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WWE Battleground Results (7/20/14) Tampa, Florida

Posted By: Si Hand on Jul 20, 2014

WWE Battleground Results (7/20/14) Tampa, Florida

I do not own this Image. All credit and rights go to wwe.com


What's up boys and girls, this is Simon and I'll be providing your Live Coverage for the WWE Battleground PPV.


The Pre show signs on at 7.30 ET sharp. We join the Pre Show panel consisting of Renee Young, Alex Riley, Booker T and for the second PPV in a row Christian. They hype the upcoming Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

We then cut to ringside for the first match of the night, Adam Rose versus Fandango!


Fandango v.s. Adam Rose

Fandango out first, a lot of fans doing the "fandango". Adam Rose out next, with Layla and Summer Rae leading the Rosebuds to the ring. The ref calls for the bell and gets us underway. 

Fandango strikes first, backing Rose into the corner. Hits a back suplex for a two count. Layla and Summer Rae lead the Rosebuds around the ring, distracting Fandango. He rushes out to stop them, only to get a slap from both of them. Rose hauls him back into the ring and nails a spinebuster. He then signals for and hits the Partyfoul for the 3 count!!!

Winner: Adam Rose 

Post Match: Adam Rose celebrates with Layla and Summer Rae, along with the rest of the Rosebuds, as Fandango looks distraught in the ring. 


We then get a promo hyping the Dean Ambrose v.s. Seth Rollins Match, recapping the betrayal of Rollins and the attack on Smackdown this past friday. Christian explains how it feels to go up against your former partner. He says "If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense" in reference to Seth Rollins selling out and siding with the Authority.  

The Panel then hype the Y2J and Bray Wyatt Match. They also mention the Uso versus Wyatt Match. We cut backstage for a short promo from the Uso's. They state they will be taking one fall apiece and will leave tonight still as Champions. 


Cameron v.s. Naomi

The Diva's Pre show match up next. Cameron out first with new music, followed by Naomi, whom gets a warm reception. Naomi charges at Cameron, with the ref stopping her. She means business tonight. They brawl outside the ring very briefly, as Cameron gets the upperhand. She tosses Naomi into the ring apron and back inside. Surfboard by Cameron. Naomi gets free and to her feet. Cameron hangs onto the ropes as Naomi attempts a dropkick. However, Naomi soon regains the upper hand. Cameron gets out the ring and signals that she doesn't want anymore of her former friend. However, Naomi gives chase and clubs her from behind. She drags her back into the ring. Naomi attempts to throw Cameron into the ropes but she counters, sending Naomi throat first into the top rope. She follows this up with a Schoolboy (or schoolgirl in this case). Cameron has the tights, but the ref doesn't see it and counts the 3!!!

Winner: Cameron

 Post Match: Cole stresses that Cameron had the tights and that Naomi was hard done by. Seem's like this feud is set to continue.


Back with Renee Young and the panel and they give the final push for the Fatal 4-way main event. We see a promo package recapping the events of the past few weeks in the title scene. The last image is Roman Reigns standing tall, as he did 6 days ago on Raw. 




Show kicks off at 8:00pm ET. Show Opening VT hypes up the Fatal 4-way Match and Cena's path from Money in the Bank and his Victory there, to tonight and the peril his Title reign is in. It also teases HHH's Plan "B", showing images of Seth Rollins. Could we see a cash in tonight?


Cue the Opening Pyro, with Cole welcoming us to Battleground in Tampa, Florida live in the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Up first for the second time in a row, it's the Uso's against the Wyatt's! 


2 Out Of 3 Falls Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Luke Harper & Erick Rowen v.s. The Uso's (Champions)

The Uso's out first as they await the Harper and Rowan. The lights go off and the little girl starts singing "He's got the Whole World in His Hands". Both teams get a nice reaction. We see a quick recap of how they earned the title match and the controversy of the wrong Uso being pinned. The ref rings the bell and we get under way. 

