harper takes Ziggler out. Outside the ring Harper sets up a ladder, Ziggler runs in and gets side slammed onto the concrete. Back in the ring Harper again sets up a ladder; Ziggler rushes in and stops him but gets thrown into the ladder twice by Harper. Ziggler is in the corner and Harper throws the ladder into him. Harper charges into the corner but Ziggler hits him with the ladder. Ziggler goes to the top rope but Harper drop kicks the ladder, and Ziggler off the top rope. Harper then throws the ladder outside onto Ziggler. Harper dives thru the ropes and the ladder and takes out Ziggler (Harpers arm is hurt). Ziggler rushes in and sets up a ladder, he begins to climb, Harper pushes the ladder over and Ziggler falls onto the ropes, outside the ring. Harper sets up a bunch of ladders, and slides one into Ziggler. Harper attempts to power bomb Ziggler but Ziggler escapes and super kicks Harper. Harper power bombs Ziggler onto a ladder set up in the corner after Ziggler missed a femasser. Harper slams Zigglers head between the ring rope and ladder. Dolph is outside busted up. Harper climbs the ladder but Ziggler rushes in and climbs also, both men fall off the ladder. Back in the ring Harper tries to power bomb Ziggler but gets slammed face first into the ladder instead. Ziggler climbs the ladder, he gets caught by Harper, but Ziggler hits DDT off the ladder. Harper takes Ziggler out with the ladder, but Ziggler super kicks him to the mat. Ziggler then knocks Harper to the outside with a ladder, Harper lands on the ladder that was set up from the ring apron to the announcers table. Ziggler again climbs the ladder only to again be knocked off by Harper. Harper sets up a ladder, but Ziggler rides another ladder into it, but Harper again catches him on the ladder. Harper sets up a second ladder beside Ziggler. Ziggler knocks Harper down, Dolph reaches up and gets the belt and wins.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler New Intercontinental Champion.

The announcers re-cap and highlight the match. Cole and JBL say this may have been Zigglers best match ever. They also praise Harper. They talk about the IC Title making the next big star like it did HBK

We see Florida Georgia line as the promote WWE Tribute to the Troops.

Out next comes The Usos, followed my Miz and Mizdow. We see Miz talking to Naomi during the TLC Pre-Show. Miz told her if he wins tonight she wins tonight.

The Usos vs. the Miz and Mizdow for the World Tag Team Titles

Miz and Jay start in the ring, Jay goes for a quick roll up gets a two count, he goes for two more roll ups gets another set of two counts. Jay puts Miz in an arm bar. Miz gets back to his feet and Jimmy is tagged in, as Miz runs out of the ring. Back in the ring Jimmy gets the upper hand on Miz with some chops. The Usos pick Miz up in a double suplex, and Mizdow does a hand stand in the corner. Miz and Mizdow are outside the ring as the Usos take flight. Back in the ring Miz plants Jay and gets a two count. Miz hits a huge kick to the head of Jay. The crowd chants “we want Mizdow”. As Miz Is distracted Jay gets a roll up for a two count. Jay hits a big kick to the back of the head of Miz. Jay tags Jimmy and hits some clotheslines and kicks, then a Samoan drop. Jimmy hits the money maker on Miz, Miz goes for a pin gets a two count when Jimmy goes after Mizdow. Jimmy gets a back slide, gets a two count. Jimmy jumps off the top goes for a pin and Mizdow breaks up the count. Mizdow hits the skull crushing finale. Jimmy goes for a submission but Miz gets to the ropes. Miz rolls to the outside and grabs the belts as though he is leaving. Jimmy goes to jump over the ropes and Miz throws Mizdow in the way and hits Jimmy with his Slammy.

Winners: Usos by disqualification

After the match Miz hits Jimmy again with the Slammy.

Byron Saxton Interviews Seth Rollins, Rollins says when he wins he wants to dedicate his win the HHH and Stephanie McMahon. Rollins refers to Sting as a vigilante, but he isn’t around so John Cena is going to pay tonight. He says Cena does not have to submit or get pinned; he just has to go thru a table. Rollins says everything Cena has worked for will be gone.

We see a graphic showing the dimensions and weight of the stairs. Big Show makes his way to the ring, Rowan is out next.

