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Details Behind WWE Selling CM Punk Merchandise Again

Details Behind WWE Selling CM Punk Merchandise Again

As we previously reported WWE has started to again sell CM Punk's merchandise, this should not be taken a sign that he is returning to WWE but merely "loose ends being closed up" according to a WWE source. 

CM Punk quit in January 2014, but his contract with WWE didn't expire until July meaning WWE was able to market his merchandise, when his contract did expire Punk took with him his likeness because he has had it since he was a teenager and WWE pulled his merchandise as they did not have the name rights to continue to sell or produce it because those rights reverted back to Punk. 

WWE at this stage were in a tricky situation, especially with regards to the WWE 2K15 video game which featured Punk and had this gone to court WWE would have been in a very awkward situation as they were producing Punk material with the knowledge that he had left the company.

While it is not fully known what went down between Punk and WWE, no lawsuits were filed although there was certainly back and forth discussions between Punk's and WWE lawyers which ultimately led to them coming to some kind of agreement. 

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Oct 28, 2014 Source: PWInsider.com Tags: #wwe #cm punk

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