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Dress Code For Hulk Hogan's Florida Restaurant Criticized

Dress Code For Hulk Hogan's Florida Restaurant Criticized

TMZ.com is reporting that the dress code for Hogan's Beach, a restaurant owned by WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan in Tampa, Florida, is being criticized due to the fact that the code bans many popular clothing styles.

The photo below, courtesy of TMZ.com, shows the items of clothing not allowed in the restaurant:


TMZ.com has even gone as far to state that the code "essentially bars people who wear clothes popular with the black community."
They also report that despite the dress code stating that no bandannas or do-rags are allowed, these are items that Hogan has been known to wear throughout the years, and is even wearing one in the sign for the restaurant.
The report further states that Hogan has been contacted about the dress code for the restaurant, and his response was that he licenses his name to the establishment, but was unaware about the dress code that was being enforced there. TMZ.com says that Hogan states he is looking into the matter.
TMZ.com goes on to report that they spoke with an employee at Hogan's Beach, who stated that the posted dress code is mainly enforced for concert events, but not so much for either lunch or dinner. When asked about the restriction on oversized jewelry, the employee was quoted as saying, "I don't want to sound stereotypical..." but then trailed off.
Posted By: Kenny Williams on Sep 25, 2014 Source: TMZ.com Tags: #wwe #hulk hogan

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