Big Show vs. Eric Rowan Stairs Match

The match begins with both men exchanging blows. Rowan hits some splashes, then a clothesline. Outside the ring Big Show slams Rowan to the concrete. Big Show slams Rowan into the ring steps. Big Show throws Rowan back in the ring, he then starts to get into the ring with a set of stairs but Rowan does a baseball slide kicking them into Big Shows head. Outside Rowan slams a set of stairs into Big Show. Rowan sets up stairs on their sides in arrow outside the ring. Big Show throws Rowan into the ring post, and puts Rowan back into the ring. He pulls Rowan back out and throws him into the ring barrier. Big Show sets a set of stairs on the announcers table. Rowan attacks him but gets thrown into the stairs by Big Show. The crowd chants “Big Show sucks”. Big Show slams stairs into Rowans ribs. Show goes back to the announcers table and grabs the stairs and says to the announcers “what’s the matter you guys nervous”. Show throws Rowan back into the ring, and takes a huge hit in the back from a set of stairs. Rowan fights back but gets his head slammed off a set of stairs set up in the ring corner, and then thrown into them again; Rowan takes a huge clothesline from Big Show. Big Show goes for a choke slam but Rowan fights out and body slams Big Show onto a set of stairs. Rowan gets another set of stairs and jumps from the middle rope, but Big Show moves. The Stairs bounce back and hits Rowan in the head (didn’t look planned). Big Show slams into Rowan as both men go thru the stairs that Rowan set up earlier. Big Show gets Rowan back into the ring. Rowan gives Big Show a big boot while holding a set of stairs. Big Show choke slams Rowan onto a set of stairs. Show hits Rowan with a knockout punch to the back of the head. Big show pins Rowan with a set of stairs for the win.

Winner: Big Show

The announcers re-cap and highlight the carnage we just saw in the ring. After a commercial for the Divas reality show the announcers tell us the table match between Seth Rollins and John Cena is next. A video re-caps the history between the two.

After the video Paul Heyman comes out to the announcers table. Out first is Seth Rollins to a lot of cheers. Cole tells us on the pre-show we found out that Brock Lesnar will defend his Championship at the Royal Rumble. They are playing up the possibility of taking six weeks to find a new number one contender. Cenas music hits, he gets the usual 50/5- reaction and out he comes.

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena Tables Match

The match starts with dueling “let’s go Cena” “Cena Sucks” chants. Cena and Rollins exchange blows, Cena is distracted by J&J and Rollins hits a neck breaker. Rollins beats down Cena in the corner. Cena hits a huge clothesline coming out of the corner. Cena goes to the outside and grabs a table and throws it into the ring. J&J yank it out of the ring, as Rollins attacks Cena. Cena hits another splash in the ring, Rollins goes and grabs a table of his own, and Cena hits a baseball slide. We see Heyman watching on. J&J have a tug of war with Cena over the table, but Rollins attacks Cena due to the distraction again. Rollins sets up a table on the tope rope in the corner. Cena picks Rollins up for a power bomb but J&J attack him in the ring. Rollins hits a DDT. Rollins gets another table. And sets it up in the corner, we hear “let’s go Cena” “Cena Sucks” chants again. Rollins goes to throw Cena into the table in the corner but Cena avoids it and hits two shoulder tackles, and then hits the five knuckle shuffle. J&J enter and all three attack Cena. Cena fights back and they all go to the outside. Cena grabs a piece of metal ring barrier and takes out both members of J&J. Cena suplexes Noble onto that metal piece. Mercury and Rollins attack Cena again. They throw Cena into the ring post. Mercury pulls out another table, they go to hit Cena with it but miss and hit the Ring post. Cena hits the AA on Mercury into the crowd. Rollins gets the upper hand, and sets up a table at ringside, make that two. Cena is back in the ring; Rollins gets on the ring apron and tries to suplex Cena out onto the tables, but Rollins gets suplexed back into the ring. Rollins and Cena exchange some blows. Cena goes for another suplex but Rollins counters. Cena throws Rollins out to the floor, and gets another table. Outside the ring Rollins hits Cena with the briefcase. Both men back in the ring and Rollins continues to assault Cena with the briefcase. Rollins sets up another table in the ring (note: still a table set up in the corner). Rollins leans over Cena and says “your time is up, mine is now”. Cena goes for an AA, Rollins escapes, and kicks Cena, Cena land on the table. Rollins goes to the top Cena catches him and hits the AA on Rollins thru the table. The ref was knocked out and didn’t see it. J&J come back in and remove the evidence. J&J sets up a table and with Rollins they try to throw Cena thru a table. In a remarkable move Cena hits the AA on both Mercury and Noble at the same time. He tries to hit it on Rollins but Rollins fights it off and both men fight on the apron. Both men fall thru the table and the ref calls for the bell. In the ring more refs come out and they discuss it into the ring. JBL asked if we are going to go to re-play. One ref puts Cenas arm in the air, the other puts Rollins arm in the air. They decide to restart the match. Rollins flies thru the ropes to the outside on Cena. Cena hits the AA onto Rollins on the announcers table. The move stakes out JBL and Cole. Cena sets up another table in the ring. JBL is back on commentary, no Cole yet, as we see Big Show come out. Big Show attacks Cena in the ring, he goes to choke slam Cena and Roman Reigns music hits and here he comes. Reigns hits the Superman punch, then a spear on Big Show, Reigns then hits the Superman punch on Rollins. Cena hits the AA thru the table on Rollins.

