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The Hydden View: Five Questions Going into Survivor Series.

The Hydden View: Five Questions Going into Survivor Series.

Well here we go again, another WWE pay-per view, and once again we have matches with high expectations. In my opinion Survivor Series has been built up well. Each match on the show has meaning, and the potential to affect future storylines. To me here are the five biggest questions going into tomorrow night’s show.

1. Can Bray Wyatt perform to the level we expect him to? This may seem like an odd question to some people, but to me although Bray has had some good matches; none have jumped out as great. Is the Survivor Series where he finally gives us the greatness we all believe he can? Wyatt’s work on the microphone and in front of the camera is some of the best we have seen in a long time, alone with Dean Ambrose, he is in the top five in the business right now. Maybe that’s why his work in the matches themselves has left me wanting from him. He has wrestled Cena and Jericho, two great performers in the ring, was I maybe expecting too much? I don’t think so, I believe there is something he has not shown us, and I truthfully believe in the ring with Ambrose we are going to see something new from Bray Wyatt.

2. Is AJ Lee leaving the WWE if she loses the Divas Title? I try my best not to focus too much on rumors, but let’s face it this rumor has gained some momentum. In case you have not heard, it is rumored that if AJ loses the Divas Title on Sunday this is a sure sign she is leaving the company. That said if she loses the rumors are going to get more persistent. But, looking at the current storyline’s in the Divas division doesn’t it make sense for her to lose. There are two storylines that benefit from AJ losing the title at Survivor Series. The first is the Bella’s, if Nikki wins the title it sets up a feud for the belt between her and Brie, which gives there feud a little more incentive. The other storyline is that with Natalya, this would give her a chance to face either Bella for the title. This adds another dimension to her situation with Tyson Kidd. If Natalya wins a title before him it could cause more tension between the two (storyline purposes).

3. Who leaves with the WWE Tag team Championship’s? I have seen many expecting the Rhodes brothers to retain the titles. But, I feel this may be a bigger question than not. We have heard that Survivor Series is where the “It’s a New Day” faction will make their debut. I feel this match could be where they will do it. We don’t know if they’re coming in as heel’s or faces so here are the two scenarios I see that could play out. If they come out as faces, they could cost the Rhodes brothers the titles? Or, if they come out as heels could they could cost the Uso’s the titles? Another interesting part of this match is the team of Miz and Sandow. Its possible WWE rides the momentum that Sandow has gained and put the belts on these two. Either way I am more excited for this match than I originally was.

4. Will Team Cena vs. Team Authority see a double cross? I know the popular scenario here is to see a heel turn by Cena, and have him double cross his team. I am going to tell you now that’s about a 2% possibility, but does this mean a member of Team Cena cannot double cross his own team. Absolutely not, I think Rowan and Ryback would be the popular choices here. But, I think if someone turns on team Cena it will be Ziggler. He has suffered and lost the most going into the match, he has reason to be upset. But overall I do not see a member of team Cena betraying his team. JBL has planted the seed for a double cross with his commentary on Smack Down and I believe that was the point. I think this match plays out just the way we expect team Cena winning cleanly. I will leave you with this question on the topic though, what if the double cross is on Team Authority?

5. Who wins the Team Cena vs. Team Authority match? As I said above because of the stipulation announced on smack down its very likely Team Cena wins. But, that stipulation could mean we will get a no-decision type finish as well. I feel Team Cena winning is best for all the storylines involved. Coming out of this match we have a minimum of three built in feuds.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

Luke Harper vs. Eric Rowan

Another exciting part of this match is the potential of a huge name debuting. Is this where we will see Sting make his much anticipated debut? I think the Authority has run its course and it’s time for a new direction with the characters involved.

I don’t have the answer to any of these questions, which is what makes tomorrow night so exciting. WWE has the potential to leave us all feeling satisfied, and ready for RAW the next night. I know this much I will be glued to my TV Sunday night as a fan not a writer, how about you?


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