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TNA Reporting Dixie Carter Has "Broke Her Back"

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Aug 08, 2014

TNA Reporting Dixie Carter Has "Broke Her Back"

ImpactWrestling.com is running a story to play up the injuries that Dixie Carter received at the hands of Bully Ray after she was put through a table during last night's Impact Wrestling which wrote her off television.

"On further evaluation Dixie was sent to the Emergency Room at Centennial Hospital, where she was immediately seen by an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist and radiologist. Following numerous tests and scans, X-rays reveal and an MRI confirms Dixie has L2 and L3 Transverse Process Fractures, as well as a hairline rib fracture.

Dixie has been released from the hospital and is back home in Nashville resting uncomfortably."

Carter recently revealed in an interview with Ring Rust Radio that she was legitimately injured from the bump which was taped a few weeks back.

Source: ImpactWrestling.com Tags: #tna #dixie carter #bully ray

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