Jey Uso starts off against Rowen. Jey knocks the sheep mask right off Rowan's face with a punch. Rowan back him into the corner and gains the upperhand. Harper tags in as we already get duelling chants of U-SO! and Lets go Wyatt's!. Both Harper and Rowan knocked to the outside and regroup for a few moments. Luke Harper gets back in and ties Jey up in the corner. He smashes him with a hard chop and whips him violently into the ropes. Jey hits the bottom rope hard. Suplex by Harper. Tags in Rowan. Big scoop slam for a 2-count for Rowan. He wears Jey down with a vice grip, Jey tries to fight out but Rowen soon knocks him down again. Harper tags in and hits a knee to the face. Follows this up with the Gator Roll. Harper keeps him down with a Chinlock, but Jey manages to power up and hit a back suplex. He tags in Jimmy, who comes in hot. However, he is levelled by a vicious boot from Harper and goes down hard. 1, 2, 3!! Harper gets the the first fall of the match just under the 5 minute mark. 

Winners of the First Fall: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Harper wastes no time going after Jimmy again. Tags in Rowan who hits a splash for a close 2 count. Rowan again goes for the Vice Grip, while the Crowd rally behind the Uso's. Jimmy breaks the hold and tries to lift Rowan up for a slam, but his legs give way and Rowan gets covers, again for a 2 count. Tags in Harper who beats on Jimmy. They trade some stiff shots, with Harper coming out on top in that exchange. As Harper Controls the pace, Jimmy counter his Back suplex attempt and tags in Jey. The Fresh Jey Uso quickly rolls up Harper for the 3-count. It looked like Harper's shoulder was off the mat, but the Ref counts anyway. The Uso's take the second fall just past the 8 minute mark. 

Winners of the Second Fall: Jimmy and Jey Uso

The Wyatt's are furious and stomp Jey while he's still on the floor. Rowan is in and he hits a big Fallaway Slam, but only gets a 2. Knee drop by Rowan before tagging in Harper. Harper slingshots Jey throat first into the bottom rope. Erick Rowan gets back in. The Announcers push how the Wyatt's have dominated. Rowan misses a shoulder tackle in the corner and hits the post. Harper tags in but misses the big boot, going over the Top. Jimmy tags in and Dives over the top rope onto Harper. He does the same to Rowan before running the barricade and leaping onto Harper. He rolls him into the ring and hits a flying crossbody for a near fall the crowd were majorly into. Jimmy hits the Enziguri and running butt to the face while Harper is seated in the corner (I have no idea what he calls that). Harper strikes back, but the quicker Uso retaliates with the Whisper in the wind for a near fall. Jimmy tries the Superkick but Harper counters and boots him out of the ring. He then hits his own suicida to Jimmy outside the ring. "This is Awesome" chants start up. As Rowan and Jey are fighting outside, Harper goes to dive out the ring onto him, only for Jey Uso to nail him with a superkick from the outside. He then counters Jimmy and nails the Powerbomb for a super close 2 count. Rowan tagged in and goes for and misses a big splash from the top. Harper up top as well, but knocked off the ropes. Jey tags in and hits the big splash. But Rowan kicks out at 2!!! Jimmy tags back in and goes for another splash, but Harper prevents it. Rowan slugs it out with Jimmy on the top, Jey joins in but Rowan bashes their heads together and hits and Superplexes the pair of them off the top. Harper tags in and the Wyatt's go in for their finisher, but Jey breaks it up. Harper tosses Jey out of the ring and hits a superkick on Jimmy. However, Jimmy responds with a Superkick of his own. Harper is staggered but then hits the Discus Clothesline from nowhere. Only gets a two count as Jey breaks up the pin. Both Usos hit double superkicks on both of the Wyatt's and then they climb up together for a double superfly splash from the same turnbuckle for the final pin and the win.

Winners of the Third Fall and Still Tag Team Champions: Jimmy and Jey Uso 


Next up it seems we have Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose attacks Seth Rollins during his interview backstage and it takes several men to get them apart. Triple H comes in and tells security to get Ambrose out of the building. Okay, so it's not going to happen tonight then? 

Looks like we're getting Paige and AJ Lee instead for the Diva's Championship.


Diva's Championship Match
Paige v.s. AJ Lee (Champion)

 Paige makes her way out first. We get the recap of how Paige won the Title. The Diva's Champions out next, AJ Lee, we then see how AJ won back the Title. Not a very audible reaction for either lady. Bell rings and we are underway.

