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TNA Impact Wrestling results (11/5/14)

TNA Impact Wrestling results (11/5/14)

We open with a video package recapping Bobby Roode vs. Lashley from last week.

Tonight we are coming from Bethlehem, PA. We open with Executive Director Kurt Angle in the ring, he announces the It Factor Bobby Roode. Roode makes his way to the ring. Roode says wrestlers dream of this moment, he says besides his family wrestling is all he has. Roode says he has only ever wanted to be the best, and holding this championship makes him the best. He says he is happy to share this moment with the greatest professional wrestler to ever live Kurt Angle. Out comes Lashley with King and MVP. MVP takes the microphone; he says Roode is one sorry excuse for a competitor. And Lashley is the most dominant champion. He say’s Roode manipulated the system to get a title shot. He asks who are the bad guys, saying its Roode and Angle because they knew Roode couldn’t win without help. MVP says he deserves a title shot because he was injured. Angle ask Roode to put the title on the line against MVP tonight.

A video hypes the tag team tournament. We show Joe and Low Ki backstage.

Commercial Break: 9:12

Back from break Low KI and Samoa Joe make their way to the ring.

The Hardys vs. Samoa Joe & Low Ki (Tag Team tournament match)

Low Ki and Jeff start in the ring. Low ki wraps Jeff from behind, they have to break when Jeff gets to the ropes. Jeff grabs Ki from behind and tags Matt. Matt puts Low Ki into an arm bar, Ki escapes with a kick to the head, and Low Ki tags Joe. Joe tags Low Ki back and they double team Matt. Low Ki kicks matt and goes for the pin gets a two count. Matt fights back and tags Jeff, Jeff does a snap mare take down and goes for the pin gets two. He tags matt, Matt goes from the tope rope gets a two count tags Jeff. They do a double team takeover, Jeff goes for the pin and Joe breaks it up. Ki comes back with a series of kicks; he gets to Joe for the tag. Joe kicks Jeff in the head several times. He goes for the pin and gets two. Joe drops a knee and gets another two count

Commercial Break: 9:24

Back from the break Joe has Jeff in the corner. Jeff hits the whisper in the wind from the top rope. Both get a tag. Matt hits the side affect and gets a two count. Matt hits a bulldog on Joe and a clothesline on Low Ki at the same time. Matt goes to the top rope but Low Ki knocks him down. Low Ki hits the warrior’s way and gets the 2 count as Jeff breaks it up. Matt hits a twist of fate on low Ki and gets a two count when Joe breaks it up. Joe puts the rear naked choke on matt and Jeff breaks it up. Jeff tries the twist of fate but Low Ki blocks it. Jeff tags Matt as Jim and Jeff double Low Ki. Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb, and then Matt hits a moonsault and gets the pin for the win.

Winners: The Hardy’s and new #1 Contender

Backstage James Storm is talking to Davey Richards, he tells him he has one week to give him an answer. We then go to Bobby Roode, he was talking about being sat home for seven weeks. He says he isn’t hiding from MVP, that’s MVP took away the one thing that matters to him wrestling.

Commercial Break: 9:37

Back from the break we see a video recapping what’s been going on with Gunner and Samuel Shaw and Brittany.

In the ring Samuel Shaw and Brittany have the microphone. Shaw says he turned his back on his friend and big brother Gunner. He says because of Brittany he was able to see Gunner saw him as a charity case. Brittany said Christi Hemi didn’t appreciate him either, they start making out in the ring. Gunner comes to the ring; he says they are making him and Bethlehem sick. He says crazy attracts crazy, he said Shaw’s problem didn’t want to be like him he wanted to be him. He calls them creepy bastards, and Shaw yells don’t call us that, and attacks Shaw. Brittany jumps onto gunners back; this allows Shaw to low blow Gunner, Shaw then chokes Gunner out with the half second Tommy.

Commercial Break: 9:49

Back from the break a video shows the newest TNA superstar Mahabali Shera. Another video recaps the match made earlier tonight for the TNA title. MVP approaches Angle and says thank you for making this so easy for him. He says Angle thinks it’s all about him, but it’s really all about MVP.

Magnus and Bram make their way to the ring

D Von & Tommy Dreamer vs. Magnus & Bram Hardcore rules

D von and Dreamer run out and attack before the opening bell. Dreamer throws Magnus into the ring barrier. Then Dreamer puts Magnus into the ring. Magnus is double teamed by Dreamer and D von. Dreamer does a baseball slide dropkick to Magnus. D Von hits Bram with a drink. Magnus throws Dreamer onto the ring Barrier. In the ring D Von gets hit by Magnus, Bram and Magnus double team D Von. Bram chokes D Von out. Dreamer comes to the ring and hits Magnus with a metal plate. Dreamer then throws a chair into the ring. Magnus uses a drop toe hold to slam Dreamer into the chair. Magnus and Bram wedge the trash cans in the ring ropes. Bram then hits Dreamer with a chair to the back. Bram then hits Dreamer with a cookie sheet. And Bram then hits the baseball slide on D Von. They double team dreamer and do a back body drop. Magnus jumps to the outside and gets hit by a cookie sheet that D Von had. D Von then used the trash can lid on Bram’s head. D Von hits the trash can into Bram’s mid section. Bram and Magnus get power bombed by D von of the top rope while double suplexing Dreamer. D Von goes to the outside and gets a table, and sets it up outside. Bram tries to suplex D Von outside onto the table, but goes thru it himself. Magnus uses a Singapore cane on D Von and Dreamer. Magnus takes a kick to the lower area by dreamer. Dreamer then hits a DDT for the pin and win.