Winner: John Cena

They recap the highlights of this match. We see John Cena say to Heyman “tell the Beast it’s me”. A commercial for the Royal Rumble airs. They then hype the match between Cena and Lesnar at Royal Rumble.

We re-cap the pre-show win by New Day over Goldust and Stardust. We go to the Pre-Show panel of Rene Young, Alex Riley, and Booker T. They re-cap what we have seen at TLC so far.

Backstage Sexton interviews Nikki Bella with Brie. Nikki says AJ is jealous because she has things AJ doesn’t. Brie says blood is thinker than water, and AJ cannot come between that. AJ makes her way to the ring followed by the Bellas. AJ has her Slammy with her. They show us how AJ lost the title to Nikki.

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee for the Divas Title

We start with Nikki rolling outside and doing some pushups. Back in the ring AJ hits a head scissors takedown, Nikki goes to the outside of the ring. Outside AJ clotheslines both Bellas. Back in the ring Nikki hits a side slam and gets two count. Nikki hits a back breaker and gets another two count. Nikki throws AJ into the corner and chokes her with her foot. Nikki goes to the outside and wraps AJ’s legs around the post. Nikki goes back into the ring and gets another two count. Nikki continues the assault on AJ. Nikki slams AJ to the mat and gets yet another two count. Nikki puts on a rear chin lock on AJ, but AJ fights back to her feet. AJ tries to get the black widow on Nikki but gets slammed into the corner by Nikki. AJ goes for a pin gets a two count. Both women hit a clothesline at the same time. AJ gets the advantage and hits a neck breaker and gets a two count. Nikki hits a tornado DDT and gets a two count. Nikki jumps of the rope and hits a move for another two count. Nikki goes for a slam but AJ counters with a bulldog, she goes for a pin and gets a two count. AJ hits the shinning wizard but when AJ goes for the pin Brie puts Nikki’s leg on the rope. The ref throws Brie out but while the ref is distracted Nikki sprays something into AJ’s face, and hits the rack attack. Nikki gets the pin for the win.

Winner Nikki Bella

The announcers re-cap and highlight the match as the official calls for the ringside doctor.

Backstage Reigns is interviewed and he says he knew he would be back to make an impact. He says what he did tonight was an impact. Reigns declares himself for the Royal rumble match. (he stumbled on his lines allot).

Back from a WWE shop commercial Kane makes his entrance. Ryback is next as the announcers talk about the chairs being legal.

Ryback vs. Kane Chairs Match

Both wrestlers roll to the outside and grab chairs as the bell rings. They swing the chairs at each other, and then they drop them. Ryback hits a shoulder tackle. Kane grabs a chair and beats Ryback down to the mat with it. Ryback gets the upper hand; he slams Kanes head of the mat after he tackles him. Ryback jumps from the middle rope three times onto Kane. Ryback slams a chair into Kane, and continues to use the chair on him. Ryback goes to the top rope and splashes onto a chair but Kane counters and Ryback takes the blow. Kane then attacks Ryback with the chair, then Ryback gets his head slammed into a chair that was set up in the corner, Kane gets a two count. Kane goes to the outside and gets another chair, and comes back in and continues the assault. Ryback fights back but Kane gives him a DDT onto the chair and gets another two count. After some shared chair blows Kane gets another two count. Kane sets up a chair in the ring, Ryback sits on the chair and takes a kick to the head from Kane, as Kane goes for a pin, Ryback kicks out at two. Ryback hits a belly to belly slam. Ryback rushes in with a chair and Kane kicks it into his head. Kane uses the chair to hit Ryback multiple times. Kane throws a bunch of chairs in the ring, he then grabs Ryback in a choke hold, but Ryback slams Kane into the chair. Ryback assaults Kane with a chair, he then yells “it’s feeding time”. Ryback gets nailed with a chair and a choke slam from Kane, Kane gets a two count. Ryback hits the meat hook, then the shell shock, Ryback get the pin for the win.

Winner: Ryback

Out Next is Rusev, followed by Swagger. In the ring Lana tries to speak but Swaggers music cuts her off.