We start with a handshake before the two lock up. Loud "CM PUNK" chant for a moment there. The two trade near falls, but Paige kicks AJ straight in the mouth for a 2 count. Paige then nails a headbutt before stomping her in the Corner. She then hits a scoop slam, again for a 2. Paige then hits her Knee's to the gut through the ropes. She then wears down AJ with a surfboard and Chinlock. We get a Duelling chant for each Diva briefly. Paige clotheslines AJ and then taunts AJ to "Come on". AJ responds and counters with a DDT. Paige charges at AJ and both Diva's tumble to the floor outside. Paige rams AJ into the barrier and tosses her into the ring. She goes up top and AJ pops up to battle it out with her. However, Paige counters with a sunset flip powerbomb, but only gets a two. Paige looks frustrated and charges at AJ. But the Champion locks in the Black Widow. Paige looks like she may tap but manages to power out. She then nails the Paige Turner. She scrambles for the cover, but AJ just gets her shoulder up. Fans into this match now. Paige goes for the PTO, but AJ rolls out of it. She then cracks Paige with the Shining Wizard and gets the pin just after the 7 minute mark. 

Winner and still Champion: AJ Lee

We then get a promo for Summerslam that looks like it was produced for a superhero Movie.

We return to the announce team, who recap the main event of last mondays Raw, they stress it will be every man for themselves.

We cut backstage and Randy Orton is looking for Kane in what looks like the Boiler room. He says he was wrong and is sorry for RKOing Kane. He offers his hand, which Kane ignores. Orton tries to convince Kane that they aren't enemies, rather Reigns and Cena are. They need to stop either of them leaving with the Gold. Kane assures him that the New champion is standing right there. 

We get back to the Panel from the Pre-show, Booker T, Alex Riley and Christian are introduced by Renee Young. Christian says there's 50 titles between them, he then takes a pop at Riley by saying he meant between him and Booker. They each give their predictions for the Fatal 4-Way. Riley and Christian pick Roman Reigns and Booker T chooses Orton. They then recap the Segment between Rusev and Swagger on Raw. Which is next.


Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) v.s. Rusev (with Lana)

Lillian Garcia give Rusev his long winded intro, who makes his way to the ring. Lana takes to the mic but pauses as the "USA" chant's start up. She demands for them to shut up. She tells them that Americans should be ashamed due to the Propaganda they spout and how they ram their democracy down everyones throat. Swagger out next, big pop for Swagger. Zeb grabs a mic but Lana slaps him hard before he really gets going. Rusev and Swagger tangle and Swagger dumps Rusev to the floor, with him landing hard. A "Let's go Swagger" chant kicks in, which is a first I think. Swagger leads a We the people chant too, then goes for the Ankle, forcing Rusev to retreat. They lock up again and Rusev backs him into the corner and fires off some kicks. Swagger manages to avoid an oncoming Rusev, with him then going for the Ankle again. Once more, Rusev retreats out off the ring, but Swagger gives chase. He hits some knees on Rusev, but the Bulgarian Brute stops his momentum with a running tackle, then nails a standing fallaway slam. Hard kick to the back by Rusev, then uses the Vice Grip to the Shoulder, as Zeb leads the fans in a We the people chant. Swagger powers out, but again gets floored with some hard kicks. Those kicks do look vicious. During this match, Michael Cole announces that HHH has tweeted that Ambrose won't be returning to the building, meaning their match is officially off. Back to the match, Swagger is tossed out the ring, Rusev clubs him off the apron a couple of times, but Swagger starts to Hulk up and charges in. He floors Rusev and hits a Swagger Bomb for a near fall. Rusev throws some punches, but Swagger hits him with a slam. Rusev regains control with a strong kick. Rusev calls for the thrust kick, but Swagger Catches his foot and locks in the Patriot Lock! Rusev goes for the rope but Swagger drags him back, big pop by the fans, they're really into Swagger tonight. Rusev manages to get out the ring, but Swagger is relentless and locks it in outside. Rusev manages to crawl up the step and pull Swagger in to hit his head on the ringpost. Rusev rolls into the Ring, Swagger is still down and out as the Ref counts to 10, for Rusev to remain undefeated and win by way of Count out.