Winner: D Von & Tommy Dreamer

Backstage Gail Kim talks about her match with Havoc tonight. She says tonight she is going after what’s hers the TNA Women’s title.

Commercial Break: 10:09

Back from the break out comes Rockstar Spud. Jeremy Borash says it’s been a wild couple weeks for Spud. Spud says over the past year he has done things he isn’t proud off. When he came to the company he had no direction until Dixie carter came to him and asked him to be the Chief of Staff. Spud said at one point he would have done anything for EC3, until he became a complete and utter wanker. He says he like shis suits and the people like his suits and he isn’t changing them for anybosy including EC3. He said he is Mr. 99%. He says he doesn’t need EC3 anymore. Borash says just like British Boot camp Spud is winning everyone over.  Outcome EC3 and Tyrus. The crowd chants “he’s a wanker”. EC3 said all the losers have appointed a new fearless leader in Rockstar Spud. He says Borash and Spud owe everything they have to the Carters. He said he will allow Spud to apologize to him right now out of professional courtesy. Spud said no, Tyrus grabs him and EC3 says apologize again, and Spud says I’m sorry you are a big nosed douch bag, they then slap Borash, they attack Spud, Eric Young comes to save Spud with a chair. EC3 and Tyrus exit the ring quickly.

Commercial Break: 10:22

Back from the break Gail kim comes to the ring, then Havok makes her entrance. Taz hypes the importance of Gail Kim’s health

Gail meets Havok on the ramp and Havok beats her down. Outside the ring Havok tries to slam Gail into the ring post but the ref stops her. Gail hits her then Havok knocks her down. Havok then throws Gail into the ring post headfirst. Gail fights back just to get leveled again by Havok. Taz again mentions Gail risking her career. Havok drags her up the ramp by her hair. Gail hits some kicks then Havok catches one of the kicks and throws her off the stage. Gail gets attended to by doctors and staff as Tenay questions of we will even have a match.

Commercial Break: 10:31

Back from the break Borash starts to announce the medical staff says the match will not take place, but Gail takes the microphone and says it will happen.

Havok vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship.

In the ring Havok continues to beat Gail down. Tenay said Gail needs to worry about permanent injury as Gail fights back, then havoc hits a fore arm knocking Gail outside the ring. Gail throws havoc into the steel steps. Gail then gets slammed head first into the ring steps by Havok. Outside Gail isn’t moving as the ref starts a 10 count. Havoc breaks the count and goes outside to get Gail. She says she isn’t finished with Gail yet and throws her in the ring. Gail latches on a submission hold. Havok hits a side slam on Gail to break the submission. Gail hits a bulldog on Havok. Gail hits a few blows to the face of Havok, Havok misses a clothesline, Gail sends her into the corner. Gail hits a cross body and goes for the pin, gets a two count. Havok hits a hammerlock slam and Gail kicks out at two. Havok grabs Gail by the throat and Gail hits the leap of fate. Havok hits a choke slam and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Havok

Backstage we see footage from earlier today of Manik talking to Mahabali Shera. Manik ask how long he has been there, Shera says not long. We then go to MVP backstage talking to Lashley. Lashley is packing his bag and leaving.

Commercial Break: 10:45

Back from the break

MVP makes his way to the ring first. Roode comes out next. Tenay said you had to know with Roode’s attitude you just knew he would be a fighting champion. Tenay talks about how MVP iced Roode for seven weeks to keep him from the title.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP for the TNA World Championship

They start with a collar elbow tie up. MVP then fights out of the corner. He hits a suplex and gets a one count. He puts Roode in a headlock and Roode escapes. Roode hits a leg sweep and gets a two count. MVP gets the upper hand again. Outside the ring MVP hits a kick to the head of Roode. MVP throws Roode onto the guardrail. MVP then uses the ring steps to abuse Roode. He tosses Roode back in and goes for several pin falls all which Roode kicks out. MVP hits the elbow, then a bridging suplex and gets a two count. MVP locks in a submission move and Roode fights back up to his feet. MVP misses a kick and Roode hits a spine buster and gets a two count. Roode puts MVP on the tope rope and Roode hits a suplex from the top rope and gets another two count. MVP counters the Roode Bomb. MVP hits a kick and gets a two count. MVP goes for another kick and misses Roode goes for the roll up and gets a two count. Roode hits the Roode Bomb and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match Lashley appears and spears Roode. MVP tried to get a hand up and Lashley blew him off.

That’s all from Bethlehem, PA tonight thanks for following.


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