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev for the U.S Title

We start with both men trading blows in the middle of the ring. Swagger picks Rusev up and slams him down. Swagger works on the leg of Rusev. Rusev rolls to the outside but Swagger follows. Both men are back in the ring and Swagger hits two huge clotheslines. Swagger goes for the Swagger bomb but Rusev moves. Swagger gets the patriot lock on but Rusev counters and puts on the accolade. Jack gets to the ropes and Rusev has to break the hold, he drags Swagger back to the middle of the ring and out it back on. Swagger fights to his knees rolls over and put the patriot lock on. JBL chants “tap Russia tap”. Rusev kicks Swagger in the face and gets the separation. Swagger is kicked to the outside of the ring. Swagger back in the ring takes another huge kick, and Rusev locks the accolade in again. The ref calls for the bell and declares Rusev the winner.

Winner: Rusev

A commercial airs hyping Cena and Brock at the Royal Rumble calling it there epic final battle.

A video package re-caps the very long and complicated history between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt. After the video Lillian Garcia announces the rules of the match, and then out comes Ambrose with a ladder. Out next is Bray Wyatt

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt TLC Match (the unexpected main event)

We start by Ambrose throwing a ladder outside onto Wyatt. Both men fight outside the ring. Ambrose gets the upper hand, and Ambrose jumps out of the ring thru the ropes and takes out Wyatt. Ambrose then drives Wyatt into the barricade. Ambrose then jumps of the announcers table, then ring barrier taking Wyatt out both times. Over next to the pre-show set Wyatt throws Ambrose into another barrier. Both wrestlers head back towards the ring as Ambrose continues to assault Wyatt. Ambrose strikes Wyatt with a chair repeatedly. Wyatt is back in the ring as Ambrose sets up a table outside. Ambrose gets a stick and destroys Wyatt with it, as Wyatt almost begs for more. Ambrose jumps from the middle rope with a steal chair driving it into Wyatt. Ambrose sets up another chair and sits Wyatt in it. Ambrose goes to the top rope but Wyatt catches him and knocks him into the table that was set up outside. Wyatt rolls Ambrose back into the ring and gets a two count. Wyatt uses the kendo stick on Ambrose. JBL says there trying to prove who is the craziest person in WWE. Wyatt throws Ambrose head first into a stick that was pointed upwards in the ring corner; Wyatt gets a two count on a roll up. Wyatt gets a step ladder and hits Ambrose with it. Ambrose is placed on the ladder in the ring, Wyatt does a splash onto Ambrose and goes for a pin, and he gets a two count. Wyatt continues to control the match. Wyatt gives Dean some more blows with the kendo stick. Wyatt says “you asked for this Ambrose” as he goes to splash Ambrose onto the ladder in the corner but misses. Ambrose sets up a ladder, and Wyatt gets slammed off the ladder, Ambrose hits a running bulldog. He sets up another ladder on the top rope in the corner, he climbs up and hits a cross body on Wyatt, he gets another two count. Wyatt is set up in the ropes and dean hits a running kick. Ambrose then hits a leg drop on Wyatt and drives his head into a chair and gets a two count. Dean goes for dirty deeds, Wyatt counters with the sister Abigail, dean counters, but Wyatt hits him with a huge clothesline. They continue to fight outside the ring; Wyatt is propped onto a table by Ambrose. Ambrose climbs a ladder and jumps off driving an elbow into Wyatt. Ambrose sets Wyatt up on another table, and he climbs another ladder, and hits another elbow, the ladder was even higher this time. Ambrose drags Wyatt back to the ring, but collapses outside holding onto his ribs. Ambrose finally gets in; Wyatt hits a sister Abigail out of nowhere and gets a two count. Wyatt goes for another sister Abigail but Ambrose rolls him up and Wyatt kicks out at two. Ambrose hits dirty deeds and Wyatt kicks out at two again. Ambrose goes to the outside and finds a monitor; he checks his face in it. Ambrose heads back up the ramp and grabs a huge ladder. Dean sets up a ladder that is close to 25 feet high. Wyatt attacks Ambrose with a chair. Ambrose fights back and slams the chair of the stairs into the throat of Wyatt. Ambrose climbs the big ladder and drives another elbow onto Wyatt thru the Spanish announcers table. The crowd chants this awesome. Dean and Wyatt continue to fight each other outside, as Dean gets Wyatt back in the ring. Ambrose smiles and points at Wyatt on the mat. Ambrose grabs the monitor, he goes to hit Wyatt with it but the chord stops him and explodes in the face of Ambrose. Wyatt hits the sister Abigail and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt (there is your brass ring folks)

We go off the air with Cole inviting us to the TLC Fall Out Show on the WWE Network.

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