Winner: Rusev 

Post Match: The doctors tend to Swagger as he appears to be out cold as Rusev celebrates. Lana then commands Rusev to "Crush". He grabs Swagger and pulls him into the ring then applies the Accolade. He breaks the hold at Lana's command as they leave Jack Swagger unconscious in the ring.  


Backstage we see Stardust speaking in riddles about the "Cosmic Key". Goldust wanders in as Stardust demands they need to see it with their own eyes. He talks about taking the plunge soon. 

Seth Rollins Music hits and he heads out in his ring gear. They recap Ambrose's assault on Rollins earlier tonight. Despite not having an opponent, Justin Roberts announces a match will take place. 


Dean Ambrose v.s. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins takes theMic and says since his opponent was ejected, he has come to accept his victory via Forfeit. He says he wants to be announced as the winner and his hand raised. The official and Announcer comply with this. JBL expresses disappointment at Ambrose for depriving the WWE universe of the Match between them.

Winner of the Match via Forfeit: Seth Rollins


Dean Ambrose suddenly appears and Jumps Rollins as he was heading up the ramp. He throws Rollins over the Barricade and the pair brawl in the Crowd. Ambrose launches Rollins off the Barrier and onto the Spanish announce table. Security show up again to break it up, but Ambrose breaks free, runs the tables and dives on Rollins again. More Security and Officials try to split them up, until HHH himself shows up. He demands Ambrose be ejected from the building. This time its Rollins who leaps onto Ambrose to attack him. Ambrose is literally carried out the building as the Crowd Chant "Let them Fight". Finally they are separated, as HHH raises Rollins Arm at the top of the Ramp. 

Promo package airs for Bray Wyatt v.s. Chris Jericho, which is up next!


Chris Jericho v.s. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is out first, with Harper and Rowan in tow. Jericho out next. Both men receive a decent response from the crowd. The Bell sounds to get us underway.

Y2J and Wyatt lock up, with Bray overpowering Jericho with some nasty shots. Jericho fires back with some chops, but they don't seem to slow him down. Wyatt's left eye is a lot worse than on Raw. Jericho manages to gain the upper hand and hits some even stiffer chops in the corner. Bray then counters with a hard clothesline and back elbow. 2 count for Wyatt. Wyatt goes for a suplex, but Y2J grabs the legs and tries to turn him into the Walls of Jericho. However, Rowan distracts the Ref, allowing Wyatt to escape and floor Jericho with a Throat thrust. Y2J escapes a chinlock and hits a boot, then nails his triangle dropkick, sending Wyatt to the floor. As Harper and Rowan tend to Bray, Jericho goes to the top and dives onto all three of them. As Jericho tosses Wyatt back into the ring, Harper grabs his leg. The Official spots this and sends both Harper and Rowan to the back. Despite Wyatt looking upset with this, he soon charges at Jericho and sends him off the apron and flying into a Cameraman. Wyatt drags him in the ring and methodically beats him down. However, his shoulder barge in the corner is avoided by Jericho, with Jericho hitting a double axe handle off the top. However, Wyatt then hits him with his swinging Gutbuster for a 2 count (Second time of asking, since they botched the first attempt). Bray goes for a Senton, but Jericho gets the knees up into the spine of Wyatt and follows up with an Enzuigiri for a near fall. Jericho goes up top but Wyatt grabs him and hits a hanging Jawbreaker with his Shoulder. Wyatt gets a near fall. Jericho however manages to counter with the running bulldog. He goes for the Lionsault but Wyatt gets his knee's up. He then does the Crab walk and plants Jericho hard with a Uranage. He hits a running splash in the corner on Y2J as he taunts him. Jericho counters the second attempt with an elbow and he tosses Bray back so the back of his head smashes against the bottom turnbuckle. Bray avoids the Triangle Dropkick and hits a DDT on the apron for a near fall. Wyatt sets Jericho up for Sister Abigail, but Jericho rolls him through into the Walls of Jericho. Wyatt manages to get out of it and smash into Y2J. Jericho suddenly hits the Codebreaker from nowhere. 1, 2, 3, it's over! 

Winner: Chris Jericho 


Backstage, we see Seth Rollins flanked by security on his way out of the Building. He waves them away as he gets to the parking lot. However, he looks around cautiously. However, Ambrose pops out from Rollins's car trunk. He Assaults Rollins, who manages to get into his vehicle and make his escape, leaving a seething Ambrose in the Parking Lot.  

We see the Intercontinental Championship on show, as the Battle Royal is up next!


20 Man Over The Top Battle Royal For the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Each Participant is introduced separately. I have no idea what Sandow is dressed as, perhaps with me being English I don't get the reference. Wade Barrett shows up after everyone has entered the ring. He informs whoever wins the battle royal that he's got some bad news. He says becoming I.C. Champ will be like retiring in Florida, delaying the inevitable, a bull hammer from him. The bell rings and we get underway.

Everyone gangs up on The Great Khali who shoves them all off. He then chops nearly everyone in the match before eliminating Xavier Woods and Zack Ryder. Sheamus hits him with a Brogue Kick, then a handful team up to eliminate Khali. Cesaro tries to get rid of Ziggler, who manages to survive. Bo Dallas Shoves Sin Cara off the apron to eliminate him. Again, Cesaro tries eliminate Ziggler but fails. R-Truth is eliminated by Curtis Axel, who is then dumped out by Damien Sandow. Diego then quickly eliminates Sandow, who is in turn eliminated by Ryback. Ryback takes everyone down, leaving just Sheamus and him standing against each other. They slug it out, but Sheamus sends him over the top rope with a Brogue Kick. The Miz and Ziggler attempt unsuccessfully to get rid of Sheamus. The Miz slides under the bottom rope to lay low outside. Titus O'Neil hits a couple of backbreakers to Sheamus, but Bo Dallas comes from behind an knocks Titus out then Celebrates. Cesaro drops Bo with a Lariat. He then scuffles with Kofi, as he is on the apron he attempts to backdrop Kofi to the outside. However, Kofi clings onto Cesaro's waist and manages to skim the cat and get back in. He goes to eliminate Cesaro but he saves himself by grabbing a hold of Kofi's dreads to stop himself from falling and get back in. In the middle of the ring, Del Rio hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker onto Ziggler. Dolph retaliates with a Dropkick. He tries to eliminate Del Rio, but he uses the Cross Armbreaker, while hanging over the ropes. Ziggler breaks it and hangs up Del Rio on the ropes to eliminate him. The Miz pops up again and tries to throw Dolph out, but he hangs on again. Big E nails The Miz, who again rolls under the bottom rope. Cesaro then belly to belly suplexes Big E out of the Ring. Cesaro then tosses Kofi over the ropes and takes a swing at him. However, Kofi jumps back and lands on the shoulder of Big E outside. He drags Cesaro over the top rope onto the Apron, but Cesaro then Suplexes Kofi off of Big E's shoulders and back into the ring! Kofi lands on his feet but Cesaro boots him to get back into the ring. Kofi tries a monkey flip over the ropes but Cesaro turns it into a Suplex and dumps Cesaro out. However, out of nowhere Heath Slater throws Cesaro out!!! Sheamus then promptly dumps Slater out with the Brogue Kick. Dallas tries to eliminate Sheamus, but is battered by Sheamus with his ten beats of the Bowren, before Ziggler dropkicks him off the apron. Ziggler and Sheamus square off as the last two in the ring. Both men try to hit their signatures, but Sheamus tries to powerbomb Dolph over the top. Dolph attempts to roll through the powerbomb, but it gets botched and Sheamus's neck is snapped back painfully. Ziggler blocks the Brogue Kick and Sheamus tosses him over the rope, but Ziggler slides under him and back into the ring. As they tussle, Sheamus goes for the Battering Ram slingshot, but Ziggler counters with the Superkick, eliminating Sheamus! However, the Miz who was hiding at ringside, sneaks up behind Ziggler and dumps him out of the ring.

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: The Miz


We then get the Summerslam Promo again, a plug for the WWE Network and a video hyping Flo Rida for Raw tomorrow.

We then get the Promo package for the Fatal 4-way which is up next!


Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Roman Reigns v.s Randy Orton v.s. Kane v.s. John Cena (Champion)

 Randy Orton out first, wearing Blue trunks. Batista will be pissed. Kane's out next. Then comes Roman Reigns, who gets cheered, but not the loudest reaction he's received in recent weeks. Finally, John Cena makes his way out to his usual reaction. The introductions are done and the bell rings to get our Main Event underway!

Orton goes after Cena, while Reigns targets Kane. Orton and Cena spill out to the floor, with Orton launching Cena into the ring steps. Reigns hammers away on Kane in the Corner, but Orton drags him off only for Reigns to beat him down. Reigns turns into a right hand from Kane, with Orton joining in on the beatdown of Reigns. Double Clothesline off the second rope by Reigns. However, Kane and orton double suplex on Reigns. Orton goes for the count and Kane stands watch, rather than attempting to break the pin. Cena back in and hits a Fisherman Suplex on Orton. Kane slams Reigns into the Ringpost, while Cena hits the bulldog inside the Ring. Kane intervenes and hits a sidewalk slam. He then allows Orton to cover Cena for a 2-count. Cena gets Orton up for the AA, but Kane again comes to his aid and breaks it up. They double team Cena, both stomping away at him, while Kane keeps Reign at bay by knocking him off the Apron. However, as he goes to grab Reigns, he throws Kane into the ringpost. Inside the ring, Cena hits Orton with the shoulderblock, the spin out powerbomb and finally the 5 knuckle shuffle. He sets up the AA again, but Orton goes over the top rope. Reigns and Cena square off, but Kane and Orton soon interrupt. The crowd start chanting for Daniel Bryan and a "Yes" chant breaks out too. Meanwhile, Kane and Orton start arguing in the ring, after Kane attempted to go for the cover. Kane then nails Orton and puts him on the top for a superplex. However, Reigns and Cena grab Kane and they hit a Powerbomb/superplex combo. Reigns and Cena square off again, but Kane sits up, causing them to both team up on him. Orton comes from behind and hits his backbreaker on Reigns. He then hits his rope hung DDT on both Cena and Reigns. He covers Reigns but Kane breaks it up. He then floors Orton with a Big Boot and covers, but Reigns breaks this up. Reigns with the samoan drop to Kane. Orton breaks up a pin attempt. Orton tries a Half crab, but Reigns Counters it into his own. Cena applies a crossface as well, until Kane breaks it up. Cena hits the AA on Kane. Orton goes for the Backbreaker on Cena, but he counters it into the STF. Cena has it in for a long time, but Reigns prevents Orton from tapping by grabbing his hand. He pulls Orton through the ropes and launches him over the announce table. This leaves Cena and Reigns in the middle of the ring to slug it out. Reigns gains the upper hand and counters Cena's STF attempt with a Samoan Drop. Faint boo's are just audible, I'm not sure if they're directed at Reigns. He goes for the superman Punch, but Cena hits the spin out powerbomb. He calls for the 5 knuckle shuffle. Reigns hops up and hits the Superman punch then the Spear. He covers Cena, but Kane breaks it up. He and Kane trade blows, but he drops Kane with the Superman Punch. Reigns then hits his apron dropkick on Cena and Kane, as well as Orton on the Announce table. He then spears Orton through the Barricade. Fans now chanting "This is Awesome!". Reigns goes for the spear on Kane, who grabs him by the throat. Reigns powers out and hits the Spear. Cena saves the match for himself. Who then tosses Reigns outside and hits Kane with the AA. Reigns makes the save now. Cena then hits the AA on Reigns. Kane just manages to save the match and break the count. Kane Chokeslams both men and covers Reigns for a near fall. He shows signs of frustration and calls for a Tombstone. Reigns counters and hits another spear. Orton appears from nowhere and RKO's Roman Reigns. Cena appears again and AA's Orton onto Kane. He then pins Kane for the 3 count and to successfully retain. 

Winner and still Champion: John Cena 

Post Match: Cena celebrates with the titles as Reigns is shown distraught. The show closes on the Image of John Cena holding up both Titles, as Battleground signs off at 10.52pm ET.  

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